Aspire Pockex AIO Kit Review

Introduction – The Pockex AIO From Aspire

Of all the vaping companies out there I’m pretty sure the vast majority of you have at one time or another used an Aspire product.aspire pockex review

They do indeed cater to the mass vaping market with a whole range of fantastic devices and tanks and let’s face it you can probably count on one hand Aspire products that haven’t been well received.

So is their latest MTL [mouth to lung] device, the delightfully named the Aspire Pockex, one to attract both new and seasoned vapers?

Let’s delve down and have a closer look.

In the Box

The packaging is the usual fayre from Aspire – functional – black and everything packed into a relatively small space.

  • X1 Pockex AIO device
  • X2 O.6 ohm 316l atomizers
  • X1 USB cable
  • X1 User manual
  • X1 Warranty Card

I’m glad they supplied a spare coil because whilst taking the ‘in hand’ photos I hit the fire button to be greeted by the smell of burning cotton – so do fill your device before you hit the fire button! And give the juice a few minutes to soak into the cotton too!

You’d really think I’d have learned by now lol.Aspire Pockex vape pen starter kit

Pockex Specs

  • Diameter: 19.7mm
  • Length: 117mm

As I’ve said before there’s not a lot you can do to make a pen style vaping device look any different than what it is!

But the Aspire Pockex is very small – perfect for stealth vaping – and extremely light.Aspire Pockex Kit Contents

You’re looking at a simple top fill design with none-adjustable top airflow.

Aspire says the design is 100% leak proof and in the few days I’ve been vaping with it I can say that is indeed the case.

However it’s the changing of the coils that impresses the most. For once there’s no need to drain out your e-liquid when swapping them out as they simply screw into the top cap – a real bonus for me!

The tank is TPD compliant 2mls [booo!] which means plenty of refilling for heavy vapers – however filling is easy enough.

You can either slide off the stainless steel sheath and fill or [as I found out to my cost] keep the sheath on [always advisable lol] so you can see the unobtrusive ‘max fill line’.Pockex sheath tank

Go above that and you will flood e-liquid all over your fingers and more importantly the Pockex.

Design and Build Quality

As you might expect from vaping giant Aspire the build is first rate with silky smooth connections.aspire-pockex-in-review

However I couldn’t help but notice a quite loud rattle from the fire button.

Not a big issue but one I felt I needed to point out as it is also loose on the touch – which might suggest issues down the line.

But then again you’re going to be vaping on it not trying out for the percussion section of your local orchestra.

However the design is music to a design lovers ears. The funky looking cut outs on the sheath add a touch of class and the removable sheath itself is a nice protective touch.Aspire Pockex Vape Parts

The overall brushed stainless steel is smart with the non-removable black slim line Delrin drip tip the same size as a cigarette.

Overall the Aspire Pockex is a very nice looking piece of vaping kit slightly wider but shorter than the Bic biro I jotted down my notes with.

So yeah it will fit in your pocket – purse or handbag with ease.

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Operating The Pockex Vape Pen

First up the operating.

It’s a 1500mah battery and fully charged I got almost two full days vaping out of this little beauty.

Five rapid clicks on the fire button turns you on and five off. You do get a bit of a disco light effect with blue LED flashes telling you it’s on and pink telling you it’s off.

The Pockex also lets you know how much power you have in your battery.

Pressing the fire button and seeing blue means you have over 30% power. When it’s less than 30% the light glows pink so time to charge up.Aspire Pockex Parts

The Aspire Pockex charges from the base and the smallish cable supplied allows pass through vaping [able to vape whilst charging].

As I’ve already mentioned mine came with enough juice in the battery to fire up – however I burned the coil as I hadn’t put any e-juice in – so be careful you don’t do the same.

Vaping Safely With in Built protection

As with any of the newer vaping devices safety features are built into the Pockex meaning you can vape safe.

After 10 seconds of use the device will stop firing – this is important if it’s in your pocket or bag and simply means there’s no chance of it dry burning.

It’s the same with any possible short circuit. As soon as the Pockex detects that most rare of events it simply cuts out.

You should never leave any of your vaping devices unattended whilst charging – however the Pockex once full charged once again cuts out automatically.

There’s not a lot more Aspire could have done to make the Pockex as safe as houses so well done them!

How Does The Aspire Pockex Perform?

As I’ve already mentioned filling is an absolute doddle. Simply unscrew the top cap and drip your 2ml of e-liquid into the tank – using of course the max fill line as your guide.How To Fill the Aspire pockex tank

I let my Honeywood e-liquid from Red Vapes  soak in for a good ten minutes and was absolutely delighted with the throat hit – flavour and vapour.Aspire Pockex tank top fill

I’ve always liked Aspire coils and tanks and the Pockex coils or Nautilus X U-Tech as they are also called – gave me a superb taste profile and throat hit.

The vapour was about the same as the smoke you get from a cigarette which when it comes to beginners and regular MTL vapers is all you really need.

Aspire Pockex U Coil swap

Is The Pockex U-Tec Coil Compatible With The Aspire Nautilus X Tank?

According to Aspire. For the Pockex battery, you can only use the 0.6 ohm coil as the vape pen has been designed for use with this.

This would say to me that the battery is a fixed wattage specifically for sub ohm vaping.

If you were to use the 1.8 Ohm coils, they would likely receive too much power/wattage from the Pockex battery which would in turn burn the 1.8Ohm coils.

But.. the 0.6 ohm coil is compatible, and can be used with the Nautilus X tank. Which is a great option for those wanting to try a sub ohm vape from the Nautilus X tank..

What I like

I like the design – size and weight of the Aspire Pockex and as vaping starter kits go it’s got it all.

This little guy does it all for you – all you need to do is fill and vape.

I love the fact you can swap coils without draining your e-liquid and you do great a superb taste and throat hit.

For me Aspire has brought out a great little device that will appeal to newbies and regular MTL vapers and at the bargain price you are getting a good device for your hard earned cash.

What I Don’t Like

I can’t really find fault with the Pockex but if pushed I’d maybe say the rattle from the fire button is a little annoying should you be a vape ‘n shaker.

Final Review Verdict

If I lost it via a hole in my pocket or man bag would I replace it?

Given its price is pretty much pocket change I definitely would.


  • Great taste
  • Good vapor
  • Superb safety features
  • Pass through vaping
  • Simple to use
  • Top fill
  • Clean coil swap
  • Battery lasts an age


  • Fire button loose and rattles

Now It’s Available :

Aspire Pocke X AIO Kit

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Aspire Nautilus 2 review

Aspire Nautilus 2

I think it’s fair to say that the original Nautilus was a very popular and widely used atomizer. Aspire followed that success by releasing the Mini Nautilus which featured the strengths of its predecessor only in a much more compact design.

We have lately seen the release of the Nautilus X and now the Nautilus 2 is here at last and people are understandably excited but given the fact that Aspire has had to ensure that the tank falls in line with the EU’s TPD regulations you may be worried that has reduced the appeal and have held off from purchasing. Given the popularity of the original tank you might also wonder if this is truly a worthy successor.

