Oumier VLS RDA Review – A Beautiful Innovating RDA Provides Superb Flavor And Huge Vapor

Oumier VLS RDA Review

Returning to the scene once again with another flavor chasing, cloud producing atomizer, Oumier has hit the mark with the Oumier VLS RDA.

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Oumier VLS RDA Colors
VLS RDA Colors

Oumier VLS RDA Specs

  • Size: 25mm(D) x 45.5mm(L)
  • 1.5ml(with a deep juice well)
  • Cap Material: Gold color: PEI
  • SS and Black color: Aerospace PC
  • Thread: 510 thread

Oumier VLS RDA Packaging List

  • Accessory bag
  • User manual

Oumier VLS RDA Design, Look and Feel

Simply looking at the VLS RDA displays it’s quality characteristics. Constructed of stainless steel featuring either a PEI Gold cap or Aerospace PC cap, the VLS is eye-catching.

Aesthetics are not the only offering with the VLS, it’s revolutionary building deck design is what sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. Set up for nearly any coil configuration, the VLS is a coil builders dream.

One of its main selling points is its capability of easily installing dual or single vertical coils. Vertical coils can provide a different vaping experience from the standard configuration and previous to the VLS, installing coils vertically onto an atomizer proved challenging.Capable of both single and dual coils in both horizontal and vertical,the VLS provides users with the opportunity to switch between single coil flavor casing and dual coil cloud chasing.

VLS RDA Threads
VLS RDA Threads

The Oumier VLS RDA is equipped with two, completely separate posts. This is possible due to the screws located on the underside of the build deck that hold the posts in place. On the positive post, the screw is extruded slightly father than the negative so that it makes contact with the bottom cover, creating the circuit. This design is innovative and functional.

On each post there are two locations for coil installation,one on top and one on bottom. This allows for very simple installation of both vertical and horizontal coils.

Oumier VLS RDA Coil Installation

Vertical coil installation is very easy, simply placing a lead in both the top and bottom location of a single post and a tightening, repeat for the other post as well. Oumier has done an amazing job setting up the deck of the VLS, not in some time have we seen a building deck as innovative as the VLS

VLS RDA Coil Configuration

Dual vertical coils are simple to install as well, though with the VLS they are stacked rather than adjacent to one another. One coil uses both top post slots while the other uses the two bottom post slots.

Single coil installation for both vertical and horizontal configurations uses only one top post slot and one bottom post slot. Fairly simple to install. No need to pre cut leads for the VLS, simple fit the coil and cut them when they are secured.

Wicking the coils is as simple as installing them, in vertical mode, inserting the wick through the top of the coil and using tweezers to pull it through is the best way. Taking into consideration the size of the juice well on the VLS, the wicks can be left fairly long at the bottom. Fluff out the ends and situate the cotton neatly into the bottom of the deck. Trimming the top to just above the coil, with a light fluff and it is ready to use.

Horizontal wick installation is self explanatory. Insert wicks, fit to size, trim and tuck them in.

Oumier VLS RDA Performance

The VLS is set up to produce both flavor and vapor in a big way. Single coil configurations are going to provide a better flavor experience but will not produce the vapor that a dual configuration will. In both single and dual coil set up, the VLS produces an immense amount of flavor. Compared to many popular RDA’s on the market, the VLS wins in the flavor department.

Flavor is often a by-product of airflow and the VLS has a unique airflow that will take some adjustment to become accustomed to. Due to the smaller size of the 5 hole airflow, the VLS is a very air restricted atomizer. Some may not find this suits them but after a bit of time spent with the VLS, the user will enjoy everything it has to offer.


Oumier VLS RDA Conclusion

The VLS RDA is without question the most innovative atomizer to come to the market in quite some time. Expect to see other companies follow suit on this deck design as it is very appealing for all users. Remember the velocity style build decks? They rapidly became commonplace among most atomizers and is still widely used today. Perhaps the deck design of the VLS will take the same route, every vaper should have this atomizer in their collection.

