With the popularity of electronic cigarettes growing rampant, vapers becomes more demanding  on choosing a electronic cigarette and put forward more requirements to the manufacturers. Portability is a great concern of the vapers and is one of the trends in ecig industry.

Recently, I tried Aspire Breeze AIO Starter Kit released by Aspire brand. It’s really a kit that I would like to take it around all day everywhere. Its size is just as big as a lighter. Truly portable! Check it out!

It’s packed in a square wooden box with a black cover on it. Inside of the box, there is the Aspire Breeze Kit, a USB cable, two coil heads, a bag of o-rings, a user manual and a warranty card.

Take a first look at Aspire Breeze AIO Kit. It looks very much like a lighter. For sanitation, it has a transparent cap on the mouth piece. Unlike the ordinary kit, its drip tip is in a square shape. It has only one button on the kit, pressing then vaping, quite simple! On one of the side faces, there is a cross-shaped hole which is the airflow hole. Below it, there is a gap to see the liquid tank. The USB port at the bottom is for charging.

Aspire breeze can be disassembled into three parts, the drip tip protective part, the drip tip, the body and the chimney unit and the coil head.

Its refilling system is as simple as its design. To fill it, you first pull the top cap off the kit, then you will see the chimney unit. When I first see the chimney unit, I was thinking I should find a key or something hard to help get the chimney out. Actually, at the bottom of the drip tip, there is a strip of metal which is for unscrew the chimney unit. Very considerate designer! The chimney unit is for connecting the coil head. Then you refill the liquid to the hole below the red line.

The LED light inside of the visual window is for indicating the voltage. If your battery capacity is above 3.8v, the color will be purple (maybe blue plus orange); when your battery capacity is between 3.4v and 3.8v, the color will be blue only; when your battery capacity is below 3.4v, the color will be orange only, and if you press the fire button or take a direct draw, the light will flash several times in orange to remind you to charge your battery.

To start vaping, press the fire button to vape on. Though it doesn’t have a big size, Aspire Breeze can produce big cloud (see picture) As regard to the reduction of the liquid, I think the flavor turns to be a little bit plain (the flavor of the liquid that I use is melon which is in light flavor).

If you are light vaper, if you are looking for a portable electronic cigarette, Aspire Breeze is your top choice.

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Wotofo Flow Tank Review

The compatibility of finished coil heads is always a pain to many vapers. Wotofo flow tank recently released by the brand Wotofo is a tank that can be compatible with TFV8 baby coil heads. Let’s get to the point to see how this innovative tank performs.

Wotofo Flow tank is packed in a green square box with street art style paint on it. Inside of it, the packing content includes an atomizer, a coil head and a spare glass tube, a bag of o-rings, a Wotofo giveaway card and a user manual in various languages including English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Russian, Sweden.

My first impression on this tank is what is the big silicon ring inside of the tank for. You might also have the doubt as I did. Well, after communicating with some vapers, we came to a conclusion, the silicon is only for possessing some space of the tank and reducing the 4ml capacity to 2ml capacity. You can just take it out. Leave it alone anyway!

When it comes to tanks, the airflow system and refill system are always the top concerns. This flow tank adopts a top refill system and a bottom airflow system, which are my favorite. To refill the tank, you just unscrew the top cap and refill the liquid into the tank through the liquid hole. To adjust the airflow, you only spin the airflow ring at the bottom. Quite common and easy!

Supposedly, Wotofo Flow tank can be disassembled into seven parts, the drip tip, the top cap, the glass tube, the big silicon ring, the coil head and the base.

The 510 drip tip adopts heat insulation material which can effectively preventing the heat burning mouth. The dome design inside of it can also prevent the condensation being sucked into mouth. Regarding the problem of condensation, you just need to wipe it with towels. Not big deal!

The pre-installed coil head is screwed tightly to the top part. Because of improper processing, the coil head is damaged in use. Lessons drawn from my mistake is that when you unscrew the coil head off the top part, you can instead screw it firstly to the base and then install the glass tube and the top part.

The two coil head are clearly marked with the best wattage range, which is for the convenience of the new vapers to ensure the output setting. That it can compatible with the TFV8 Baby coil head gives this tank more choices on the resistance. Such compatibility will bring a great benefit to the vapers and it’s worth leaning by other manufacturers.