Those are both very valid reasons to wait for reviews so without further delay let’s cut right to it and see exactly what the new Nautilus 2 has to offer you!

Aspire Nautilus 2 features

  • 53mm Height
  • 22mm Diameter
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass Construction
  • Adjustable Airflow

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Nautilus 2 Tank
  • 1x Pre-installed 0.7ohm Coil
  • 1x Spare Coil (1.8ohm)
  • 1x Spare Glass Tube
  • 8x O-rings
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warning Card
  • 1x Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • 1x Delrin Drip Tip

In my opinion the packaging and contents are excellent and thankfully the tank includes a choice of two coils suited to either a MTL or a Sub Ohm experience. The further inclusion of a nicely written manual and warning cards is also worth mentioning since it caters well to a new vaper. The inclusion of two different drip tips is definitely a nice bonus!

Aspire Nautilus 2 styling and build quality

The Nautilus 2 is a highly compact atomizer which stands 53mm in height. The design is beautiful featuring a brushed Stainless Steel finish and it looks truly elegant!

The tank features a domed top and this helps to ensure improved flavour. Given that the overall size of the chimney has been reduced due to the TPD compliant 2ml capacity I felt that also helped to promote better flavour. The construction is superb and the individual parts feel weighty and durable. Everything fits together extremely well and there are no unsightly gaps or roughly machined threads to be found.

Keeping ease of use in mind Aspire have kept the Nautilus 2’s individual parts to a minimum and the tank consists of a Stainless Steel outer housing which also works as a shield to prevent the glass from being accidentally damaged, a Pyrex glass tube, a base to which your coil is fitted and finally a choice of two drip tips; either a Stainless Steel or a Delrin one.

You can of course happily use your own drip tips since the Nautilus 2 features a standard 510 drip tip fitting.


The airflow is fully adjustable and consists of five individual holes that become progressively smaller. The airflow adjustment works well but straight out of the box I found it a touch stiff but if you use a little bit of juice or some VG to lubricate it you are unlikely to run into further problems.

Unlike the Mini Nautilus the Nautilus 2 airflow is quite varied and at its most open caters to a slightly restrictive lung inhale style or vaping. Closing down the airflow the vape becomes progressively more restrictive and very tight when limited to the single smallest hole so it will be absolutely ideal for anyone who enjoys a mouth to lung vape.

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Ease of use

Installing coils is simple and fully detailed in the manual but thankfully the 0.7ohm coil is pre-installed so you can get vaping almost right away. Filling this tank is perhaps a little unusual because it is only top filling in a very general kind of way and the Nautilus 2 has no dedicated lid or top cap.

What you have to do is unscrew the Stainless Steel outer shell and this reveals the base with the glass tube fitted to it. Remember to keep the tank upright and you can leave it attached to your device if you wish. You then simply squeeze in juice to the indicate fill level before refitting the metal shell. You may need to press down slightly before tightening and take care not to over tighten it because I found it can stick on occasion. Aspire state that the tank holds 2ml of juice but in actual fact given that you don’t want to pour two much juice in there or the pressure will force it down the chimney and out of the air holes you are actually limited to about 1.8ml capacity.

How does it vape?

Given that the overall size of the tank is relatively short and compact you would expect flavour to be pretty decent and I am happy to report that it is absolutely on point and truly excellent no matter what juice you choose to use!

I have used Flavour Boss Mother’s Milk in it, Fallstreak Cirrus, a whole range of LDN LIQ E-Liquid and some Colonel Boom’s Lt. Ripley. I could find no fault at all with the experience I got from the Nautilus 2 coils. It made absolutely no difference whether I used 50/50, 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG liquids.

Vapour production when using the 0.7ohm coil is surprisingly good when the airflow is fully opened up and even though it is not excessive I am sure it will certainly satisfy most average users. Even if you don’t want to specifically use the 1.8ohm coil you can get an excellent mouth to lung experience with the 0.7ohm coil by heavily closing down the airflow to the point where it becomes a very tight and restrictive vape.

The 1.8ohm coil is a slightly different experience but will suit a mouth to lung user perfectly and thankfully also results in slower juice consumption. I personally thought the flavour from both coils was excellent but the 0.7ohm has superior flavour in my opinion and significantly greater vapour production as you would expect from a Sub Ohm coil.  The most noticeable difference is that the 0.7ohm tends to be a much warmer vape and is at its best around the 18-20W region but you can get a perfectly enjoyable vape at 14W if you prefer things to be a little cooler. The 1.8ohm coil on the other hand only needs between 7-9W of power which will result in far less battery drain should that be a concern.

I’ve been vaping the 0.7ohm coil heavily and it only just started to pack in after six days but keep in mind I am something of a serious chain vaper and you will likely get longer than that. I only have fitted the 1.8ohm coil for a short duration just to see how well it vapes and so I could provide a complete review but I would assume it will at least last a week or more if you are a more modest user.


While I personally have moved on from tanks that feature pre-made coils because I’m a tight Northerner and hate continually paying for them I still do have those occasional moments where I really cannot be bothered to wrap a coil and install it and I ideally prefer to have something to hand so I can just have a quick vape when I want to. I am pleased to say that much like my Nautilus Mini, the Nautilus 2 certainly fits that role ideally!

The 2ml capacity is a slight annoyance to me (as it is with all 2ml tanks) but then that’s the EU regulations for you and not Aspire’s fault but on the positive side of things I really don’t feel like I’m draining the juice ridiculously fast. Granted the 0.7ohm coil does get through the juice at a faster pace as you would expect but not as badly as many dual coil Sub Ohm tanks that have tried but in my opinion the 1.8ohm coil is pretty forgiving. Even though I do really enjoy the 0.7ohm coil vaping experience I think I would realistically stick to the 1.8ohm due to the benefits of less battery drain and lower juice consumption but I do think it’s really nice that Aspire have given users and a choice and the two included coils mean you can find out exactly which experience suits you best!

I can honestly find only two negatives with the Nautilus 2 and both of them are very minor. Ideally I would have preferred a dedicated top filling system because the current design causes the metal shell to stick if you accidentally over tighten it and the airflow ring can be a little stiff when you first use the product but that is quickly overcome by a little lubrication.

However despite that I think it is an awesome tank and its real advantages are that it vapes exactly like the Mini Nautilus but with now with a wider variety of airflow options, better flavour, improved vapour production when using the 0.7ohm coil and an elegant redesigned shell. In short I absolutely love this tank and find myself reaching for it often!

This is a truly superb offering from Aspire and if you are new to vaping or an existing fan of the Nautilus or just someone who wants an atomizer that also caters to a good mouth to lung experience then this is without a doubt something you should definitely pick up!

Now It’s Available :

Aspire Nautilus X Compact MTL Tank

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Wismec CB-80 Kit Review – Great For All Vapers!

Introduction To The CB-80 Kit by Wismec

Today we are looking at the Wismec CB-80 Kit which comprises of the CB-80 mod and the Amor NS Pro stock coil tank.

