Aspire Breeze Review—A compact Kit for new or light vapers!

The most impressive advantage of Aspire products to me has always been their quality. For this time, the newly released Aspire Breeze AIO Starter Kit is of no exception. Let’s take a look at this all-in-one starter kit.

It’s made of aluminum alloy with solid quality. With its compact and ergonomic design, I’d really love to take it around.

In addition to its simplicity and good looking in design, Aspire is also made easy in its structure. After disassembling it, you can find that the complete detailed components include drip tip protective cap, drip tip, chimney unit and atomizer and built-in tank. The unique design of fire button is convenient for you to feel it.

It’s quite easy to vape on it, but before it, you need to get off the drip tip protective cap. One of the points that makes it different to the other kit is that when you vape on it, you don’t have to press the fire button, and you can take your draw directly. But if you are a vapor-chaser, then you press the fire button to produce more vapor with much speed.

To fill in the tank, you will need to pull the drip tip off and then the coil. Don’t pull the coil directly. If you check the drip tip carefully, you will find there is a little metal bar at the bottom of it. Insert the metal bar into the slots of the coil and screw it, then pull the coil out to refill it. Mind the red line when you do the refilling! Don’t overfill the tank but just to the red line. The glass window of the tank is pretty convenience for you to check the liquid.

When you press the fire button, the battery starts to drain and the color of the led light in the glass window will change according to the battery capacity. If your battery capacity is above 3.8v, the color will be purple (maybe blue and orange); when your battery capacity is between 3.4v and 3.8v, the color will be blue only; when your battery capacity is below 3.4v, the color will be orange only, and if you press the fire button or take a direct draw, the light will flash several times in orange to remind you to charge your battery. Aspire Breeze kit comes with an exclusive charging dock(will be in stock soon). When the charger is connected by the micro-USB to the power source, its left indicator will be lighted in red color  and when you put the Aspire Breeze onto the charger, it will start to charge directly. Pay attention not to put the kit in a reverse way.

Personally, the automatic draw function without pressing the fire button is convenient for vaping. And with its 2ml juice tank and 650mah battery capacity, this Aspire Breeze AIO Kit is designed more for the new vapers or light vapers. One defective design is its round bottom. With it, you can hardly erect it on a horizontal plane and it will easily fall thus spoiling the liquid when do the filling. Any way, if you are a smart vaper, you can solve this problem with some objects, for example, the charging dock.

If you are a new or light vaper looking for a device to try on, Aspire Breeze AIO Starter Kit will be the best choice. It comes in four colors, red, blue, grey and black. Carry it around and vape on!

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