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USV L 75W Review

With the performances of mods becoming more and more homogeneous, vapers start to pay more and more attention on appearance of mods. Today, I will bring you a mod with stunning appearance, the USV-L 75W box mod!


The design of the package is very classy and matches with the stunning appearance of the mod. It adopts a square black hat paper box, see the pictures above. At the bottom of the box, there is printed with slogan and content lists; USV-L box mod, a dice, USB cable, manual and a warranty card.


The mod body is made of aluminum alloy and the shell is processed with anodizing technology. On top of the mod, there is laser-engraved with USV logo. At the top and back of the box, there is laser-engraved with the vector graph of space station.
The overall design of USV L 75W is very fashionable and has the feel of scientific fiction. The size 83.6*44.6*25.4 is quite simple to hold. The anodizing processing of the surface ensures the stability of the paint on the mod. Together with the stealth screen and the adjustment buttons, it gives the vapers an impression of integral whole.


The side faces of the mod are composed by two L-shaped panels. By changing the panels, the appearance of USV L 75w mod can be changed completely (you will not have to buy a new mod when you get tired of the mod at your hand). If you disassemble the L-shaped panel the side where the fire button is on, you will see the stealth screen and adjustment buttons (and the USB port).

The 510 connector is spring-loaded with strong elasticity. Though the connector doesn’t overtop the surface of the box mod, the high wear-resistance of the anodic coating is enough to resist the long-term loading and unloading.

Each L-shaped panel has six strong magnets on it to ensure the tightness of the connection. But inside of the box mod, there are ten strong magnets hidden in it. In order to chase for a tough shape, USV L-75W adopts right angular design. Though it is slightly processed with rounding chamfer technique, it’s not so comfortable as the other mods of rounded corners.

Inside of the box mod, there is printed with the words “United Society of Vape”. The inside of the mod shows in a concave shape (or you can say C shape) The concave space is for installing the battery.
It adopts a gold-plated spring-loaded electrode with 8mm diameter. The elasticity is pretty strong and can ensure the stability of the battery inside of the battery compartment. The diameter of the arc-shaped positive electrode also reaches 5mm, ensuring the passing rate of the electricity current.

The compartment is made of plastic with excellent processing technique. You can clearly see the positive and negative marks to avoid false installing of the battery.
The details of the pattern on the shell is very clear and the classic pattern is quite a feast for the eyes.


The box mod adopts VO75 chipset. I can say this chipset is one of those perform the best among the 75w chipsets. It has various modes, bypass mode, TC mode, VPC mode and AC mode.
Output voltage: 0.5V-8.5V
TC range: 100℃-300℃/ 212℉-572℉
Supporting coil materials: KA(A1 and NI80)/ Ni/Ti/304,316 and 317 Stainless Steel.
Resistance: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω

This box mod is impeccable on its output, but since it’s single-battery mod, its duration is an obvious weakness. Therefore, I recommend the single-battery mod users to use coils of high-resistance.
Use general data (Kanthal A1 coil, 0.6 wire diameter, 3.0 circle diameter, dual coils of 0.2Ω) The effect picture of maximum 75wattage. You can see the delay is extremely short. From its being turning on to full-wattage output, the time is extremely short and the output is very rapid and furious.

–Advantages and Weaknesses–

1.Excellent capacity
2.Exquisite appearance and details, innovative design and high-level appearance.
3.Completely made of aluminum alloy. Light and portable.
4.The panel is changeable with long life span.

1. As shown in the picture, there appears some gaps on the mod.
2. Since it adopts a stealth button, vapers need to disassemble the panels to adjust and view the output, which is trouble some (a sacrifice for high-level appearance)

3. The hand feel is not very good since the corners are not well processed.
4. It adopts a single 18650 battery. The maximum output wattage and the duration is insufficient (and also because of the blocking of the panels, it’s hard for checking the remnant battery)


Though this box mod has some defects in details, it cannot conceal the high-level appearance brought by excellent processing technique and industrial design.

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Smok Stick V8 Kit Review–Simple for the Lazy!

The Stick Series of Smok brand have always had their attraction to many vapers with its simple stick (or you can say pen) style. Today I bring you the Smok Stick V8 Kit. Check it out!

The package of Smok Stick V8 Kit displays the exquisite quality of Smok products. It has a hard paper onside of the inner square box. The inner square black box looks delicate, like a jewelry box.