The CB-80 is a single 18650, 80w max device that has various firing modes including VW, Bypass and TC modes.Wismec-CB80-FrontThe Amor NS Pro Tank is a 2ml capacity, 22mm atomiser that can take a variety of coils. Two of which are included in the kit which are the WS04 MTL and WS01 Triple coil.Wismec-CB80-Side2

There are 5 colours to choose from, but today we will be looking at the rainbow/‘dazziling’ version.

This device was sent to us for the purposes of this review. As always, my opinions are honest and my own.

Wismec CB 80 Video Review


What’s In The Box


  • Wismec CB-80 Mod
  • Amor NS Pro tank
  • WS atomizer heads
  • USB cable
  • Spare parts
  • User manuals


  • Battery – 1 x 18650
  • Tank capacity – 2ml
  • Atomizer resistance – 1.3ohm / 0.2ohm
  • Output wattage – 1-80W
  • Dimensions – 126mm x 36.4mm x 22.6mm
  • Assembled weight exc. packaging (approx.) – 132g

Wismec CB-80 Kit Build Quality & Design

Amor NS Pro Tank

The Drip Tip:

The drip tip is 510 sized and in the popular ‘cobra resin’ or honeycomb style.Amor-NS-Pro-Full2

Top Fill Port:

The Amor NS Pro Tank is top fill, and to access the top fill part, just locate the little arrow.Amor-NS-Pro-TF-ClosedThen push the top of the tank sideways to reveal the port.Amor-NS-Pro-TF-Open

The Airflow Base:

On the base we have the airflow control ring. There is only one hole, but it provides perfect airflow for both direct lung and mouth to lung vaping. For direct lung I would recommend using the open airflow slot, and with mouth to lung, either of the airflow settings can be used depending on how tight you like your draw.Amor-NS-Pro-Airflow

Amor NS Pro Tank – Overall:

Overall, the construction and look of this tank isn’t too bad. The only thing that pokes out is the size of the top fill hole. It could be a bit bigger. Other than that, no complaints!

The Wismec CB-80 Mod:

At the top of the device we have the 510 connector that is located toward the back side of the device. It has stainless steel threading and a 510 pin with a nice amount of throw to it! I would say you could fit 22mm atomisers on here, maximum.Wismec-CB80-TopWorking our way to the front of the CB-80, we have a square fire button that is slightly spongy, but does have a nice click to it.

Either side of the fire button, there is a little LED that lights up when firing the mod. I think that it’s a nice little touch and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, nor does it light up the room when vaping.CB80-LightsBelow that we have the screen which is nicely hidden behind some smoked glass.Wismec-CB80-Screen-OffBut once lit up, it is nice and easy to read and navigate.Wismec-CB80-Screen-OnUnderneath the screen are the + & – buttons as well as the micro USB charge port.Wismec-CB80-ButtonsOn either side of the device we have the Wismec branding on the metal.Wismec-CB80-FullAt the back of the CB-80 there is a plastic grip with a honeycomb pattern on it. I think it looks awesome!Wismec-CB80-Back-CloseAt the base of the device we have the battery door that has the usual markings on it as well as venting holes in the event of a battery shorting out.Wismec-CB80-Battery-DoorOn the inside of the battery door we have the negative contact which is clearly marked.Wismec-CB80-Battery-Door-Open

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The Wismec CB-80 Mod – Overall:

Overall, The CB-80 is a lovely looking vape mod. All the buttons are in the right place and have a good feel to them. The screen is also very easy to read and navigate, which is a bonus, especially if you are new to vaping and are unsure about what you are doing. One thing that annoys me about the rainbow finish is that its a bloody fingerprint magnet!BC80-In-Hand

Amor NS Pro Tank Coil Performance

WS01 Triple 0.2Ω Coil (40-80w)

The WS01 Triple is the direct lung coil included in the kit and I have found that it is best at anywhere between 48w and 50w for me. It offers the right combination of flavour and clouds as well as extending that battery life a little more.WS01-Coil-SideEven at wattages around 60 the flavour is pretty good, but I feel that the coils are struggling to wick as efficiently as they do at lower wattages.WS01-Coil-Top

WS04 MTL 1.3Ω Coil (8-14w)

The WS04 MTL is the mouth to lung coil that is included with the CB-80 Kit and from a visual perspective, it has reduced wicking holes and a smaller diameter coil in the centre.WS04-Coil-SideI have found that wattages around 10-12w was best for me. At higher wattages, I prefer to have the airflow wide open, as I feel that this gives better flavour. But at anything below 10w, you’ll be fine on either of the airflow options.WS04-Coil-Top


  • Looks and feels good
  • Lightweight
  • Well designed
  • Good flavour
  • Appeals to MTL and DL users


  • Flavour diminishes at high wattage (WS01 Coil)
  • Top fill hole a little small
  • Device gets warm when chain vaping

Final Review Verdict

To round things off, I would say that the Wismec CB-80 is a great little kit for all types of vapers, but I feel that it is more aimed towards the new vapers due to it including MTL and DL coils. But, if you enjoy MTL or DL vaping, its pretty damn good!

Not really any major flaws or complaints about the CB-80 Kit. Just the odd bit and bob that I feel could have been done differently. Nice one Wismec!

Now It’s Available :

Wismec CB-80 with Amor NS Pro kit

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DeucesJack:What’s up everyone? DeucesJack at Yeah, I know we’ve been getting a lot of pods lately. Today, I got another pod system for you. I got the Wismec Motiv 2 second rendition, comes with 2 pods. Holds 3mls, 3 mls of Nic salt. I like that. Plug stays in, stays on the pod when you fill it. That’s a pro for sure.

Let’s cut downlow. Let me show you how to fill this thing up. I’m going to take a quick tour around the mod. I’ll show you the finish then we’re going to come back on top. We’re going to vape on it, we’ll talk about it, cons, pros and we’re out of here. See you downlow.


  • 1 MOTIV 2 Battery
  • 1 MOTIV 2 Pod Cartridge
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

Alright everyone, welcome to the downlow portion of this video. Today, we’re going over the Wismec Motiv 2. As you can see I have a sample packaging. I don’t believe this is out just about yet. We got some social media on the box over there. A little bit of Wismec branding. On the back, tells you what we get. we get a Motiv 2 battery, USB cable, two Motiv 2 cartridges, a user manual, maximum output is 10W. There is your security check.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

Let’s check this thing out. A little bit more Wismec branding. Let’s see what we got here. Here is your instruction manual. Goes over the light system, from 16 to 100 percent. The color of the LED is green. From 6 to 15 percent it’s yellow. Below 5 percent it’s red. So when you see yellow, basically time to start charging.

Here is the battery. We’re going to put that to the side for a second. Here is your pod. I’m going to put that to the side too because I’m going to show you how to fill it. And here is your spare pod. You also get a rather nice USB charging cable.


