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Aspire Pockex AIO Kit Review

Introduction – The Pockex AIO From Aspire

Of all the vaping companies out there I’m pretty sure the vast majority of you have at one time or another used an Aspire product.aspire pockex review

They do indeed cater to the mass vaping market with a whole range of fantastic devices and tanks and let’s face it you can probably count on one hand Aspire products that haven’t been well received.

So is their latest MTL [mouth to lung] device, the delightfully named the Aspire Pockex, one to attract both new and seasoned vapers?

Let’s delve down and have a closer look.

In the Box

The packaging is the usual fayre from Aspire – functional – black and everything packed into a relatively small space.

  • X1 Pockex AIO device
  • X2 O.6 ohm 316l atomizers
  • X1 USB cable
  • X1 User manual
  • X1 Warranty Card

I’m glad they supplied a spare coil because whilst taking the ‘in hand’ photos I hit the fire button to be greeted by the smell of burning cotton – so do fill your device before you hit the fire button! And give the juice a few minutes to soak into the cotton too!

You’d really think I’d have learned by now lol.Aspire Pockex vape pen starter kit

Pockex Specs

  • Diameter: 19.7mm
  • Length: 117mm

As I’ve said before there’s not a lot you can do to make a pen style vaping device look any different than what it is!

But the Aspire Pockex is very small – perfect for stealth vaping – and extremely light.Aspire Pockex Kit Contents

You’re looking at a simple top fill design with none-adjustable top airflow.

Aspire says the design is 100% leak proof and in the few days I’ve been vaping with it I can say that is indeed the case.

However it’s the changing of the coils that impresses the most. For once there’s no need to drain out your e-liquid when swapping them out as they simply screw into the top cap – a real bonus for me!

The tank is TPD compliant 2mls [booo!] which means plenty of refilling for heavy vapers – however filling is easy enough.

You can either slide off the stainless steel sheath and fill or [as I found out to my cost] keep the sheath on [always advisable lol] so you can see the unobtrusive ‘max fill line’.Pockex sheath tank

Go above that and you will flood e-liquid all over your fingers and more importantly the Pockex.

Design and Build Quality

As you might expect from vaping giant Aspire the build is first rate with silky smooth connections.aspire-pockex-in-review

However I couldn’t help but notice a quite loud rattle from the fire button.

Not a big issue but one I felt I needed to point out as it is also loose on the touch – which might suggest issues down the line.

But then again you’re going to be vaping on it not trying out for the percussion section of your local orchestra.

However the design is music to a design lovers ears. The funky looking cut outs on the sheath add a touch of class and the removable sheath itself is a nice protective touch.Aspire Pockex Vape Parts

The overall brushed stainless steel is smart with the non-removable black slim line Delrin drip tip the same size as a cigarette.

Overall the Aspire Pockex is a very nice looking piece of vaping kit slightly wider but shorter than the Bic biro I jotted down my notes with.

So yeah it will fit in your pocket – purse or handbag with ease.

Focus On For Best Vape Tanks.

Operating The Pockex Vape Pen

First up the operating.

It’s a 1500mah battery and fully charged I got almost two full days vaping out of this little beauty.

Five rapid clicks on the fire button turns you on and five off. You do get a bit of a disco light effect with blue LED flashes telling you it’s on and pink telling you it’s off.

The Pockex also lets you know how much power you have in your battery.

Pressing the fire button and seeing blue means you have over 30% power. When it’s less than 30% the light glows pink so time to charge up.Aspire Pockex Parts

The Aspire Pockex charges from the base and the smallish cable supplied allows pass through vaping [able to vape whilst charging].

As I’ve already mentioned mine came with enough juice in the battery to fire up – however I burned the coil as I hadn’t put any e-juice in – so be careful you don’t do the same.

Vaping Safely With in Built protection

As with any of the newer vaping devices safety features are built into the Pockex meaning you can vape safe.

After 10 seconds of use the device will stop firing – this is important if it’s in your pocket or bag and simply means there’s no chance of it dry burning.

It’s the same with any possible short circuit. As soon as the Pockex detects that most rare of events it simply cuts out.

You should never leave any of your vaping devices unattended whilst charging – however the Pockex once full charged once again cuts out automatically.

There’s not a lot more Aspire could have done to make the Pockex as safe as houses so well done them!

How Does The Aspire Pockex Perform?

As I’ve already mentioned filling is an absolute doddle. Simply unscrew the top cap and drip your 2ml of e-liquid into the tank – using of course the max fill line as your guide.How To Fill the Aspire pockex tank

I let my Honeywood e-liquid from Red Vapes  soak in for a good ten minutes and was absolutely delighted with the throat hit – flavour and vapour.Aspire Pockex tank top fill

I’ve always liked Aspire coils and tanks and the Pockex coils or Nautilus X U-Tech as they are also called – gave me a superb taste profile and throat hit.

The vapour was about the same as the smoke you get from a cigarette which when it comes to beginners and regular MTL vapers is all you really need.

Aspire Pockex U Coil swap

Is The Pockex U-Tec Coil Compatible With The Aspire Nautilus X Tank?

According to Aspire. For the Pockex battery, you can only use the 0.6 ohm coil as the vape pen has been designed for use with this.

This would say to me that the battery is a fixed wattage specifically for sub ohm vaping.

If you were to use the 1.8 Ohm coils, they would likely receive too much power/wattage from the Pockex battery which would in turn burn the 1.8Ohm coils.

But.. the 0.6 ohm coil is compatible, and can be used with the Nautilus X tank. Which is a great option for those wanting to try a sub ohm vape from the Nautilus X tank..

What I like

I like the design – size and weight of the Aspire Pockex and as vaping starter kits go it’s got it all.

This little guy does it all for you – all you need to do is fill and vape.

I love the fact you can swap coils without draining your e-liquid and you do great a superb taste and throat hit.

For me Aspire has brought out a great little device that will appeal to newbies and regular MTL vapers and at the bargain price you are getting a good device for your hard earned cash.

What I Don’t Like

I can’t really find fault with the Pockex but if pushed I’d maybe say the rattle from the fire button is a little annoying should you be a vape ‘n shaker.

Final Review Verdict

If I lost it via a hole in my pocket or man bag would I replace it?

Given its price is pretty much pocket change I definitely would.


  • Great taste
  • Good vapor
  • Superb safety features
  • Pass through vaping
  • Simple to use
  • Top fill
  • Clean coil swap
  • Battery lasts an age


  • Fire button loose and rattles

Now It’s Available :

Aspire Pocke X AIO Kit

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