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Best Vape Pod systems for 2019 – LATESET (NEW pod mods)

Since 2018, The vape pod industry is getting better, by 2019, the world’s major vaping brand companies have launched their new pods. Especially in the second half of 2019, SMOK launched the world’s first pod mod, rpm40, and then VOOPOO also launched voopoo vinci and voopoo vinci R. But excellent POD is far more than them, there are other vendors’ pods. Also quite good.

If we still have a misunderstanding about pod in 2018, then you don’t have to worry about this problem in 2019. The power of POD has been increased to 40W, and some even reached 70W, such as OBS ALTER, because I have not used it yet so it is not counted in the ranking here. But it is still a very powerful configuration.

After the professional test score of and the feedback of vaper on the market, we have summarized the following ranking, only for reference. If you have any objections, please let us know in the comment section, we are happy to hear from you.

1. Voopoo Vinci Mod Pod Kit 40W 1500mAh

VOOPOO VINCI 40W Pod Kit best pod

I’ve been waiting for a VooPoo device to hype me up the way the original Drag mod did back in the day, and luckily the Vinci is one such device. It’s solid yet compact, packed full of smart features that you’re just not going to find in other vape mods this size, it’s easy to use and performance blows vape pods and most other all-in-one devices out of the water. Did I mention that it even comes with a color display?

Is the Vinci the perfect all-in-one vape mod? Definitely not, the airflow could be a lot better, I’d love to see an MTL-ready coil-head included in the kit, that smart wattage adjustment feature could have been implemented better, but as a whole I honestly think it’s a damn good vaping device.

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2. Smok RPM40 Vape Pod System Kit 40W 1500mAh

SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit best pod

If you’re looking for the TLDR version of the review, all I can tell you is that the SMOK RPM40 is a great vaping device for both advanced vapers and casual users. It works great, has plenty of power and the vapor production and flavor you get from the pods are amazing. That said, this is a device limited to direct lung vaping only. If you’re looking for a mouth-to-lung vape similar to the draw on a tobacco cigarette, you’re not going to be able to replicate that with the RPM40. Plus, its direct competitor the VooPoo Vinci, has some MTL capabilities, extra features, same battery capacity and same power output.

If you want to see more about SMOK rpm40 compare to voopoo vinci, check our article below:

Smok RPM40 VS Voopoo Vinci- What’s Difference Between Them?

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3. Smok Fetch Mini Vape Pod System Kit 1200mAh

SMOK FETCH MINI 40W Pod Kit best pod

The Smok Fetch Mini Kit is shattering the norms, providing optimal sub-ohm performance with the convenience and compact size of a pod system, by way of a 3.7mL refillable pod, a massive 1200mAh internal battery, and a sleek, cutting-edge design! The Fetch’s performance is nothing to be underestimated, it ensures massive clouds, 0.001s rapid activation, and smooth vapor with its brilliant mesh coils and precise airflow.

The Fetch’s marvelous appearance showcases masterful engineering with its sleek, high-end transparent glass panels, and PVD vacuum plated, screw-less frame, which gives the device a luxurious and classy feel. The Smok Fetch Mini Kit is truly one of the best devices the market has ever seen!

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4. Smoant Battlestar Baby Vape Pod System Kit 750mAh

Smoant Battlestar Baby best pod
Buy Smoant pasito

5. Vaporesso Degree Vape Pod System Kit 950mAh

Vaporesso Degree best pod

A brand new intelligent POD device, with a completely revolutionary feature – DRY HIT PROTECTION. No more coil burning, flavor killing hits – the AXON chip inside has got you covered. AXON doesn’t stop there, it also includes Pulse mode, giving your vapor extra power and flavor with every inhale. PTF on top makes filling super simple, without taking the pod out of the tank.

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6. IJOY NEPTUNE Vape Pod System Kit 650mAh


But it’s always hard to be perfect. From the aspect of appearance design, this iJoy Neptune Pod Kit is definitely great. But from the aspect of actual vaping experience, there’re still so many improvements that should be made.

First of all, the airflow is nonadjustable. The benefit of this kind of design is to make vaping much simpler because of it is a draw-activated device. But it precisely leads to the unpleasant MTL vaping experience. Even I used the lowest output voltage, the rich airflow still makes it hard to do restrictive MTL vaping.

On the other hand, the pod cartridge is undetachable. I do not know what’s the starting point of this design. Maybe iJoy has their own views. But I think it’s necessary to include another replacement pod cartridge in the package. And I don’t think it’s difficult to do that in consideration of a pod kit with a retail price of 30 bucks.

Other than that, I think this iJoy Neptune Pod Kit is a quite awesome pod device. The gorgeous glass panels just make itself outstanding among so many pod kits. Not biased, I think it’s the best pod kit of 2019.


7. Vaporesso PodStick Vape Pod System Kit 900mAh

vaporesso podstick best pod

A pod system that can satisfy both the MTL and DL crowds is kind of a rare breed. And the Vaporesso PodStick does exactly that. It didn’t blow me away with its performance and it sure has some shortcomings, but it is a great device for beginners—and even experienced vapers who like to occasionally switch between MTL and restricted DL. It is a practical, easy to use and well-built pod vape that ticks all the pod vape boxes.

Buy Ijoy Neptune

8. Smoant Pasito Vape Pod Kit 1100mAh

Smoant Pasito best pod

The Smoant Pasito is generating a lot of hype in the vaping world right now, and for good reason. It introduces new concepts we haven’t seen in the pod system sector before, such as replaceable coil-heads, an optional RBA base, and amazing battery life. Smoant definitely needs some praise for trying to shake things up in an industry that for the most part has been riding the success of the JUUL without implementing any serious innovative ideas. That said, it still has a lot of work to do to achieve its goal of creating an all-in-one device that works for all styles of vaping.

Mouth-to-lung vaping is very hard to pull off with the Pasito, especially of you like that restrictive, cigarette-like draw, the airflow system is kind of clunky, the optional RBA base isn’t worth the hassle in my opinion and the power button makes is awkwardly positioned. Neither of these are deal-breaking issues, but you should definitely be aware of them before buying this device.


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