SMOK Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tank Review

I am scoring the new Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tanka solid A+. I thought I should get that out of the way now. So if you like the look of the tank, just know that it is wider and bigger than it appears to be. It is, after all, a 7.5mL capacity sub-ohm tank. Knowing this, if you want to buy one, do it, you won’t regret it. Now, let’s get the review…

The SMOK Resa Prince in Detail

The Resa Prince is truly one magnificent Sub-Ohm Tank. Having said that, there is a mystery that I cannot unravel. Even after using mine for 10 days, I’m baffled as to why my preinstalled 0.4ohm V12 Prince-Q4 Quadruple Coil is still delivering superb performance. This is NOT the coil that drives the TFV12 Baby Prince, it’s the same coil that drives the full-size Prince. In fact, the preinstalled Q4 in the Resa Prince is identical to the preinstalled Q4 of the TFV12 Prince. I’ve never gotten more than 7 days from a full-size Prince Q4 or X6, yet when it sits in the Resa Prince, I’m 10 days out and running strong. Why?

I’ve decided it is either my imagination, or that the Coils that come with the Resa Prince are somehow different than their official Replacement Coils, which are the sameReplacement Coils for the TFV12 Prince. Or, the design of the airflow slots delivers the air over the coils in a way that extends the life and performance of the Prince Coils. That said, I do have a theory, one I will share with you at the end of this long review.

What I do know as a cold hard fact, the Resa Prince is a far better performer than the TFV12 BABY Prince, which use the older V8 Baby Coils.

Using the same e-liquid I always use, KILO Black Series Birthday Cake I purchase through Element Vape or Breazy (depending on their stock levels), I have been using the same preinstalled Coil for 10 solid days with less than a 1% drop in performance. After all this time, I’m getting the same awesome flavor fidelity, the same huge clouds of vapor, every time I use it. It’s as though I’m (almost) using a fresh Coil every day. But, that’s impossible, right?

One Sub-Ohm Tank – Two In-Depth Reviews

There will be 2 in-depth Reviews for the SMOK TFV12 Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tank, plus our previous Preview. This is the first Review. The reason for another full review of the Resa Prince is so that whatever evaluations we make about this tank is either backed up by another reviewer, or another reviewer has a different experience than I do. I have no idea what will be said in the other review, but I trust myself enough to say that in my 6 years of experience of writing for Spinfuel VAPE, the Resa Prince worthy of the high praise I’m giving it.
Our second review, due in about a week, will cover the Resa Prince tanks we received from Element Vape, which also came directly from SMOKTech to Element Vape, and then directly to Spinfuel VAPE. Every Resa Prince, like every other Tank we’ve reviewed, is 100% genuine, along with the replacement Coils, of which we already have dozens of packs in our stockroom.The Resa Prince Tanks I’m using came directly from SMOKTech to Vapor Authority to Spinfuel VAPE. This first review is based on the two tanks we received ahead of our full shipments from Vapor Authority and Element Vape.

I sincerely suggest that should you decide to purchase this awesome new tank, do so from the vendors we trust just to be sure you’re not buying a counterfeit.

The TFV12 Resa Prince – Inside and Out

The SMOK Resa Prince Sub-Ohm Tank is a Sub-Ohm tank that is similar to the full-size TFV12 Prince, and yet different at the same time. While both Sub-Ohm Tanks use the same TFV12 Coils; the Prince Q4, X6 and T10, though the newly designed T10 is called the V12 Prince-T10 Red Light Coil because it emits a fairly powerful red light while you vape.

Note*As of now, we cannot find replacement coils for the V12 Prince-T10 that include the Red-Light functionality. Until information about the T10 become clearer, purchasing replacement T10 Coils means purchasing Coils without the Red-Light function. Strange, right?


In a couple of ways I find the TFV12 Resa Prince confusing. I can’t quite decide why SMOK executives believed the Resa Prince needed to come into existence, other than the fact that SMOK could do it.

