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Best in Class Vape Tanks 2019!- No.1 Falcon tank! summed up the most popular vape tank in 2019. There are a total of five, each with its own differences, some designed for cloud chasers, and some designed for MTL users. But their common feature is the dense vapor and the perfect design.


Best Flavor of Any Tank In 2018For me.

best vape FALCON TANK

The Falcon Tank is easily the best vape tank of 2018. It has a stunning RDA-class flavor and is fitted with some of the best mesh coil heads in the industry. It’s built perfectly and unlike other products! The clouds were cloudy and the air flow was very smooth.

2. Innokin Zlide Tank

best vape Innokin Zlide MTL Tank

Innokin’s Zlide is the latest in the Platform series to be mouth-to-lung storage tanks.

Designed by Phil Busardo and Demetri (Vaping Greek), it has been described as a “cheaper alternative” to Zenith tanks.

Zlide made some new design adjustments and offered a selection of two coils, one of which is notable for their new Z-PLEX3D coils.

The Zlide tank has a diameter of 22mm and a capacity of 2ml, and like Zenith, its bottom air flow can be adjusted.

Innokin Zlide’s verdict is actually very simple – no doubt, it’s the best stock coil can on the market for beginners and MTL vapers.

Zenith was, and still is, an excellent TANK, but with Zlide, Innokin is not only designimprovements, but also more important in terms of construction quality and experience. There’s not even any mention of the fact that they have a lot of available coils, and Zlide is sold at a low price – incredible!

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3. Smok TFV16 Mesh Tank 9ml

Flavour and Clouds

best vape Smok TFV16 Mesh Tank 9ml

Even with that huge airflow wide open, my juice tasted spot on. With the TFV16 mesh coil, you do get rather a noisy vape but you can quieten it a little if you close the airflow down a bit and you’ll only intensify the flavor if you do. Clouds are big and dense, almost ridiculously so.

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4. Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank

A disposable tank made from PCTG, with black and yellow kits that can be smoked. The green, pink and blue kits have color matching water tanks.

best vape Innokin Gomax Disposable Tank

As with other disposables, you can supplement the water with your favorite e-liquid, but when the coil is burned, you will discard the entire tank. You have a wide (9 mm) diameter cigarette butt, although it is only 5 mm wide above the coil.

The top of the slide cover is filled with silicone film, covering the filled port. Airflow regulation is achieved through the one-eyed giant airflow ring at the bottom. When I first received it, I thought it was unadjustable because it was very hard and made from the same PCTG as the rest of the tank, so it could really fit into it.

The Plex 3D Mesh coils from Innokin are definitely little flavor bangers. It’s a relatively cool vape, but really accurate and great at separating out the different flavor notes in your e-liquid.

I injected 100ml ejuice into the first tank, but I was just beginning to notice that the taste had declined. Innokin says you can add it 15 times, of which 5.5 ml can be filled with 82.5 ml of e-liquid.

What I’m trying to say is that they’re a little conservative here! Obviously, the type of ejuice you use can affect this effect, and ejuice, which contains a lot of sweeteners, can lead to a shorter life span.

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5. Valyrian II

best vape UWELL Valyrian 2 tank

In a freakin’ heartbeat! The UWELL Valyrian 2 has impressed me no-end. For flavor, it is incredible. Up there with the best tanks of 2019. The mesh coil heads are fantastic. And it vapes like a proper monster. The fit, finish, and mechanics of the tank are all spot on too.

The original UWELL Valyrian was an EPIC vape tank, but its successor – the Valyrian 2 – is a near-perfect mesh coil tank with little to no downsides. My only slight gripe is that I don’t like the AFC fully open, but that is literally it for negatives. Everything else is utter perfection…

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