Inside of the package, there is the TFV8 Big Baby Tank, Stick V8 Kit, a spare coil head of 0.25ohm. Under the interlayer, there is a bag of o-rings, a USB cable, a user manual and a piece of warranty card.

Smok Stick V8 is in a long and round shape, looks very much like a stick or a big pen of XL size. It’s designed into a very simple appearance with a very comfortable hand feel. When you vape on it, it feels very much like you are playing a flute.

The mod is completely a metal tube with a fire button and USB port on it. It’s simple as a mechanical mod, but it has a built-in battery in it. Its battery capacity is 3000mah which can ensure you a long duration.

The tank built on the Stick V8 Kit is a TFV8 Baby Tank with 5ml capacity. It features a top refill system and a bottom airflow system. It can be disassembled into five parts, the drip tip, the top part(top cap together with the atomization space cap), glass tube, the coil head and the base. The holes on the coil head is low enough to fully absorb the liquid in the tank. The coil head connects both the top part and the base.

To refill the tank, you push the drip tip together with the top cap along the direction marked on the top cap and then you see the filling hole.

It’s quite simple for operation. It only has one button, no adjustment buttons. Therefore, you don’t need to adjust the wattage, or the voltage, or the temperature. Everything is settled and you just press and vape. So, it’s really a kit designed for the “lazy” vaper, and the light vaper.

I tried it with the liquid, Strawberry ICE Flavor of MYLK brand. It tastes good with a much heavier flavor than the MYLK Melon.

The vapor produced by Smok Stick V8 has a rich flavor. If the full score is ten, the richness of its flavor can be scored at 8. It’s no exaggeration to say, after vaping, you still have the flavor on the tip of your tongue.

The big 810 drip tip on it helps reduce the suction resistance a lot. Smok Stick V8 can produce large vapor. See picture.

Even after using it for a whole day, the mod doesn’t emit much heat and still feels cool. However, since the tank is made of stainless steel, it feels pretty hot after a long-time vaping.

Smok Stick V8 3000mAh Kit with TFV8 Big Baby Features & Spec:
TFV8 Big Baby
Size: 24.5 x 56mm
Capacity: 5ml
Coil: 0.3ohm V8 Baby M2 dual Core
Thread: 510
Material: Stainless Steel
Stick V8 Battery
Size: 24.5 x 75mm
Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage range: 3.4 – 4.2
Standby Current: <200uA

Smok Stick V8 3000mAh Kit with TFV8 Big Baby Package:
1 x Stick V8 Battery – 3000mAh
1 x TFV8 big baby tank – 5ml
1 x V8 Baby M2 0.3ohm dual core(pre-installed)
1 x V8 Baby M2 0.3ohm dual core
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
Spare parts

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Smok TFV8 X-Baby Review–The Best Tank of the TFV8 Series

Smok is one of the manufacturers that keep releasing products and is also an outstanding one among those manufacturers. It keeps bringing forth the fresh from the old on TFV8 series atomizers.  Recently, it has released a new product named TFV8 X-Baby atomizer with a top airflow system. Today I’m going to share my usage experience with you.

It adopts the regular package and packing contents of Smok products, thus I will not give words to it here. It’s officially said that this Smok TFV8 X-Baby comes in eight colors, that there is a spare coil head in the package, and that you can buy the RBA set of this X BABY tank separately.

Its diameter is 24.5mm and it has a liquid capacity of 4ml. Actually,  the shape of this BABY tank is hardly “BABY”, instead, it features a thick column in its appearance. If you see from its top cap, you can clearly see two strip-shaped airflow holes.

Its refilling system still succeeds Smok’s top refilling system. Its drip tip doesn’t have a regular size. Its diameter is comparatively big. Inside of the drip tip, there is a slight slope. When you see from the top, you can clearly see the vapor vent is different from the inner diameter of the drip tip.

When you disassemble the atomizer, you can see the airflow direction from the inside of the top cap, together with the air slots surrounding the coil head to form a top airflow system. Such design is not innovative but is adopted by lots of atomizers with top airflow system. It can bring the airflow to the bottom of the coil head and then the airflow turns back to simulate bottom inflow system.

There are two finished coils in the package of two different resistance, 0.4Ω and 0.25Ω. Outside of the coil, there is carved with the officially suggested wattage range. The milk white silicon on the top of the coil is for the purpose of sealing to prevent the the air from moving between the air passage and vapor passage. For atomizers featured top inflow system,  its biggest advantage is to prevent liquid leakage at the largest extent.