There seems to be two game plans at work here. In one SMOK uses the same playbook it has used since the TFV8 Cloud Beast, meaning that there was the Cloud Beast, then the Baby Beast, then the Big Baby Beast.
The TFV12 Prince seemed to reset the first Playbook. After wide acceptance and positive reviews from us and many others, SMOK followed the V8 playbook using the Prince as the new TFV12 Flagship, basically leaving the Cloud Beast King hanging out to dry.After the V8 Big Baby BeastSMOK seemed to do a one-off with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, a monster of the tank that was so powerful many people believed it to be so high-performance that it couldn’t be used as an every-day-all-day Sub-Ohm Tank. And they were right, for the majority anyway. So, the next move for SMOK was to take the same TFV12 moniker and build a NEW tank that required less than half the power to deliver exquisite flavor and humungous clouds of vapor, yet with a totally new design, and that could be used as an all-day-ever-day tank… the TFV12 Prince.

The playbook called for SMOK to release a Baby version, and they did… the TFV12 Baby Prince, but they cheated. The TFV12 Coils, even the Prince Coils that required so little power to produce incredible performance, were just too large to fit into a “baby sized” tank. So the TFV12 Baby Prince was born, but instead of TFV12 Coils, SMOK reverted to the V8 Coil line. If you own a TFV8 Big Baby Beast, or any other V8 Tank, feel free to use those coils in the TFV12 Baby Prince.

Now, beginning last week, and according to the playbook, the Big Baby Prince was born. The TFV12 Big Baby Prince looks a lot like the Prince, and the Baby Prince, but holds more e-liquid, and yet uses the same V8-Baby Coils.

With the birth of the Big Baby Prince, which, as of now, is only available on a couple of SMOK Starter Kits (the newly released SMOK H-PRIV 2 Kit for example), comes the simultaneous release of another brand-new Tank… The Resa Prince.

This will undoubtedly reset the playbook again.

The Resa Prince looks nothing like the Prince, the Baby Prince, or the Big Baby Prince. It uses the full-size Prince Coils, holds 7.5mL of e-liquid, just .5mL less than the full-size Prince’s 8mL.  Despite using the same Coils as the full-sized Prince, it is designated at a brand-new tank design.

Can there be any doubt that a Baby Resa and a Big Baby Resa is on the drawing board already? What do you think? End of May? Mid-June?

Just How the TFV12 Resa Prince Differs

Briefly; the Resa Prince uses a new top-fill system, gone is swing away hinge cap. The 810 Cobra Resin Drip Tip is shorter, the concave-convex glass tube is wider and shorter than the Prince, and the body is all magnificent Cobra Resin Design.

The Resa Prince uses a simple twist off top cap that reveals two semi-large fill slots for e-liquid. The top cap threading is smooth, but I wouldn’t describe it as silky smooth. It’s shorter drip tip is threaded, and fits snugly into the top cap. The Resa Prince also handle heat dissipation better than the Prince, and certainly better than the Baby Prince.

Vaping at the highest wattages (120W) possible for the coil I noticed the heat dissipationof the glass, drip tip, and chassis are extraordinarily cool to the touch, more so than the original Prince.

The Resa Prince has an all Stainless-Steel body that is covered in a beautiful resin-dyed material that forms the look of an “all Cobra Resin” Sub-Ohm Tank. Each “finish” is said to be unique, though the two “black” Resa Prince tanks we have on hand are at least 99.99% identical (I couldn’t find a difference). Our second review will cover the other colors and talk about any special markings found in the supposedly unique finishes. Particularly the new 7-color model, which is dark, and incredibly beautiful.

The defaultglass tube is a bulb-shaped tube that provides the 7.5mL juice capacity, while the spareglass tube is straight and has a maximum capacity of 5mL. Seeing both glass tubes I can’t imagine anyone wantingto remove the bulb-shaped tube for the straight glass tube. I would have rather SMOK inserted a second bulb-shaped 7.5mL glass tube.

The Resa Prince is also the only Prince to offer the LED light-up coil with the above-mentioned new 0.12ohm V12 Prince-T10 Red Light Coil. It has a range of 60 to 120W. I found the optimal range for this Coil to be between 70-78W, but I only used it for a a few hours.