Here is the pod system. Nice gold plating over here. Check this out. See this little knob right here? They did a nice job making that little knob there so you can get your fingernail in there and get it off. You just kind of pull it up and pull it to the side and that’s how you fill. Once you’re done, see, there’s an air hole in right there and that’s where you fill. You want to make sure you get that little knob in the air hole first and then you push the big knob in. There you go.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

I don’t know why they make these pods so dark. Kind of hard to see your juice level unless you hold it up to the light. Here is the battery part of the mod, beautiful paint job, nice and sparkly. Has that pearl finish to it. A little bit of subtle Wismec branding over here.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

Inside, we have two gold-plated contacts that coincide with the contacts on the pod system itself. That’s a magnet right there so it kind of locks it in over here as well. On the back is where you’ll find your LED. I got a little bit of a ding right there. I’ve been using this thing a lot. It might have been in my pocket with some keys or something like that. You’ll also have some Motiv 2 branding over here. Nothing on the bottom. On the side is where you’ll find your micro USB port right there. So glad it’s a micro USB and not a proprietary charger. When you want to load this thing up, you simply take your pod and snap it in and that’s it.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

On the pod, it’s very comfortable. Here is your draw hole right here. This side has kind of a curvature to it and then this side is much more flat. I don’t know if you can see that. It’s kind of flat like almost like- it’s not as curvy as this side. I don’t know if that’s actually showing up on camera but this side is curvy, this side is flat. So it makes it really really comfortable to put this thing in your mouth, it really does.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

That’s it. that’s really all I got for you guys, on this one. let’s cut back on top. let’s vape on it. We’ll talk about it, cons, pros and then we’re out of here. See back on top.

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Alright everyone, we’re back on top with the Wismec Motiv 2 and I got to tell you, man. I love this little thing. I really do. 500 mAh internal battery. Weighs 58 grams so it’s really pocketable. It’s got a nice paint job on it. Almost like a pearlized paint. Really really nice, great capacity, 3mls. Drawer activated, LED battery indicator. I love the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece on this thing with the part that you put in your mouth, really really comfortable with that flat side thing going on that I showed you downlow. Has up to 10W of power. 3.5V constant voltage. I got to tell you, man. This thing hits nice. I get a really nice satisfying nic hit off of this thing. I’ve thoroughly been enjoying it. It’s one of my favorite pod systems right now. Very very impressed.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

Let’s get into the cons and pros.


First con is going to be when you refill it, it does gurgle a little bit on the refill. Goes away after about 4 or 5 pulls but that gurgle is there. So don’t be scared when you get it but I just want to tell you about it.

Next con is going to be, there’s two kinds of pods, ok? You can get a TPD 2ml pod or a 3ml pod. But there’s no listing on what ohms the coils are. So I would like to see them come out with different pods with different ohms in the pod.

I think that would be really cool for something like this. I’d like to know what I’m ohming out at on this pod, Wismec so make sure you put that on your packaging because I can’t find it anywhere. That’s going to be a con too.


Let’s get into the pros. This thing hits nice and fast for a pod system. There’s no ramp up on this thing. It hits right away. Look, it’s nice.

It’s got nice flavor. It’s got a great finish on it. The paint is just superb. Awesome capacity. It’s 3ml capacity, that’s a pro. It’s a loose mouth to lung type of draw, That’s the type of airflow you’re going to get from this. Some people aren’t going to like it but I like it so I’m giving it a pro.

Very pocketable, shirt pocket, jacket pocket, jeans pocket, you’re good to go. Stealth vape, look at it, man. Just disappears in your hand. Kind of cool, man. I like that. You can definitely have this in your hand some place when you’re not supposed to and just take a quick hit off of it. Nobody will know.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

I like that it’s got a three-color battery indicator LED. That’s cool.

It’s very comfortable, comfortable in the hand, comfortable to hold. Has a nice smooth finish to it. I like that. We’re going to give them a pro for that.

Easy to use because it’s drawer activated, pro.

Big pro, two pods included. Good on you, Wismec. You guys are listening. I like that. Awesome job with that.

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod System Review

Price point. 25 bucks and you get two pods. That’s awesome, man. That’s fantastic. Go out and get it. Believe me. You can thank me later at that price point. Pods run around $3 apiece. I don’t know if they’re sold singly or in a box like three in a pack. I only saw them on a Chinese website and it said in one account, I think it was $3.25. Hopefully, Wismec will change that and come out with like a three or five pack of these things. I think that would be a lot better.

The other pro I’m going to give it is pod longevity. So far, I’m on my fifth refill on this. I have no significant loss of flavor or vapor production. That’s a pro.

Joytech eGo ONE TFTA – another one in dogonka

eGo is the name that causes not the most pleasant associations for most parischikov, but Joytech still decided to continue to develop this series of devices model  ONE TFTA .

Joytech eGo ONE TFTA

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Joytech eGo ONE TFTA

The design of the battery box in the cell looks pretty nice, and the color scheme presented in five colors (white and black, black and gray, black and red, yellow and black, blue and black) only adds to the appeal.

Joytech eGo ONE TFTA design

When developing  Joytech eGo ONE TFTA, the  manufacturer made everything so that the device was disposable. The base is integrated with the battery pack, which does not allow changing the atomizer (at the same time the connection disappears, where the liquid can get into). The mouthpiece is not inserted into the top cover like everyone else (for example, the 510th connector), but is put on the tube with sealing rings like the  Aspire Cleito EXO .

Joytech eGo ONE TFTA

More recently, a box mod of the same line, all in one Joytech eGo AIO ProBox, was releasedand ONE TFTA  installed exactly the same card allowing it to work in two modes: direct output (like a mechanical mod) and constant output voltage. To switch between them, use the Fire button. Also built-in protection against overheating, too low and high battery charge.

Refueling and blowing Joytech eGo ONE TFTA

To fill the tank  Joytech eGo ONE TFTA  with a capacity of only 2 ml you need to unscrew the top cover and pour the liquid into one of the two round holes at the edges. Air is also drawn from above. Such a decision is most likely due to the reluctance to do blowout slots in the battery pack, although  this is exactly the case with  SMOK VAPE PEN Plus .

Evaporator Joytech eGo ONE TFTA

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not suffer from the development of evaporators for  Joytech eGo ONE TFTA  and did not leave a choice. The only option is a stainless steel coil with a resistance of 0.6 ohms, and the allowable power range is 15-30 watts.


  • Height: 120.5 mm;
  • Diameter: 22.0 mm;
  • Volume: 2 ml;
  • Refueling: top;
  • Airflow: upper;
  • Battery: non-removable, 2300 mAh;
  • Weight: 117 grams (including atomizer);
  • Port: micro USB, for charging the battery;
  • Color: white-black, black-gray, black-red, yellow-black, blue-black;


  • Joytech eGo ONE TFTA;
  • Two evaporators ProCL 0.6 Ohm;
  • USB cable;
  • Instruction;
  • Coupon with warnings;
  • Spare parts.

