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5 Best Vape Pod Systems- updated rank 2019

5 Best Vape Pod Systems- updated rank 2019

Vape Pods are also known as the electronic cigarette Pod System. These are the new simple to use electronic cigarettes that don’t require a lot of know how or vape expertise in order to start vaping. This article gathers the best pod systems that provide a nice mix of liquid capacity and battery life.

What are Vape Pod Systems?

The Best Vape Pods consist of two pieces:

  • Pod
  • Battery

The battery and pod fit together and allow you to vape instantly.  The battery is rechargeable and the pod either comes prefilled with E-Liquid or you can fill it up from an E-Liquid bottle of juice that can be readily purchased at any online or brick and mortar E-Cig shop.

A more complex vape pod may have a third component which is called an atomizer.  The atomizer screws in to the Pod allowing a separation of concerns.  Neither style is better than the other but when it comes to replacing a Pod or Atomizer, the Atomizer may come in at a slightly lower cost for replacement.

The overall functional simplicity and compact size are what drive so many vapers to seek out the best Vape Pod Systems.  Our votes have been cast and these our results for best vape pod systems in 2019.

1. Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

Elevate Your Vaping Game with the Portable and Intelligent Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

Best Vape Pod Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

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Lost Vape Orion DNA GO is among the most remarkable pod systems to hit the market and provides state-of-the-art technology. Equipped with a wealth of features, this amazing device is already transforming the pod-based market. It integrates Evolv’s cutting-edge DNA Go chip within a beautifully designed chassis in a portable, pod-size device, resulting in a magnificent masterpiece. This impeccable pod system is available in 8 separate colors, including Silver Ocean, Silver-textured, Gold, Gold-textured, Blue New Zealand, Blue Textured, Black Ocean, and Black-Textured. Other items in the package include one Lost Vape Orion Lanyard, one Instructional Manual, and one Micro USB Cable.

Sturdy Construction and Splendid Design

This pod system consists of a durable stainless steel shell along with gorgeous abalone or authentic carbon fiber details to construct a comfortable all-in-one vaping device. Every section of the device is accurately put together, resulting in a compact and high performing vaping machine.  It features a 4mm drip tip at the top and a USB charge port at the base. This innovative device contains a removable Orion Pod with an e-juice capacity of 3ml, adjustable airflow, and threaded cap fill port.

Extended Battery Life and Firmware Upgrade

The Lost Vape Orion DNA GO comes with an integrated 950mAh battery that will guarantee you up to 450 puffs after every charge. Just on top of the adjustment button, you will find a battery life indicator that will help keep track of the amount of charge in your battery. The indicator will display a white light when the battery is low, blue light when it is medium and red light when it is high. The device features a micro-USB port that supports charging and upgrades of software and firmware.

Replay Functionality

This feature allows you to save and replay every individualized favorite puff for steady flavor and vapor. This functionality also keeps dry hit at bay and prolongs the lifespan of the built-in battery and the pod.

Boost Functionality

With this functionality, you can temporarily escalate the opening power output at the beginning of a puff. This enables coils to get to the point where they generate vapor faster.

Portable and Super Simple to Use

The Lost Vape Orion DNA GO is a portable and discreet device which is perfect for the best vaping in all circumstances. It adopts a minimalistic design, so you don’t need to have experience in vaping to use it. However, you can improve your experience by taking advantage of the possibilities that DNA Chipset has to offer.

Integrated DNA GO 40W Chipset

This advanced chipset can sustain up to 40W and provides automatic settings for enthusiasts of direct to the lungs (DL) and mouth to lungs (MTL) vaping.  An adjustment button is availed for controlling the settings. You can use the E-Scribe Companion Software to adjust the wattage profiles, enabling you to adjust the best output.

The Lost Vape Orion DNA GO is a leading-edge pod that integrates DNA Chipset to give you full control over your vaping experience. It provides quality and consistent flavor as well as clouds. It is portable, inconspicuous, and ideal for stealth vaping.

2. Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod

Enjoy Flavor Filled Vapor with one of the Best Vape Pod System Battery Life.

Best Vape Pod-Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod

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Vaping has been an exciting tactic for abandoning smoking and many smokers have embraced it to give up the habit. However, many potential long-term quitters face two basic challenges that may certainly force them back to smoking: the ineffectiveness of cheap vaping devices and the bizarre intricacies associated with modern box mods. Fortunately, the Aspire Nautilus All In One Ultra-Portable System has risen to make both beginner and experienced vapers happy.

Aesthetic Originality

The Aspire Nautilus Pod System features certain aesthetic originality. It has a simple but functional design. Close to the base of the vaping device, you will find a quite large power button. The button has a nice touch. The pod doesn’t have sharp edges. Instead, it consists of curves and lines that give it a classy but minimalistic look.


The Nautilus Pod seems to be a bit bigger than other pod systems in the market, making it a perfect option for chain vaping. The device is still portable and can slide in your purse or pockets easily.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

A 1000mAh internal battery powers the mod.  One of the best in battery life available on a pod system.  When fully charged, this battery can support your vaping sessions throughout the day, particularly when utilizing nicotine salt e-liquid. You can charge the battery through the USB port found on the side of the pod device.