The 0.4ohm V12 Prince-Q4 Quadruple Coil (preinstalled) is rated for 40 to 100W and a 0.15ohm V12 Prince X-6 Sextuple Coil rated for 50-120W. The Resa Prince also offers an optional RBA Head. So far, I give the flavor and vapor to the Q4, with the X6 a close second. The V10 is a cloud chucker, with good, but not the best flavor Coil of the bunch.

Vaping with, and Expectations of the Resa Prince

Finding just the right Vape Mod to use with the Resa Prince was a task I was not ready for when it arrived. Honestly, I thought the Resa Stick would release first. The Resa Stick is the Resa version of the Stick Prince, and from what I understood, this would be our first exposure to the Resa Tank. The Stick battery is identical to the Resa Prince, so the tank and battery match. Since the Resa Prince came first, choosing a mod that would complement the Resa Prince took some trial and error.

I wound up splitting the past 10 days of vaping the Resa Prince with the upcoming Pioneer4You Trantor Mod (equipped with the YiHi SX520 chipset), and the brand new SMOK H-PRIV 2. The Kit version ships with the TFV12 Big Baby Prince, which uses the V87-Baby Coils.

That said, the H-PRIV 2 has the same Resa “Cobra Resin” “honeycomb” design throughout its exterior and matches the Resa Prince nearly perfectly. In fact, I believe it would have been a better move to ship the H-PRIV 2 with a Resa Prince instead of the Big Baby Prince.

Wrapping Up and the Score

If you’ve been vaping with a full-size Prince, you know what a great job these full-sizPrince Coils can do. The Resa Prince produces a fuller, somewhat thicker mouthful of vapor, and about equally awesome flavor as the Prince. I won’t choose between the full-sizPrince and the Resa Prince in performance, though I admit the Resa Prince is ever so slightly more attractive than the Prince… it’s like deciding which actress, Odette Anabelleor Evangeline Lily, is the more attractive. For me, it depends on the day, the weather, how busy I am, and my general mood… it changes from day to day, moment to moment…
Once More about the TFV12 Coils – A Theory

If the coils in the Resa Prince kit are indeed just the same V12 coils that are in the Prince Kit, and replacement packs, then I have no idea why these coils are lasting as long as they are. But perhaps, just perhaps, SMOK has improved the standard TFV12 Prince Coils and are using them in the Resa Prince … and will be rolling them out as the old TFV12 Coil inventory dwindles down. Now wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Now It’s Available :SMOK Resa Prince Tank – 2ml/7.5ml

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Augvape Templar RDA Review

The Templar RDA from Augvape is a 24-mm single-post rebuildable atomizer that features an innovative “velocity clamp system” build-deck, a highly-customizable airflow control, as swell as squonk-mod compatibility. The Templar is being marketed as an all-round good RDA, offering both great flavor production and excellent flavor.

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A Look at the Contents

The Augvape Templar comes in a tubular cardboard box featuring the Chinese company’s logo, an authenticity seal and some social media icons, in case you want to keep an eye out for new Augvape products and promotions.

Inside the box, we have the Templar RDA placed in a circular Styrofoam holder, and if you remove that, you’ll also find a frosted glass barrel with a built in drip tip, as well as a bag of spare o-rings, a hollowed-out squonk pin and an 810-to-510 drip tip adapter. Unfortunately, Augvape doesn’t include any coils or even one of those small screw-drivers, which I consider a small con. If this happens to be your first RDA, you’re going to have to buy some coils, or at least some wire to build them yourself, and that sucks. At least add a couple of cheap coils, like most other manufacturers, and leave it up to the buyer if they want to use them or not.

Design and Build Quality

One of the most appealing features of the Augvape Templar RDA is its size. Even though it measures a decent 24mm in diameter, it is considerably shorter than many of the other RDAs in its categories, and as someone who doesn’t like atomizers sticking out too much from the mod, I consider that a pro.