Now It’s Available :

Joyetech EGo ONE TFTA 2300mAh kit

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Uwell Crown 4 Kit

Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank – total recycling

Today I will start your day not with good news. No, everything is good – just somehow gray and boring. Although elected such news may please. By elected, I mean not those who were chosen by a special council of planet Earth or appointed by fate to save our galaxy from invasion by foreign invaders. But very different – simple fans of the resin material that has gained popularity.

For you, the company Sigelei tried from the heart. They thought, they thought – where else to push this multicolored plastic, and here at one of the brainstorming, one of the developers exclaimed – idea! So, it was decided to replace the usual glass of the tank with “glass” (I will still call it that way) from Resign.

And they got the following – Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank . “Oil Painting”.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
It turned out just some kind of a fairy tale))) I hope you will take my sarcasm with humor, no offense to the fans of the sigil.
By the way, foty squeezed, so satisfied with the render. Although in the photo live it would not hurt to assess the “scale of the tragedy”, so to speak.

Case Material: stainless steel + resin
atomizer type: Sealed
Evaporators: SM2-H / SM2 / SM4 / SM6
Volume: 2.5ml
Diameter: 24mm
Height: 51mm with Drip type
connector: 510, pin gilded
Weight: unknown
color: black, steel
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
– T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs SM2-H (one is preinstalled)
– spare origings
– spare glass
– user manual

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Design – well, that design – you can see everything. If you do not take into account the full “recycling” of the device, then our hero is not particularly different even from his fellows on the shelf, not to mention the proposals of competitors. In form, we have a standard case, except that a drip type with a decent exhaust pipe rises above it. Appearance to judge does not make sense, because he is an amateur – here or yes or no. I have a distinct no.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
Refueling tank top. Drip type removable. The capacity is frankly small, despite the impressive height and diameter. Replaceable evaporators that feed our “plastic predator” are the same. We have already seen them, we know them, and some even probably tried.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
The evaporators are blown from below, at the base of the tank there is a turning ring with notches for adjusting the air supply.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
It is gratifying that in the kit is a spare, but rather a replaceable glass. And here it looks like a usual way for us – it is transparent glass.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
Price $ 30 – for it, and even so many dollars … no, thank you.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
Advantages / disadvantages
+ design (for lovers)
– price
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -

Now It’s Available :Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer

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Sigelei DP tank – Overview

Known to every self-respecting vaper manufacturer Sigelei, released another unattended tank. Rather, it is possible to make it serviced, but for this it is necessary to separately purchase an RBA base for one helix, By the way, visually and constructively, it resembles a base from kanger for a sub mini tank.

So, the new Sigelei DP tank , another of many …
Sigelei DP tank - expensive and no ...
Case material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: TANK (RBA base sold separately)
Evaporator: SM2-H / SM2 / SM4 / SM6 / RBA
Capacity: 3.8ml
Diameter: 24.8mm
Dimensions: 51mm with Driptyp
Connector: 510, brass pin, silver Plated
Weight: unknown
Color: black, steel

Complete set
– DP tank
– the single-spiral replaceable evaporator (preinstalled)
– spare origings
– user manual

Design, here is what to say. Everything usually, in the best traditions, no one wants to bother, naturally. There are probably hundreds of such tanks. Here, as they say, someone will sink into the soul, although whom I cheat, well, to whom can such a thing sink into the soul. Such a “piece”, if only in a whale, is sold, or by ardent fans of “gray work”. I do not want to offend anyone, just … it comes out so)))
Sigelei DP tank - expensive and no ...
So, the drip-tip, as you most likely thought incorrectly, it is not the 810th, but the 510th – this is such a turn, just wide at the end. It is made of a dolrin, is held due to one oring installed in it.

We get down to the top cap. It is metallic and is fixed with a threaded joint, the thread is not “long”. The producer did not take any risks, why …

So I’ll post a photo for you, and you yourself consider it, maybe you can see something. If anything, all claims to the manufacturer, but from me to them, as usual, hello.
Sigelei DP tank - expensive and no ...
Under the top cap is one hole for refueling. The rim rises, both around the mine, and along the “perimeter” – there should be no straits.
Sigelei DP tank - expensive and no ...
Capacity in 3.8 ml is a decent indicator, not for the sake of compactness is understandable.

Now for the evaporators. Replaceable evaporators SM2 for one helix, SM4 for two helix, SM6 for three helix are suitable. By the resistance of each, I will not orient you. Well, you understand someone hello …

The holes for the air intake are not the biggest, apparently, together with the 510th driptyp the manufacturer is trying to organize tight traction. Airflow, who did not guess – the bottom. Adjusting the air supply is a rotating ring, of course, without scratches. Upstairs there wasn’t, why would we do it downstairs then – is it logical? Of course … And then we’ll ruin the design with its smelly functionality …
Sigelei DP tank - expensive and no ...
Pin is silver-plated, stands out from the connector quite a bit, maybe it’s customizable, which I highly doubt.

Advantages / disadvantages
+ capacity
+ replaceable evaporators (variability)
– price

Now It’s Available :

Sigelei DP Subohm Tank 3.8ml

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IJOY Captain Sub Ohm Tank Review | Clouds and Flavor

Intro – catchy title

The Captain is a new sub ohm tank from IJOY. This 25 mm offering features threadless coilheads that can be easily inserted and switched out. At present two coil types are available and one of each is included in the kit to get you started. The Captain comes with a wide bore 810 Delrin drip tip as well as a 510 drip tip adapter. The vape tank is available in three capacities – 4 mL as standard, an extended 6 mL, and the obligatory 2 mL for TPD-compliant EU customers.

Let’s check out the Captain and see how this sub ohm tank performs..

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Getting started

iJoy Captain sub ohm tank

Straight out of the box, the tank is straightforward and easy to use. It breaks down easily into its separate parts for cleaning, and the threading feels well engineered and smooth throughout. The tank came clean out of the box, without any residual traces of machining oil.

You get two different coils with the kit: the CA2, a 0.3 ohm coil, and the CA8, a higher-wattage octuple coil performer at 0.15 ohm. The CA2 dual coil uses a kanthal Clapton and two stainless steel wires and is rated for performance between 60 – 80 W. The CA8 coil consists of four dual coils and is rated up to 100 W. The usual extras are also here – replacement glass tank, o-rings, a 510 drip tip adapter, and a colorful vape band.

There’s more than enough space to fill the tank from the top. The airflow control ring is buttery smooth and rotates the full 360° of the tank. The innovation of using threadless coils makes changing them out incredibly easy. They fit snug into the tank chassis snugly, but there’s still enough grip to remove them without yanking.

The Captain needs little more than a few priming drops of e-liquid to the coil, filling the tank, and dialing in the preferred wattage to start vaping.

Ergonomics and form

iJoy Captain sub ohm tank

The Captain sub ohm will fit on any box mod with a 25 mm base without any overhang. Its most striking features are the chunky airflow control ring and the recessed heat reduction chassis. These features make the tank look solid and substantial.