A Smart LED Battery Life Indicator

The device has an intelligent battery life indicator that allows you to know the status of your battery all the time. The indicator display blue/orange when the status is 4.2V to 3.8V, blue when it is 3.7V to 3.4V, and orange when it is 3.3V to 3.0V.

High-Safety Level

The Nautilus pod has an array of integrated protection functionalities to guarantee you a high level of safety. The protections also prolong the life of the device. These safety features include automatic cutoff, low voltage protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and overheat protection.

Fully Detachable

Cleaning this pod system is easy because you can disassemble it fully with little to no guidance from the instructional manual.

Adjustable Airflow Setting

This feature allows vapers to select the airflow that gives them the best hit and flavor.

Two Coil Options

The Aspire Nautilus Pod System comes with two types of coils: the NiChrome based BVC coil with white O-rings designed for standard e-juices and the Nautilus NS Coil made of stainless steel and designed for nicotine salts use with green rings. It also features a BVC style coil specially designed for vaping salt nicotine and for producing flavorful vapor.

Sufficient E-juice Capacity

The best pod system with an e-juice capacity of 4.5ml, meaning you can enjoy long, uninterrupted vaping sessions. Refilling is also a stress-free task.

The Aspire Nautilus All In One Ultra Portable System is a fantastic choice for vapers on-the-go or for the enthusiasts of day trips since it holds enough juice to satisfy even veteran vapers. It is a great performer and excels in providing flavorful vapor. It is also durable, reliable, and user-friendly.

3. Vladdin Vapor RE Vape Pod

The Best Vape Pod System that offers MTL and DL Consistent Hits.

Best Vape Pod-Vladdin Vapor RE Vape Pod

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Review: Vladdin Pod Review: Will It Become the New JUUL?

The Vladdin Vapor RE Ultra-Portable System is the refillable edition of the well-known Vladdin pod system, perhaps the glossiest vaping machine targeting newbies and occasional vapers. It leverages a ceramic heating system for an extended lifespan. It has a micro-USB port for charging. The colors available include gold, chrome, rainbow, and black. The pod vape is specially built for nic salts but can be utilized with ordinary e-juice too. Due to its glossy design and lightweight, this remarkable vape is ideal for travel. Inside the box, you will find one Vladdin RE Device, one Warning Card, one Vladdin RE Replacement Pod, one USB Charging Cable, and one User Manual. Read on to know what to expect from the Vladdin Vapor RE Ultra-Portable System.

Ergonomic Design and Great Build Quality

The Vladdin Vapor RE Pod System is very light – it weighs about 20 grams. It has an innovative curvy design with distinct edges. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it feels nice in your palms. The overall machining is excellent. It maintains a perfect balance between performance and style. When you are vaping, this vape mod flashes LED light.

The refillable pod systems can support an e-liquid capacity of 1.5 ml, which is a bit bigger than most pod vapes. A simple squeeze is enough to take out the top cap and display a silicon plug. When you take out the plug, you will expose two huge fill holes that work extremely well with unicorn bottles.

The pods use a gold-coated magnet to snap into the battery, without making a loud click. However, it makes a tight connection. The pods have a tiny window for detecting liquid level. The mouthpiece is smooth and feels pleasant on the lips.

Healthy Battery Life

The Vladdin Vapor RE Pod System consists of an integrated 350mAh battery. For such a portable and slick vape mod, 350mAh is an excellent rating. Although a single charge can’t sustain your vaping throughout the day, the device comes with vape-while-charging technology that allows you to continue with your vaping session when it is connected to a power source through the included micro-USB cable. You just need an hour to charge a depleted battery to full capacity.


The vape mod consists of a draw-triggered switch to start the battery. The battery heats up and vaporizes the e-juice immediately you draw on the mouthpiece. The vaping device doesn’t have buttons or settings, making it ideal for fresh ex-smokers and occasional vapers.

Impressive Performance

The pod device offers a tight MTL vape, but with some restrictiveness. It generates a stable puff until the battery is completely depleted. When you use nic salt as your e-liquid, you will enjoy a great throat hit. The flavor doesn’t change much even when you are using regular e-liquids.

The Vladdin Vapor RE Pod System is a reliable and nice-looking vape pen.  Its size and weight make it the best pod system for concealing. It hits properly even without you doing any tricks or hacks. And it will give you a more stable vape than other similar vape pens within its price range. It is a great choice for newbie vapers and enthusiasts of refillable pod systems.


Experience Incredible Vaping with SMOK NOVO Pod System

Best-Vape-pod SMOK NOVO Pod

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Pod systems have become the most sought-after vaping devices over the last few years. The SMOK NOVO Ultra-Portable Starter Kit is among the most gorgeous vape mods in the market. It seeks to address the ever-increasing demand for pod systems. It is budget-friendly and features an integrated 450mAh battery. also it fires up on the draw and vaporizes both nic salts and free base e-liquids.  Underrated but definitely one of the best vape pod systems that you can get your hands on.