Starting from the top, the Templar features a Goon-style Delrin drip-tip, which I was a bit worried about considering the reduced height of this atomizer. I was sure spit-back was going to be an issue, with such a wide-bore and the coils located so close to my mouth, but it turned out to be a non-issue. Anyway, you can always replace it with taller 810 drip tips, or even a 510 tip, by using the included adapter.

The drip-tip connects to a removable top cap which you can rotate to the adjust the airflow coming through the air slots on the barrel. The top cap features a stepped design slightly similar to that of The Drop RDA, giving the user great control over how much air gets into the atomization chamber. You basically have three levels to work with, each of which can be adjusted as well, so you can tweak the airflow to perfection.

The stainless steel barrel of the RDA features the Templar logo, a nice design that combines a couple of blades with a warrior helmet, and a two airflow slots made up of smaller holes, on opposing sides of the barrel. These small holes are laid out on three rows, and by rotating the top cap, you can gradually block each of these holes to adjust the airflow. You can cover the entire front row of holes, the first two rows, or just one row and two holes from the second one, or even all three rows. You basically have a lot more control over the airflow than you do on most other RDAs.

However, the frosted-glass barrel included in the kit doesn’t offer this level of airflow cusomization. In fact, it offers no airflow adjustment at all, just two slanted airflow slots on each side. It’s ok, if you don’t mind an airier draw, but I personally prefer the option to fine-tune the airflow. Also, this barrel has a non-removable drip-tip, so if you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Finally, the base of the Templar RDA houses the build deck on one side, and the 510 connection pin on the other. The pin protrudes just a little bit, so I definitely would not recommend using this atomizer with a hybrid mechanical mod. You can also take out the 510 pin, and replace it with the hollowed out one included in the kit, for use with a squonker.

The Templar features a “velocity clamp system” build post, which I guess could be described as a Velocity-Goon build deck hybrid. You have four post holes, like on a Velocity Deck, but instead of four separate screws to secure each lead, you actually have a huge clamp and a single center screw which raises and closes the clamp. It’s a very ingenious system, I’ll give them that, but it is a bit harder to build on than a classic Velocity deck.

The juice well is not the deepest I’ve ever seen, but it’s deep in enough to hold a few millilitres of juice, if you happen to overdo it with the dripping.

Setting Up

If you’ve ever built on a Goon-style deck before, you should have no problem setting up the Augvape Templar RDA. All you have to know is that the design of this velocity clamp system requires you to insert both coils before screwing that large center screw on top of the post, to lock them in place. That means you have to make sure that your coils are aligned just right before tightening down the clamp. Too close tot the center post and they could accidentally make contact with it. Too far, and they could touch the barrel or the stepped top cap. In both cases, you will get a short-circuit, and you don’t want that.

To start building on this deck, you will first have to unscrew that large screw on top of the center post and raise the clamp until you have all four wire slots completely exposed. Then make sure that both coils are inserted into both the positive and negative posts. I prefer to measure the leads of my coils and trim any excess wire before tightening down the clamp, as doing afterwards can be problematic. Inserting the two coils and tightening them down simultaneously, as opposed to one at a time, like on a Velocity build deck, can be tough if you’re a beginner, but once you have some experience with this style of deck, it’ll seem simple to do.

Once you’ve tightened the camp and locked the coils in place, just make sure they are aligned with the airflow slots on the barrel, and make sure to fire them up a few times to check if they light up correctly – from the center outwards, with no hot spots.

I found that the wicking is very straightforward with this RDA. I just bent my cotton leads on the outside of the build deck and clipped them right at the base of it. Then I tucked them into the juice well. If you like to tuck the cotton under the coils and plan on using the Templar with a squonker, you need to make sure that you are not blocking the two small juice holes at the base of the build deck, as that can hinder the flow of e-liquid when you squeeze your squonk bottle.

How It Vapes

To be completely honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the Templar RDA at first. Its stubby body and wide-bore drip-tip seemed a poor combination that made it prone to spit-back, and the holes that made up the two airflow slots looked too small. However, that was only at first glance. After using this atomizer for over a week, I can say that my original assessment was a poor one.

