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Artery Pal Stick Review – Nice Performance!

Artery PAL Stick review

The Artery Pal Stick is up for review today, a compact little vape pen style for restricted VG DL vaping and Nic-salt MTL, with unique pod-style tank design and Artery’s HP cores (coil-heads).

I think it’s safe to say that this brand specializes in compact, highly portable devices, with prior offerings like the Pal AIO and the PAL 2 Aio ki, which were tiny little rectangular pocket vapes and the slightly older Artery Nugget, a mini box mod which I quite enjoyed.

What Can We Expect From The Artery PAL Stick?

While the pen-like shape of this device is very much something that’s been done, what I’m really interested in reviewing here is the HP cores that are included.

I’m interested to see whether the HP or High-Performance title is warranted as a flavour punching cloud-chucker is not a description I generally associate with vapes of this style and class…but I’m always ready for a change.

In The Box

  • Artery Pal Stick
  • 2x 1ohm coil
  • Spare drip tip
  • O-rings
  • USB Cable
  • User manual
Kit contents


  • Size: 119x18mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 1.6ml
  • Output: 3V-3.5V adjustable (3 increments)
  • Battery: 750mAh (internal)
  • Magnetic pod connector
  • Top-fill
  • Airflow adjustment
  • LED indicator
  • Coils: HP Cores

Design and Build Quality

Battery module

The Artery Pal Stick looks like an All In One (AIO) pen but, if you tug on the mouthpiece you will find that it’s connected to a pod style tank module. This drops into the hollow above the battery and remains in place by the force of a very strong magnet.

The battery module is a very basic, narrow cylinder, crafted from lightweight aluminium alloy, with a metallic finish that’s scratch and fingerprint resisted, in a matte-metallic colour of your choice.

base of the Artery Pal Stick

The base of the pen has a micro-USB port for charging.

The bottom of the tube has a small Artery logo on the side, horizontally printed. Above that logo but on either side, the tube, are two golf-club head (for lack of a better description) shaped sections which are finished with a diamond style grip texturing.

Halfway up the full length of the device is a small, black plastic, diamond shaped button with a tiny pinprick indentation either side of it and a small LED shining through a hole in its bottom half.

5 clicks switch on and off, with 3 clicks to adjust voltage output.


Above that are two slot openings, one either side which could be mistaken for micro USB ports as they are exactly the same size and shape. In actual fact, these are the outer airflow slots.

how to change airflow on artery pal stick

While airflow is not adjustable from the outside, the airflow can be adjusted by removing the tank module, which has the adjustable airflow at the bottom.

Stretching up the tube from the space in between those two slots, two golf-club like shapes just like those grippy ones but upside down.

Instead of being grippy, the shapes on top are actually viewing windows, so you can see your juice levels. The windows are decoratively framed in a contrasting colour finish.

Pod Module and Mouthpiece

Artery PAL Stick Mouthpiece

Above this battery section, a tinted plastic mouthpiece rises up in a dome and finishes in a narrow Mouth to Lung (MTL) friendly drip tip that is rounded and comfortable.

One straight tug on this mouthpiece will break the magnetic seal and lift out the entire pod-like tank section.

How to change the artery pal stick coil

The tank is easily broken down so that the HP core can be replaced. At the bottom of the tank is a small airflow ring, which can be twisted to adjust the airflow.

Top Fill

how to fill the artery pal stick

One slight clockwise twist of the mouthpiece, while gripping the tank through the viewing-window openings or directly, will remove the mouthpiece and reveal the large, dual filling ports.

How Does The Artery Pal Stick Perform?

The magnetised tank section, internal adjustable airflow and very slight twist necessary to open the tank for top fill are all features which a vape beginner would have to take note of. Although, once they know how the device works, use, reload and refill will become very easy.

I’m usually rather uninterested when I get a pen style vape like this in my hands, I tend to associate these slender, low wattage devices with not so great vapour production, leaky bits and hassles.

That said, I’m definitely impressed with the flavour and vapour production on both of the included coil heads, but we will get to that in the coils section of this review.

I can also say that there is absolutely no danger of leaking on this device!

I find this drip tip comfortable and very effective for both Mouth to Lung (MTL) and restricted Direct to Lung (DTL) use.

The airflow is exceptional on this device as it can be adjusted to accommodate anything from a highly restricted MTL hit to a medium to highly restricted DL hit.

Although there is a gap around the tank module, which allows airflow through no matter how you drop your tank into the recess, it does allow for a more direct or open flow if you line up the inner airflow ports with the outer ones.

I enjoy the voltage settings, which allow you, with three clicks on the fire button, to vary the voltage in two steps between 3.5V and 3.0 V (when your battery is full).

This is helpful when you’re vaping hardcore nic salts and need to tone things down a little.

While I usually avoid variable voltage, which diminishes with battery life, the good thing about this device is that the voltage won’t go unpleasantly low. So you always get a solid hit even when battery levels are down.

In fact, voltage is 3V when the battery is as low as 30% charged, which is not actually that bad at all.

Vapour production is massive on this tiny device, so I do find myself having to refill rather often as I’m a heavy vaper.

One complaint I have is the heavy crackle on the drawing but while this is a sensory irritation, it doesn’t actually affect the vapour quality.

Flavour and Cloud

1 Ohm – 9-13.5W – MTL HP Coil

The surprisingly high vapour production of this little coil head, with incredible resilience to prolonged chain vaping and heavy usage. Not a hint of burn or dry hits even when pushed.

I use this MTL coiled for restricted DTL and MTL, with no complaints. Flavour is also above average here. An excellent coil head, it is recommended for 50PG-70VG juices and I have been using it with 70% VG for almost 2 weeks with no issue and zero burn.

Artery PAL Stick Parts

I do suggest you take it easy with high nic salt nic on this core, as vapour production is well above average and you might feel yourself getting a little queasy off you get in so much salt nic.

Battery Life

Good battery life here of the 750 mAh battery, at 5-5.5 hours, depending on your voltage settings. I also found the charge to be really quick, at under and hour.


  • compact, portable and scratch resistant
  • Easy to use, once you know how it works
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent vapour production
  • Very good flavour for this class
  • Above average coil endurance
  • Adjustable airflow supports both MTL and restricted DL


  • If you don’t read the manual, the tank design might confuse you
  • Crackles when vaping

Final Review Verdict

If you fancy the slender, pen style design but are after a vape with a little extra vapour production and the capacity to handle higher VG juices, then the Artery Pal Stick is for you.

I must say, that with the durability and VP of these little cores, they are worthy of their HP name. This pen style vape is compact and portable, with good flavour and good vapour production, as well as solid battery life and a durable finish.

It does what it says it will and is a good choice for beginners and cigarette quitters who’re after an MTL or DL device with a similar draw resistance to cigarettes.

Have you used the Artery PAL Stick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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