Our 4 mL sample came with the stainless steel finish. It looks great on the Voopoo Drag mod(with minor overhang), but might look comical on a narrower or smaller box mod.

How it performs

iJoy Captain sub ohm tank

Although the vapor intensity will vary depending on your VG/PG ratio, the Captain sub ohm tank is on the cloudy side. Vapor production matches the strength of the draw and the intensity of the flavor you experience with this tank.

Probably my favorite feature of the Captain sub ohm tank is the quality of the draw. Vapor on the intake is rich, dense and not too hot. It’s a direct lung hit without being aggressive. The strength of the draw is the same regardless of the wattage. What changes is the intensity of flavor.

And as flavor goes, it is above-par on the Captain. I’ve been vaping it with C Tobacco, a 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid from Master Blends, that we got as part of Zamplebox’s June menu. The Captain captures the dark, roasted notes of the Turkish tobacco admirably, while also hitting the mixture of bitter and slightly sweet in the juice. I’m vaping it nic-free, and still enjoying it.

Performance has been solid and reliable and the coils have needed very little break-in time. I’ve had no issues with dry hits, spitback or leaking so far.

All in all, I’m very happy with the Captain sub ohm tank. There’s not much to dislike here. So little, in fact, that the next section will be a short one…

Minor irks

iJoy Captain sub ohm tank

One of the selling points of IJOY’s new sub ohm tank is that the CA coilheads are more suitable to wick high VG e-liquid. While C Tobacco is only a 70% VG blend, both the CA2 and CA8 coils wick it easily. However, I have noticed a slightly dry note coming on as the tank starts to empty. I’m not hitting the tank when empty – just where the chimney opens up to wick the coil.

Although the AFC is completely adjustable, closing it off doesn’t have much of an impact on flavor, in my opinion. While the temperature of the vape does increase, the intensity of the draw remains the same.

Finally, the groove separating the AFC from the glass tank. This is supposed to reduce heat distribution throughout the sub ohm tank. If you chain vape the Captain, it will get hot throughout. However, the 810 drip tip extends over 11 mm from the tank and is fairly thick, so you won’t notice it on your lips.


  • Solid build quality
  • Strong on flavor
  • Consistent and dense draw
  • Threadless coils are easy to insert and change out
  • Gold plating in all the right places for better conductivity
  • 510 drip tip adapter


  • Only two coil types available (at present)
  • AFC doesn’t affect vape quality (subjective)


The Captain sub ohm tank from IJOY offers a very decent entry point for vapers who want to sub ohm. There’s plenty to like here, from the robust stainless steel construction down to the threadless coilheads. The different capacity options (2/4/6 mL) is also a nice touch. I’d like to see IJOY expand the range of coils – since the draw is very rich and flavor has been on point so far. If you like to vape at over 100 watts, this might not be the tank for you. But for anyone looking for a new sub ohm tank with great flavor and decent vapor to boot, I’d recommend the Captain.



In the past, I have received a lot of Wotofo products. While the quality of the products was always pretty good, it was never really exceptional. First thing you notice when you open up the box of the Bravo is the fact that Wotofo seems to have upped their machining quality a bit. This is definitely one of the better-made Wotofo tanks that I have received. It’s apparent as soon as you put the RTA in your hand.

The Bravo does come in typical Wotofo packaging. We have a black and green box with a slide-out sleeve. Slide the sleeve off the box and on the right side is where the tank is located. On the left side of the foam insert, there are two spare glasses. One is a larger capacity bubble glass and the other is a replacement straight glass. There is also a Delrin 510 drip tip adapter.

Lift the foam insert and underneath, you will find an instruction manual, a card for a t-shirt giveaway, a black Phillips head screwdriver, and Wotofo’s famous comp wire bags. I don’t know how many comp wire bags Wotofo has bought, but it must be in the millions because this has basically become an industry joke already. Every spare part, every piece of cotton, every o’ring, and every coil, somehow winds up in a Wotofo comp wire bag.


  • Bravo RTA
  • 810 resin drip tip
  • 1 bubble glass
  • two regular glass sections

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review


The Bravo comes with a rubber insert inside the glass that makes it TPD compliant. The first thing you want to do is rip that thing out and throw it to the side. After that, you are definitely going to want to take off the straight glass and install the bubble glass that comes with the tank. I love all of these bubble glass options that have been coming out lately. It lets you expand the capacity without affecting the flavor because your mouth is not moving any further away from the coil. It’s a great idea and I hope a lot more manufacturers start using it.

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review

The Bravo comes with an absolutely beautiful resin drip tip. The drip tips included with all of the different color tanks do match the tanks pretty well. It is a Goon or 510 compatible DT. I have tried some of my aftermarket drip tips and they do fit but some of them are a little bit on the loose side. The stock drip tip that comes with the Bravo does fit very nicely with no movement. The reason aftermarket Goon drip tips may fit a little loosely is because there is a step down around the DT opening. If one of your Goon drip tips is wider than the circumference of the step down, then you may not be able to push that aftermarket drip tip in all the way. It’s not a big deal but to be honest, I would have rather have seen the opening totally flat and level with the rest of the top cap. There is also a 510 drip tip adapter included in the package for those of you that like to run your traditional 510 drip tips.

The top cap on the Bravo is nice and thick. It has some absolutely beautiful knurling around the whole circumference of the top cap. This knurling is just fantastic because it really lets you get a good grip on the top cap in order to remove it. The threading on the interior of the top cap is buttery smooth and it really does not take a lot in order to secure the top cap down. Basically, a half a turn and the top cap is secure. So, even though there is not a lot of threading on the interior, the threading that is there, is extremely smooth, well machined, and it works very well.

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review

The fill port cap, the chimney, and the barrel are all one piece. The fill port portion of the tank is recessed and there are two half circle shaped fill ports on either side of the cap. These fill ports are pretty massive and you should have no problem using any type of bottle on the market today in order to fill this tank. Even Bullnose juice bottles are not a problem. Below the fill ports, there is an o’ring that does a great job of securing the glass section to the tank.

The chimney on the Bravo is on the wide side and it is extremely short. It drops into a small barrel that has a conically shaped interior with a stepped up design towards the chimney. On the exterior of the barrel, there is some Bravo branding. Below the Bravo branding, there is some knurling on the bottom of the barrel. The barrel screws on to the base of the deck with some really smooth threading.

The glass section is held in place with the tension that is created between the fill port cap portion and the base. In your package, you will get 3 glass sections. If you run the straight glass with that rubber thing installed, the Bravo is TPD compliant and will only hold 2 mls of liquid. If you take the rubber thing out and just run the straight glass, you will be able to get 4 mls in the tank. If you take the straight glass off and install the bubble tank, then you will be able to get 6 ml’s into the tank. I prefer the bubble glass over them all, but it is really nice to have all those choices.