Not only did I never experience any spit-back, but the airflow system was so much better than I expected. Having the option to fine tune the amount of air that enters the atomization chamber to fit your vaping style is a huge pro. I’ve found that depending on what type of coils I’m using, I prefer more or less airflow, and the stepped design of the Templar top cap allows me to make adjustments accordingly.

The low profile of the Augvape Templar means that the coils are very close to your mouth. That means that the vapor reaches your mouth almost instantly, so it’s warm and very flavorful.

In terms of vapor production, I can’t say the Templar is the best RDA I’ve ever used, but it is definitely above average in this regard as well. Obviously, it depends on the coils and power output as well, but what I can say is that this little atomizer is perfectly capable of chugging clouds.

I really don’t have anything negative to report about the Templar. The two silicone o-rings on the base do a good job of insulating it, so you shouldn’t experience any messy leaking, the tolerance on the top cap is just right, meaning you can easily adjust the airflow without having to worry about it accidentally turning in your pocket. The wide bore drip tip means you can easily drip without removing the top cap.


The Augvape Templar is a neat little RDA that should please all but the pickiest of vapers. It may nit be the most innovative vaping device ever created, but it certainly takes some of the best features we’ve seen before and combines them to provide a great vaping experience. The deck may take a bit of getting used to for beginners, but it works just fine, and the stepped airflow system is one of the best I’ve ever used on a rebuildable atomizer.

So if you’re looking for an all-around great RDA that offers above average vapor production and great flavor at an affordable prize, you should definitely consider the Augvape Templar. It will surprise you, in a good way.

Now It’s Available :Augvape Templar BF RDA

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SMOK NOVO pod vape review | a beautiful starter kit for nicotine salts

Vapers are asking for more and more pod systems and the SMOK NOVO is one of the most beautiful out there. This gorgeous and ultra-portable vape is very pocket friendly and comes with a powerful 450mAh battery. It activates on draw and it’s compatible with free-base as well as nicotine salts e-liquids. And considering its $30 price tag, this is also one of the highly affordable pod vapes available right now.


Beautiful design

Great build quality

Comes with two empty pods

Great battery life

The experience is similar to a Infinix pod system


No battery level indicator

No juice level indicator

No needle-tip bottle included with the kit

Prone to spills when refilling

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Packaging and color options

The SMOK NOVO feels more luxurious than its predecessors and this experience starts with the packaging. You will get it inside a high quality cardboard gift box, with a very modern user manual. There are two empty pods this time and also a very small micro-USB cable.

We appreciate that SMOK finally listened to its customers and released the starter kit with more than just one pod inside the box. Unfortunately they didn’t include the very practical needle-tip refill bottle with found with previous pod systems.

Available colors for this device are black, red, white, rainbow, green, blue, royal blue, and pink – all surrounded by beautiful chrome inserts.

The design and features of this tiny pod vape

After the success of its Infinix vape, SMOK has now released another pod vaporizer. And although it’s more elegant, the NOVO vape offers about the same overall experience. The draw is pretty similar and the throat hit feels as perfect when using 12mg regular e-liquids and 35mg nicotine salts.

This luxurious e-cig measures 88mm x 24.5mm x 14.5mm and weighs no more than 40 grams. It feels very natural in the hand and has a beautiful honeycomb finish with rounded chrome edges. In addition it features a blue LED light on the front as well as a micro-USB slot on the side. There’s no fire button so it will activate automatically each time you inhale.

SMOK NOVO vapeThe Novo e-cig features direct output, which means the wattage will vary between 16W when the battery is full to 11W when the battery is almost depleted. The LED will blink rapidly when the device needs to be recharged, however there’s no battery level indicator. It takes around one full hour to get a full charge. Also considering the 450mAh capacity, this vape is going to offer way more autonomy than your standard “Jewel” e cig.