Its structure maintaining the features of the TFV family, it cannot support lossless coil replacement. Here I gently remind the new vapers that you should fully wet the coil and adjust the wattage according to the suggested wattage. Once the coil is scrapped because of your misuse, you will have to waste a tank of liquid or suck it out.

As a whole, the slightly dry suction of Smok TFV8 X Baby Tank improves the empty suction resistance of TFV tanks. You can see the improvements of TFV series on its inflow volume. No matter its suction feel or its reduction degree of the liquid, they are both more excellent than the previous TFV8 atomizers, BIG BABY and BABY. If Smok atomizers are designed for the elementary users, then the top airflow system of this X BABY can be the  best among the TFV8 series.

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Stentorian AT-7 100W MOD Review– A water-cooling Case in Hand!

Water-cooling case has always been the ideal choice for those PC (personal computer) players. Water-cooling function is mainly for balancing the heat on the chipset, and secondly for lowering the noise when the PC is on operation.

Then why this newly released Stentorian AT-7 100W mod is special?

Why it’s called water-cooling case in hand? Let’s check it out!

AT-7 is designed by the team named Stentorian from California, USA.

  1. Water-cooling radiatingtube: The inspiration of design comes from the temperature-lowering circulatory system of the water-cooling tube on the high-end game DIY PC.

  1. Original super-large scale motherboard, enlarged heat dissipating area, stable performance, longer life span.


  1. Special pressure-boosting chipset board to stabilize the voltage and maintain the constant wattage output of the mod. Its performance can compare favorably with intel i7 CPU.

  1. Unique color design of the lights

The lights indicate the remnant power of the battery.

When the remnant battery is between 70%-100%, the color is white.

When the remnant battery is between 30-70%, the color is blue.

When the remnant battery is less than 30%, the color is red.

  1. The whole-board button is very durable and conforms to the ergonomics. Vapers can play it with variable gestures at will.


6.Self-adaptable smart wattage output

Output wattage≤ 100w, resistance≥0.1Ω

RDA, RTA and TANK can all be supported.

Auto-match optimum wattage according to the different resistances of the atomizers.

Better experience of both flavor and vapor.

  1. Strong protective function

Over-time vaping protection: if vaping time is longer than 10 seconds.

If the battery indication light is off, when you take a second draw, the light will be on immediately.

Low battery warning: when the battery is lower than 3.3v, the red light will flash 10 times every time when you take a draw.

Output short-circuit protection: When the output end is short-circuited, the red light will flash 5 times for indication.




Name: AT-7

Measurements: 75*30*90mm

Battery: 3500mah imported RC battery

Current: 3500A continuous discharge

Charging: USB fast charge

RC battery is the basis for continuous discharge.

Power bank, the supportive representative of USB fast charge technique, can be used for charging Stentorian AT-7 100w mod.

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How to Clean and Re-use your Coil Heads?

How long do you usually use a coil head? You ever complain of high consumption on them? Inspired by a video made by Rip Trippers,  I made the test below. This article might relieve you from the pain. Check it out!

The main reason that cause the scrapping of finished coil is not the color changing of the cotton, but the carbon deposit causes uneven heating and burned cotton, then produces burned flavor. Accordingly, the volume of the vapor also decreases.

What you need to prepare is alcohol. In this test, I used alcohol with 75% density.

First, I poured some alcohol into the container, just to overwhelm the coil head. Then I put the coil head into the alcohol and soaked it there for a few hours.

As soon as I put the coil head into the alcohol, the effect showed immediately. There was some black carbon deposit floating on the surface.

The second day after 15 hours later, the color of the alcohol has become deepened, and the cotton at the liquid guiding holes has become whitened.

After getting the finished coil head out of the alcohol and I found the liquid remnant on the cotton had been completely dissolved into the alcohol and the cotton became pretty white. The carbon deposit in the coils also decreased.

(The two lower pictures were shot with the flashlight open, thus they presented in yellowish color. Actually, they were in the same color as the two pictures above. Similarly hereinafter.)

From the picture, you can see the carbon deposit on the coil has been cleaned away completely.

The liquid guiding cotton outside of the coil also became white.

Then I flushed the coil head under the water faucet over and over again. After I cleaned the alcohol out of the coil head with clean water, I let it dry naturally or you could dry it with a hairdryer.

