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Buy Asvape Gabriel Choice 80W TC Mod with $65.85 from Urvapin

Asvape GABRIEL-CHOICE is a stunning, high end vape mod that delivers in both appearance and performance. Asvape Gabriel Choice :Combination of Gabriel and Michael 200w, With art pattern-one wing an angel with cloud and one a devil with fire.

The Asvape Gabriel Choice 80W TC Box Mod is constructed as a colorful graffiti-like chassis design, soft to the touch, almost squishy. Inside is an intelligent chipset that features a full 80W of maximum power output with a fully charged cell.

The Asvape Gabriel is full of customizations for an experienced vaper. Along with a suite of safety protections the internal provides not just the 80W of output, but also full temperature control, Bypass mode, and VPC Variable Power Control with Power Curve adjustments. There is much the user can do even if the power tops out at 80W.

The Asvape Gabriel Choice 80W TC Box Mod presents a beautiful chassis design and high-end appearance accompanied by a powerful chipset for those looking for an elegant single 18650 box mod. It’s only $65.85 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Asvape Gabriel Choice 80W TC Mod


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