The NOVO pods

The SMOK NOVO kit includes two refillable pods. These have 2.0ml capacities and a resistance of around 1.2 Ohms. The mouthpiece is integrated in the pod and the draw is pretty restrictive but very smooth. There’s a fill gasket on the side, however the port is not as big as on the previous SMOK pods.

The company should have included the needle-tip bottle from the Rolo Badge. This would have made refills a lot easier and mess-free. With standard gorilla bottles or droppers it’s pretty hard to put e-liquid inside these pods without spilling some of it.

The pods don’t have magnetic connectors and they need to be pressed inside the battery. Here is when you also realize there’s no see-through window or e-liquid indicator with the NOVO vape. You will need to constantly take the pod out in order to check or wait until the cotton feels dry. This is not the most practical approach and we have to say we are a bit disappointed.

Other than that, the pods do a very good job at delivering smooth, flavorful vapor and a very robust throat hit. The experience is one of the best we had and it’s one of the reasons we rated this product so highly.

Performance and final thoughts

The SMOK NOVO pod vape follows the footsteps of its predecessors and offers an incredible experience. It’s easy to use, ultra-portable and comes with two refillable cartridges inside the box. Battery life is more than good and the throat hit is quite impressive even with 20mg nic salts.

We did run into a few cons, but in the end it’s a pretty good product and we definitely recommend it. It has a beautiful finish, it’s well built and it’s incredibly affordable. In addition you can refill the pods for up to 10 times, which makes the starter kit very practical.

Now It’s Available :Smok Novo Kit

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SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review

In-depth Smok Novo Pod Vape Starter Kit Review

Smok has released a number of Pod system vapes recently in an effort to keep up with the latest trend in vaping. So their latest pod vape is the Smok Novo, we take a closer look to see how well it competes against the best pod vapes and whether it’s worth rushing out and getting one!
Smok Novo Pod Design and colors




Keeping to the traditional small size, the Smok Novo measures in at just a little over 88mm tall, 24.3mm wide and has a depth of just 14.3, so this pod system is small and fits into your pocket well. The rectangular shape though is a little different to other vape pods and with a weight of just 39 grams its overall design is very good.

Available in a number of colors, as you expect from Smok, including; black, red, white, rainbow, pink, royal blue, dark blue, and green, there’s certainly a good choice. Each of the colors has the cobra effect etched into it, which also looks really good.

The main battery body also has a thin shiny aluminum edge and along the side is the USB port which is used to charge the device.

There is also a tiny LED light on the front giving the user an indication of the battery life and when you need to recharge it.


Refillable Pods

The Novo PodIt’s nice to see that the Novo comes with 2 refillable pods, so you can use any e-liquid you want, although it is recommended to use nicotine salts with this type of device as it gives a smoother vape at the higher nicotine levels.

Removing the pod from the battery housing you will see on the side the fill hole covered by a silicone plug. The fill hole is a little on the small side, so you may experience a little leakage when filling the device.

The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid, so not enough to last a day or even a few hours for the heavy vapers out there, so you do need to carry around a bottle of juice! The mouthpiece is also worth commenting on and one of the best feeling mouthpieces we’ve tried in comparison to the smaller designs you see on other pods.
Side and back view of the Smok Novo


There are no settings to be playing around with here, so it is pretty much completely automatic. The flavor is pretty decent considering the atomizer is a standard coil measuring in at about 1.2ohms and not a mesh coils as you see in some of the top sub ohm tanks.

The cloud production is also pretty good, producing a pretty thick cloud. Trying the Novo with direct lung inhales does have some resistance, due to the higher resistance of the coil, but it is possible. It’s best used as a mouth to lung inhale, which most ex-smokers will love and be comfortable with.

Comparing to the Smok Infinix which received some great reviews from vapers, the airflow is about the same although the resistance of the coils on the Infinix was slightly higher at around 1.4 ohms. The flavor is pretty close, but for a mouth to lung vaper, we believe the Infinix had a slightly better draw and overall better vape.


To Conclude

The Smok Novo pod vape system is a good looking and small device with a pretty decent 450mAh internal battery. The flavor from the vape is pretty average in comparison to the best e cig products out there, so for its size, it does well. The vape cloud is also pretty impressive.