[Contrast Experiment]

From the present testing result, alcohol surely can clean the remnant liquid on the cotton and the carbon deposit on the coil, but the inner condition could not be observed easily. Thus, I carried out another test with a RBA coil, the effect of which was more obvious.

Warm Hint: The pictures below might disgust you. Please be cautious! Don’t view them after meals! (laughing~)

From the picture above you can see, the coils are covered with carbon deposit. The cotton has been turned into deep brown color by several kinds of liquid.

I put the electrode into the alcohol, I found the same effect. Just as what happened to the finished coils, carbon deposit floated onto the water immediately.

After being soaked into the alcohol for about 12 hours, the cotton became white just as the finished coils did. The carbon deposit on the coil also became less, but it wasn’t cleaned completely as the finished coils were.

I think it’s because the structure of the finished coils and RBA coils are different. Most finished coils adopt ordinary wires with a polished surface and the carbon deposit can easily drop from it. However, the structure of the fancy coils is more complicated and the cleaning effect are not very good.

The fancy coils in the right picture has a simpler structure than the coils in the left picture. The cleaning effect of the coils in the right picture is better than that of the coils in the left picture.

Cut off the cotton and pull it out. You can see that even though the liquid on the cotton has been cleaned away, the burned part can not be recovered. (Everyone knows! Laughing~)

By contrasting, you will see it has a better effect when applying this alcohol cleaning way to the ordinary coils than the fancy coils.

After a few hours, the coils were dry completely. I didn’t smell the alcohol or the chlorine of the water. I dripped liquid onto the cotton of the coil and install the coil onto the base, then turned on the mod. It worked normally and could heat and vaporize the liquid.

After cleaning and drying, the finished coils didn’t  perform very well on liquid guiding. When moistening the coil, you will need to drip sufficient liquid on it to make sure it’s soaked totally.

[Actual Testing Effect]

After assembling the atomizer and filling liquid into it, I vaped on it. The first puff tasted pretty good. The originality of the flavor could reach 85%~90% of a brand new coil.

After I used it for several times, the volume of the vapor decreased and the flavor became worse, mixing with a slight of burned flavor, irritating the throat .

When I disassemble the atomizer, I found the liquid guiding cotton inside of the coil is quite wet, but the surface of the liquid inside of the tank decreases quite slow, slower than the normal situation. Irritation of throat and burned flavor also stands for bad liquid guiding. What on earth is the problem?

Then I remembered the guiding holes of the atomizer. Vapers who have disassembled finished coils should know that there are normally two layers of liquid guiding cotton inside of most finished coils. Except for the cotton layer wrapped outside of the coil, between the liquid guiding holes and the liquid guiding cotton in the inner side, there is another layer of cotton, which you can see from the liquid guiding holes. It’s mainly for limiting the speed of the liquid entering into the coil head, thus avoiding leaking caused by over-guiding.

When I disassembled this layer of liquid guiding cotton, the burned flavor disappeared, and it didn’t irritate throat any more. The flavor and taste was almost the same as that produced by a brand-new coil. It proves that the alcohol can destroy the fiber of this layer of liquid guiding cotton, thus the liquid can not enter into the inside of the coil head smoothly.

Since this layer of cotton is dismantled, when carrying the device around and refilling the liquid, you will need to close the airflow holes, or the liquid guiding will be too fast and a large quantity of liquid will leak at the inlet holes.

It is simple to solve this problem. We can insert a little liquid guiding cotton that we normally use. This will relieve the leakage effectively. But pay attention that don’t plug it too tight to avoid unsmooth liquid guiding.


After experiment, I found “alcohol cleaning method” is surely practical. Regarding its flavor, I think Rip is being a little conservative. In my point of view, I think it doesn’t show much difference from a new coil with regard to the flavor. It can re-alive some lightly-used and medium-used finished coils.