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review

The base of the Bravo has the same exact knurling on the AFC that the top cap has. It also does a great job of giving you a good grip and the AFC is extremely easy to adjust while the tank is on a mod. The knurling on it is a big reason for that. Right above the knurling, there is an o’ring that the glass attaches to. The airflow slots are cyclops style and huge, however, they are extremely deceptive. They actually look a lot bigger than they really are. The air slots do not go all the way through the bottom of the base like a lot of RTA’s do. Instead, they are closed off in the middle and the airflow comes from the top interior of the Cyclops airflow slot. The airflow on it is good but it’s not as loose as the appearance of it would make you believe.

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review

On the bottom of the base, there is some Bravo and Wotofo branding. There is also a gold plated 510 pin that is surrounded by an insulator ring. The threading around the 510 is actually very smooth and the 510 does protrude quite a bit. The base of the Bravo measures 25 mm in diameter and it is 48.9 mm high. It has sat flush on every mod I have used it on so far.

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The deck is where the Bravo differentiates itself from a lot of RTA’s. Not in a big way but in a bunch subtle ways. It is an upside down clamp system that is controlled by two deck screws per clamp. Each inner deck screw on each post goes directly into the post closest to the center. The outer deck screws just go straight through the clamp. So, you have to be careful when you are unscrewing this deck, especially with the outer deck screws. Make sure you don’t unscrew them so much, that the clamp actually comes off the screw. The deck screws are Phillips head and of good quality. This is a two-post, one-terminal-per-post design.

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review

The base of the deck is also very interesting. It is a GTA style deck that is lifted up off the bottom of the base just a little bit. It is enough to make it what I would consider a GTA style deck. It uses a gravity feed system that feeds your wicks from underneath the deck platform. On the deck platform, there are nicely sized, circular, wicking ports. In between both wicking ports is where you will find your air flow slot. The airflow slot is oval in shape but it is also beveled downward towards the center of the deck. It kind of makes sure that the airflow is up and underneath your coil. The slot is grabbing all the flavor from the bottom of the coil and you may even get some of the vapor from the lower side of the coil.

Wotofo Bravo RTA Review

It’s an interesting deck and I really haven’t seen anything else like it before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not groundbreaking or anything but it has a lot of little nuances that I have seen on other decks before, but not all of them combined on one atomizer. You can tell just by looking at the deck that a lot of time and thought went into it.


Building on the Bravo is not exactly for a beginner but at the same time, it’s not too complicated either. I say it’s not a beginner deck because you do have to place your coils in there all at one time and then tighten the clamps system down. This is because each post only has one terminal. When you see a deck like this, you have a couple of choices that you can make. You can pre-cut your leads and then install your coils and tighten them down. You can also slap your coils in there, tighten them down, and then move them around a little bit in order to get a clear shot at clipping your leads. I tend to just put my coils in there and worry about clipping the leads after everything is tightened down. That is exactly what I did with the Bravo tank and I had no issues at all.

One side note about clamping your leads, you have to turn each of the four screws a little at a time. That is because you have two screws per clamp. If you turn each screw fully closed, one at a time, the clamp will close uneven and you will have a tough time closing the second deck screw. Best thing to do is take your time and close all four deck screws a little at a time.

Because of the size of the terminals, you can really get some beefy flat wire builds in there. In fact, the Bravo actually excels with those kinds of coils. I have had this tank for a few weeks now and I have tried many different coils, from simple Claptons all the way up to massive 3.5 mm ID Juggernaut coils. I like to run 3mm ID Framed Aliens in this tank. They seem to give me the best clouds and flavor.

Once your coils are in there and tightened down, you want to move them around a little bit and start clipping the ends of your lead. After you have your leads cut, you want to take your coiling rod and ensure proper placement of the coil. My recommendation is you put the coil right in front of that bottom airflow as close to it as you can without actually shorting. This will ensure that you get maximum flavor off of the Bravo RTA. After you have the proper coil placement, if you are running contact coils, you will want to pulse your coils lightly and get out all of the hot spots.

After you have the coil placement down and exactly where you want it, it is time to wick the Bravo. Simply pull your cotton through the center of the coil and cut it right next to the o’ring that goes around the base. This will give you the perfect wick length for this RTA. After the cotton is cut, you simply tuck it into the wicking area very gently. Take care not to stuff the cotton in there. You want the cotton to fit snug but not too tightly. There has to be enough room there for your juice to flow through the wick. You do not want to choke off your wick. After the coil is wicked, you simply juice your cotton up and reassemble the tank. Fill the tank up after it is reassembled and you are ready to vape.


The airflow on the Bravo is very smooth and it does have that swooshy type of feel but at the same time, it is a little bit on the noisy side. It’s not noisy enough to make you stop using the RTA but it does have that slight Darth Vader type of sound to it. The air flow is what I would call a slightly restrictive type of airflow that is definitely geared more towards flavor while still maximizing cloud production. It’s actually a good compromise between a loose cloud chucking sort of airflow and a slightly restrictive flavor sort of airflow. Personally, it’s right up my alley and I really do enjoy it.

Because of the way this tank is made, I like running my builds just under .2 ohms. I find that I get the best vape when I run those types of coils in the Bravo. Right now, I have some 3 mm ID SS Framed Aliens in there ohming out at .18 ohms and I am at 90 watts on my Squid Industries Double Barrel. The vape I get off of this build is just beautiful. It is extremely cloudy and extremely flavorful. The flavor and the clouds definitely make up for the slightly noisy airflow. This Bravo can chuck clouds with some of the best RTA’s on the market and the flavor is definitely on point.

While most of the times I do run this RTA with the airflow wide open, I have found that if you cut it down to below 50%, the flavor definitely intensifies. I have also run this RTA with the AFC open just a sliver and the flavor definitely gets better. The clouds might suffer a little but if you’re a flavor chaser, you’re definitely going to want to cut the air flow down on this tank. If you’re a cloud chaser and you like really good flavor, then just leave the thing wide open.


  • Quieter Airflow

Like I said before, it’s not a big deal. This airflow is only slightly noisy but it is noisy enough for me to make a note of it. It’s definitely not noisy enough to be a deal breaker. Truth be told, there’s not a lot wrong with this tank, so I really had to nitpick in this section.


This tank is what I would call a great compromise between clouds and flavor. I’m the type of vaper that likes to be at anywhere between 60 and 100 watts. My sweet spot is probably right around 85 watts. I’m really not comfortable going above 100 watts because I just don’t enjoy it up there. With this type of tank, I can put a build in there that I truly enjoy at the wattages that I really enjoy.

I consider myself one of those middle-of-the-road vapers. I’m no tootle puffer but at the same time, I’m not a high wattage cloud chucker. For me, this tank just checked off all the boxes that I needed it to check off. I get great cloud production and I get great flavor with that cloud production. If I want intensified flavor, all I have to do is shut down the airflow to just below 50%. Yeah, my clouds may not be massive but the flavor will definitely be better.

This is definitely one of Wotofo’s better efforts in a long time. They’ve been coming out with some good tanks but they’ve all been kind of meh, nothing really special. Yeah, I know people are going to say, ‘but Deuces what about the SMM?’ Yeah, that tank was ok but in my opinion, it was kind of hyped up. This tank is legit, no hype, it just performs. This one is definitely machined a lot better and you can tell a ton of thought went into the design of this particular tank. This is a step up for Wotofo. It’s a performer and it is built extremely well.