Wonderful Packaging and Broad Color Options

The best Pod System that looks and feels more lavish compared to its previous versions and this experience begins with the packaging. Inside the package, you will find two empty pods, a modern user manual, and a micro-USB cable. The color versions for this device range from black, rainbow, royal blue, red, pink, green, to white – all these versions are encircled by stunning chrome inserts.  Some of the best choices for color schemes available on a pod system.

Elegant Design and Robust Construction

This pod device is among the best tiniest, most compact vape pens out there. It measures 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm, giving it similar size and shape like a typical cigarette lighter. Thanks to its lightweight and ultra-portable design, the SMOK NOVO Vape Pod can easily slide into the pocket of your small jeans.

It is made of predominantly strong metal and plastic. Both sides of the pod vape consist of a snakeskin pattern.  Being a draw activated device, it lacks buttons, settings, and screen. It features a tiny micro-USB port, a small battery indicator, and some sort of branding.

The pods have an e-juice capacity of 2ml and consist of a 1.2Ω coil. It features a slender tip that fits well in the mouth and gives you a comfortable draw. Rather than using magnets, the pods push into the battery and fits tightly. On the side of vape mod, you will see a rubber cap that will expose the fill port once you pull it. While the fill port is not that large, it can fit most unicorn bottles as well as small droppers.

Battery Life

Despite its small size, the SMOK NOVO supports a 450mAh battery. Hook the device to a power source using the provided micro USB cable. Always use the cable provided by the manufacturer to maintain the battery life at a topnotch level. Another bonus of this best pod system is the ability to vape while charging. It recharges fully in just an hour.

Smart LED Light

This Pod System consists of a tiny LED light, which flashes blue each time you vape. When the battery is almost out of power, the LED light will begin to blink and it will be impossible to activate the battery. When the device is charging, the LED light will be red and switch off when the battery is full.

The SMOK NOVO Pod System provides an incredible vaping experience. It is user-friendly, ultra-portable, and delivers exciting throat hit even when you are using 20mg nicotine salts. It has a lovely finish, seamless machining, and it is pocket-friendly.

5. Suorin Air V2 Pod

A Slick Vape Mod with Overall Excellent Performance

Best-Vape-pod Suorin Air V2 Pod

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The Suorin Air V2 Pod System is a fashionable vaping device specially created for fresh ex-smokers and beginners. This all-in-one vape mod comes in a topnotch quality packaging – a big cardboard box featuring the “Air” symbol on top and all kinds of valuable details on the back. The box contents are one Suorin Air V2 System, one Instructional Manual, and one Micro USB Cable.

Minimalistic Design and Excellent Build Quality

The Suorin Air looks like a credit card – it is quite tiny than that but around three times as dense. It doesn’t resemble an e-cigarette at all, making it a good choice for the fans of stealth vaping. The main body is made of pure metal and features a simple design. At the bottom of the vape mod, there is a micro-USB charging port and an on/off switch. It also has a small air slot at the bottom, which is hard to notice.

The detachable cartridge snaps on the tiny opening found on the battery casing. The vape mod also has a huge magnetic connection, two tiny metal pins that link to the cartridge and three tiny holes that let in air from the bottom slot. Below the cartridge, you will find a magnetic connection and a circular fill port enclosed by a rubber plug.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

The best part of the Suorin air is it’s super easy to put together and pull apart. Therefore, cleaning this vape mod is a stress-free task.


Contrary to most closed vaping systems, this vape mod is refillable – you don’t have to get rid of it and buy a new one. It features a plug that is easy to remove – just use your fingernail to pull it out and fill the cartridge using a small dropper or a syringe.

Battery Life and a Gorgeous LED Indicator

The 400mAh battery rating is sufficient considering the Suorin Air V2 Pod System is a small device. If you are a heavy vaper, a single charge can last up to 5 hours. Since the USB charging port can serve as a passthrough, you can use this vape as the battery charges.

The Suorin Air V2 consists of an LED indicator that lets you know the status of your battery. It produces a blue light when you draw. The light color becomes red when it is time to recharge. The device requires only a half an hour to recharge completely thanks to the thick USB cable included in the package.

Superb Performance

Although clouds produced by the Suorin Air V2 Pod System aren’t that big, the device has an excellent overall performance. The device is a great mouth to lung vape mod that provides good flavor.

If you are a newbie vaper or simply a veteran vaper looking for a true stealthy vaping device, buying the Suorin Air V2 Pod System is a wise decision. It can slide easily into small pockets and even wallets. This slick vaping device is affordable and its battery life is realistic for its small size.

Wrapping Up The Best Vape Pod Systems

the Best Vape Pod System for you may very based on your needs and what you find attractive.  For some looks are not as important as a battery life that last a long time.  While Vape pods are rechargeable you might find yourself in a position where you want something small and compact.  Pods range in many sizes and shapes but the one thing that will always remain the same, is how simple but wonderful they are to use.

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