But when you do the cleaning, several tips need to be paid attention:

  1. Be patient. The longer you soak it, the better it will be cleaned. Irecommend 24 hours.
  2. After soaking it in the alcohol, you will need to flush it with clean water. You’d better choose big water flow. It can not clean away the alcohol, but can also bring away part of the carbon deposit.
  3. You must dry the finished coil after cleaning it. Though you can dry it with hairdryer, I think it’s better to let it be dry naturally.
  4. After cleaning it, smell it to ensure that the smell of alcohol and chlorineare removed. Then dry it.
  5. After the finished coil is cleaned, when you reuse it, you must wet the liquid guiding cotton completely. Try it with low wattage first, then try the recommended wattage. If there appears insufficient supply of liquid, you can make analysis on the atomizers of different structures to find solutions. Dismantling or replacing the liquid guiding cotton at the liquid guiding holes is not adaptable to all the finished coils.
  6. When you disassemble the cotton at the liquid guiding holes, pay attention that it might leak because of overguiding the liquid.
  7. This method can be only applied to the slight-used and medium-used finished coils. The burned cotton is irreversible. Therefore, as long as the finished coils have not been dry-burned, have not been used under high wattage, and as long as the cotton around the coil are not burned, the fished coil can be cleaned several times and reused.
  8. The alcohol is flammable. Please keep it safely in case of fire.

If you have finished coils that you almost want to throw them away, try this method. It might surprise you and save you a great sum of money!

Let me hear your voice!

  1. I don’t even know such a method. I will surely try it. If it works, I shall come back again.
  2. Are you kidding me? In no way will it be a truth. I will try and prove that it’s just a fake saying
  3. I don’t use finished coils. I just come and see.
  4. I have an audacious idea. I will tell you in the comment.

Keep tuned! More practical articles will be on!

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Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE Review

Many vapers might have tried the Joyetech Penguin released by the brand Joyetech. How do you feel about it? How does it work? I’ve heard some voice complaining about the unseeable liquid tank.

Based on the success of Joyetech Atopack Penguin 2000mAh Starter Kit, Joyetech stepped further on it and released its second version Joyetech Penguin Se. How does this one perform? Let’s check it out!

Package List:

1 * Penguin SE battery
1 * ATOPACK cartridge
1 * ATOPACK coil (JVIC1 0.6ohm)
1 * ATOPACK coil (JVIC2 0.25ohm)
1 * QC USB cable
1 * Quick start
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
Spare parts


Size: 26.5mm*52.0mm*102.5mm
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Max charging current: 2A
Output mode: direct output
Features: JVIC system, visual e-liquid window, modular design concept, Penguin-like e-cig, 2A quick charge, more color options

After trying it about a week, I have to say, it’s hard for me to put it down. Designed in the shape of Penguin, it looks pretty adorable. If it were a real penguin, the drip tip would be its mouth, the two seeable liquid window would be its eyes, and the arc shaped top part would be its head . Unlike the mainstream box mod, it’s made of light-weight material, pretty handy to carry it around.

Without too many buttons on it, it’s quite simple for operation. Press the fire button five times to turn on the device. Press the fire button 5 times continuously to vape on it.

Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE Starter Kit can be disassembled into two main parts, the top part for containing the liquid and installing the coil head, the bottom part with built-in battery in it. The battery capacity is 2000mah which can last for a long duration time.

To fill in the tank, you pull out the plug at the bottom of the top container and then fill the liquid in it. When refill it, you’d better not invert the top container, or the liquid might leak from the drip tip. I tried to refill it directly from the drip tip and found it worked. In the package, there are totally two coils for choice, 0.25ohm JVIC and 0.6ohm JVIC.

So far, I have tried the 0.25ohm coil. Joyetech has creatively developed the JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system for the Penguin SE, using a unique method of vertical juice injection protecting what matters. Outside of the coil, it’s ceramic.

Without screen and other buttons, Joyetech Penguin SE is just simple for operation, no need to adjust any parameters. The liquid I use is Melon Ice of the MYLK brand. Penguin produces pretty good vapor, not too huge, but big. The reduction degree of the liquid flavor is really the best! If it tastes a little bit dry or burned, that means you need to refill the tank.

Does this cute Joyetech Penguin interests you? It comes in six colors!Use coupon code penguin10 to get 10% off from the 8ml Penguin Kit, and penguin8 to get 8% off from the 2ml Penguin Kit! To buy electronic cigarette online, Urvapin is always your best choice to find bountiful cheap vape deals!

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Joyetech Atopack Penguin Starter Kit New Version Preorder

It’s always exciting to see innovations in the vaping world. Joyetech, one of the oldest and most famous brands in the vaping world, has just released its  new version of Joyetech Penguin Starter Kit.

Just like its name, Joyetech Atopack Penguin Starter Kit looks pretty much like a penguin, which is very unique and a brand new conception of designing a vaping device. It measures 52mm long, 26.5mm wide and 102.5mm high. It has two juice capacity options, 2m and 8ml. The Atopack Penguin features a visual e-liquid window on the two sides, which is an improvement from the old-version Joyetech Penguin Starter Kit.