Now It’s Available :

Wotofo Bravo RTA

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Voopoo Vmate TC 200W Box Mod

Voopoo Vmate 200W Kit With Uforce T1 Tank

Vaporesso Luxe Kit

Vaporesso Luxe Mod

smok novo

dovpo topside

voopoo vfl

voopoo vfl pod

joyetech ultex

smoant naboo

Hellvape ReBirth RDA

HorizonTech Arco II Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Running a vape site makes it difficult to get attached to specific devices. However, the original Horizon Arco tank was a standout performer that continues to stay in my rotation, thanks to its fantastic flavor from a unique flax paper coil structure. Hot on its heels comes the HorizonTech Arco II sub-ohm tank, which promises a continuation of everything we loved about the first, alongside a few new design choices to improve the experience. Will these changes be enough to justify the quick turnaround for version two? Let’s see if the Arco II brings the goods.

First impressions of the HorizonTech Arco II Tank

Right when you open the box, the Arco II jumps out at you. My stainless and red/orangemodel was nicely color-matched right out of the box, with the rest of the contents – spare glass, two coils, extra o-rings and gaskets, spare drip-tip  – are well laid-out in the compact packaging. No space is wasted, and no corners were cut. The Arco II is a great little package, all around.

Returning from the original Arco is the vacuum-plated glass section, which is purported to be more durable than standard glass. One thing I noticed with the original is how the inside of the tank section never fogged or muddied with e-liquid droplets, and I’m happy to report the same is true of the Arco II.Removing the tank from the box, the 5mL Arco IIjust seems really well-built. It’s not the most unique design, but then again, how much innovation is needed for a tank’s appearance? What’s more important is the build quality, and HorizonTech has delivered in a big way.

In turn, the stainless steel body features flawless threading and precise knurling, with no muscle needed to separate the sections. When cleaning, each piece comes apart and reassembles with ease, and no leaking or condensation occurs near airflow slots or the base. Again, just rock-solid design.

The color-matched Delrin drip-tip is a highlight of the Arco II tank, as it is extremely comfortable, and stays cool on the lips, even at higher wattages. For those who aren’t happy with this option, the Arco II also comes with a well-fit 510 adapter.

Finally, the easy-to-use top cap comes off with a simple twist, but stays snug, even in pockets. Opening the cap reveals two tremendous fill ports, which allow for all types of droppers and bottles to fill without odd pooling or overflow.

The HorizonTech Arco II Coils

As you may remember, the Arco brand is centered on the “flax paper liquid guiding system.” While that might be a bit of marketing jargon, in reality, the Arco T6 coil’straditional cotton, flax cotton and flax paper combination does a tremendous job absorbing juice and directing it to the coils. This resulted in huge flavor and a complete lack of dry hits or flat flavor.
Within a minute of juicing and priming the included T6 triple-headed steel coils, my office was filled with thick clouds of tasty vapor. Using a very nuanced, layered e-liquid, I noticed flavor profiles that would have been muted in lesser devices.As it was with the original Arco, these coils are extremely thirsty. Where a standard multiple-coil head can absorb 1-2 mL to prime, the Arco coils were far more ravenous when wetting them. The upside to this is a consistently great hit from the very start, with little, if any, break-in time. I experienced just a handful of mediocre draws before the Arco II began to sing some very high notes.

Though the T6 coils were thirsty when initially filling the Arco II tank, they were frugal when vaping. No one will mistake the tank for having MTL-level consumption, but when compared to similar high-wattage, sub-ohm tanks, the Arco II proved to be more conservative than most, without sacrificing flavor or vapor production.

One concern I have is about the durability and longevity of the new T-series coils. While the original Arco coils were extremely durable, offering strong flavor and vapor production for weeks, I’m noticing a drop in both areas after just a few days of moderate use. When opening the tank to investigate, I noticed slight burning and darkening around the flax inserts – the exact thing these coils were designed to avoid.

In comparison, the original Arco A-series coils – of which I’ve bought my share – rarely, if ever scorched until they hit the bitter ends of their lifespans. Even under steady high-wattage use, those coils seemed to stay “clean” to the naked eye for weeks. However, these were a little weathered after just two days. Admittedly, it was heavy use, but this was still surprising.

That said, HorizonTech did the right thing and made the original Arco (A4 and A6) and Arco II (T6) coils compatible for either device, allowing each set of customers to make their own determinations. In a day and age when seemingly every device has a proprietary coil design, this was a refreshing gesture – one that only strengthens HorizonTech’s belief in this technology, and the Arco brand.

Vaping the HorizonTech Arco II Tank

As we’ve discussed here, the Arco II offers a flavorful, dense vape, which should enhance any e-liquid you throw its way. Using a variety of high-VG juices, the Arco II coils not only brought out deep flavors, but also managed to change gears very quickly when switching juices. Within just a few puffs, new liquids worked their way through the cotton guiding system to the coils, allowing minimal “cross-pollination” of flavors.

Using the Arco II on a Lost Vape Paranormal DNA166 mod at 80-90 watts (the recommended range for the T6 coils) I found the tank stayed cool to the touch. Even when I pushed the coils higher than the listed wattage range, the tank never became uncomfortable, especially on the Delrin drip tip.

For the record, we do NOT recommend pushing the Arco coils – or any coils, for that matter – beyond their listed capabilities. We do so for the sake of testing, not to demonstrate a recommended practice.

To test how well the tank accommodates the original Arco coils, I popped in a brand new A4 coil, primed it, and was happy to see how well it seated in the Arco II base. There were no threading or tightening issues, and everything sat flush, with no leaking. I refilled the tank, and experienced equally wonderful flavor and vapor from this coil, as if it was a native match to the tank.

Airflow control on the Arco II is a standard dual-slot, bottom AFC design which is butter-smooth, and easy to control, while snug enough to stay put during use, or in a pocket (though you should close off those AFC rings in pockets, lest you receive a slight, but embarrassingly located damp spot on the front of your jeans).

In my original Arco tank review, I expressed a desire to have an RBA section included, along with some flax cotton to help users create their own experience with these new materials. However, after vaping these fantastic coils, and taking a closer look at how intricate the construction is within the chamber, I no longer think it’s necessary.

Unlike so many companies that tout “technology” within their coils, the Arco and Arco II coils are true systems, with unique, innovative design that moves e-liquid to the coils efficiently. An RBA would be welcome, though I now believe the Arco experience is best enjoyed as HorizonTech intended.

Wrapping up…

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Though there is a mild concern about the durability of the new Arco II T-series coils (and we WILL continue to monitor this over the next few weeks) the overall vape quality of the tank and coil system is too good to ignore. Add in seamless compatibility with the proven Arco A-series coils, and you have a tank with an established ecosystem, and room to grow.

Now It’s Available :Horizon Arco II Sub-Ohm Tank

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