As one of its innovations, Joyetech creatively developed the Juice Vertical Injection Coil (JVIC) System for the Atopack Penguin SE, using a unique method of vertical juice injection protecting what matters. The JVIC has a brilliant ceramic cradle which enhances the performance of the coil.


Its airflow system is also very unique. The air comes from the inlet and goes through the vertical coil and then goes out from the drip tip. Such structure makes Joyetech Penguin Starter Kit produce big cloud with original flavor.

The material of Atopack cartridge is made mainly from two kinds of materials: PETG and silicon, which are healthy, heat resistant and recyclable.

There are not very many designs on the appearance of Joyetech Penguin Starter Kit. By pressing the fire button five times continuously, you can turn it on and by pressing it five times continuously to turn it off. How to vape on it then?It’s always the same in the vaping world, that is, pressing while vaping.

Though there is no screen to show the vaping information, the indicator light below the fire button can show the battery life by displaying the number of lights as follows:

Joyetech Penguin Starter Kit new version is now for preorder at Urvapin. It has six color options including black, white, light blue, light pink, purple mix and grey mix, and two juice capacity options including 2ml and 8.8ml.

Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN SE 2000mAh Starter Kit 2ml Features & Spec:
Size: 26.5mm*52.0mm*102.5mm
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Max charging current: 2A
Output mode: direct output
Features: JVIC system, visual e-liquid window, modular design concept, Penguin-like e-cig, 2A quick charge, more color options

Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN SE 2000mAh Starter Kit 2ml Package:
1 * Penguin SE battery
1 * ATOPACK cartridge
1 * ATOPACK coil (JVIC1 0.6ohm)
1 * ATOPACK coil (JVIC2 0.25ohm)
1 * QC USB cable
1 * Quick start
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
Spare parts

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Vapeman Steam Engine 75W Box Mod Review–Cowboy-Styled BoxMod with DNA 75W Chipset!

Vapeman Steam Engine 75W Box Mod recently released by the brand Vapeman has already captured the eyes of many vapers.

Designers of vaping devices are getting inspiration from the outside world more and more. Wasp-liked RDA, PC case inspired box mod, transformer-shaped box mod, etc. Such designers knows both devices and people. Vapeman Steam Engine 75W Box Mod makes me think of the western cowboys. Let’s check it out.

Vapeman Steam Engine 75w Box Mod is packed in a black square hat box, with its name being printed on it. From the information at the back of the hat box, this box mod is designed in California, USA.

After opening the box, you will find the package contents, Vapeman Steam Engine 75w box mod, a little bag for storing the box mod, USB cable and a User Manual.

I’ve said that this Steam Engine Box Mod make me think of the western cowboy. As you can see picture above, its style fits for the cowboys pretty much. The whole box mod is completely covered by leather, and still some special parts are made of metal, the 510 connector, the fire button, adjustment buttons and battery compartment cover.

It weighs heavily with pretty good quality. It measures 63*28*85mm. At the 510 connector, there is a round plate. When it adapts to an atomizer of 28mm, there is no overhang at all. Just like the mainstream box mod, the fire button, screen, adjustment buttons and USB port line on the side orderly. On the opposite side, there is carved with its brand Vapeman.

The screen will be at full brightness while firing, and display information of watt, battery indicator, voltage, current and resistance.

The battery compartment is at the bottom. Slide open the metal cover, you will find the compartment is obviously for dual 18650 batteries. Is this the truth? I should say half the truth. This mod can be powered by either single 18650 battery or dual 18650 batteries, proving that the two batteries are connected in parallel circuit. Pretty special!

Even its maximum wattage is only 75w, but it fires fiercely with big vapor! See picture above

One point should be mentioned greatly here is its DNA 75W chipset. As it’s said officially, the DNA 75w chipset can directly measure and limit the temperature of the heating coil during operation. By preventing the coil from becoming too hot regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow, a variety of undesirable situations can be prevented. For example, appropriate temperature settings will prevent the wicking material from charring., which compromises taste and introduces unintended chemicals into vapor. Appropriate temperature settings will also reduce the breakdown of flavoring and base liquid components, which could impact taste or safety.

The operation is instructed fully in the User Manual.

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