Overall it’s a decent pod system, perfect for carrying around with you when out and about, if your an experienced vaper, use to sub-ohm vaping, then the Novo might be a little underwhelming. If you’re new to vaping and looking for a simple to use vape to quit smoking then this might be right on target.

Clearance: Vaporesso Revenger and Aromour Pro Kit/Mod

Utilising the most advanced Vaporesso technology yet still very easy to get to grips with, the Revenger Box Mod Kit is a powerful choice for vapers of all experiences. It has unique and pioneering design features as well as plenty of engineered features and tech to deliver premium quality vaping. Based on innovative GT Cores that comes in traditional and CCELL Ceramic coils, there is no dry hit and provide pure flavors. And the special slide-n-fill design and heating insulation layer will give you a safe and relaxing vaping experience. It’s only $52.85, just get it via this link:  Vaporesso Revenger 220w Kit

The Vaporesso Armour Pro 100W TC Kit deploys a highly advanced OMNI Board 4.0 Chip with serious power output(Wattage Output Range: 5-100W) and minimal firing delay(0.002s firing speed), utilizing a single 18650/20700/21700 battery to pair with the Cascade Baby Sub-Ohm Tank. The whole starter kit implements a soft curvature contour that fits luxuriously in-hand, featuring a 0.96 Inch full-color display. The OMNI Board 4.0 Chip inside the Armour Pro offers full customizable wattage and temperature control suit and an Insta-Fire speed of 0.002 seconds! The optimal pairing for the device is the new Cascade Baby Tank, featuring 5mL maximum juice capacity, triple slotted airflow control, and utilization of the GT Coil System with a mesh coil option.

Mod: $47.85, Vaporesso Armour Pro 100w TC Mod

Kit: $65.75, Vaporesso Armour Pro 100w TC Kit

Know the versatile characteristics of chandelier lighting


It is important to decorate the home with the right type of accessories to enhance its beauty, elegance and style. The right type of accessory selected and installed not only beautifies the home, but also shows the taste and personality of the person. One such accessory that is sure to spice up the home is Chandelier Lighting.

Significance of chandeliers

These are being used for ages by the rich and the celebrities in their homes. They are rather viewed as significant must have lighting fixtures, due to the appeal and elegant radiance it brings to the home. This amazing ornate lighting piece is said to have been quite popular during the 19th & 20th centuries and could be commonly seen in mansions and palaces across the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.

With industrial revolution and subsequent mass production of such items, it is now possible to get hold of inexpensive, designer Chandelier Lighting for the average home. Hence, the demand for such lighting fixtures has increased these days. According to the industry experts, the major characteristic feature of this stylish lighting fixture it its ability to create wonderful glow to make the room appear extra special. When turned on, it also lends automatically a true regal atmosphere and character to the otherwise plain or drab room.


It is regarded t be the major defining characteristics found in today’s chandeliers. The kitchen can be now converted into a classy dining area by installing this lighting fixture. Also, the spacious bathroom could be provided with radiant glow using the chandelier. There are few home owners who also love to have Chandelier Lighting installed in their bed to give out that magical feeling.

Modern chandeliers

The modern ones that are available at the leading stores and online portals can be found in wide range of patterns, shapes, styles and sizes. They are also made from different types of interesting materials to appear exotic and to provide people with variety of choices to opt from. Although crystal is considered to be the common design pattern found, there are other types such as faux candles, etc. The internet is rather the best place to check out the different categories, find the appropriate design, size and style and select the one that will complement perfectly the home.

Select the right type and size

The modern Chandelier Lighting selected should be good enough to attract everyone’s attention towards it. To achieve this, it is required to complete the home’s basic design pattern. Appropriate sizing is obviously a crucial factor, since if the fixture is too large to fit the room, then it will simply be found to be overpowering, thus making the visitor to feel claustrophobia.

Again if the lighting fixture is selected extremely small for the room, then it will only appear out of place, irrespective of its style and design. Most modern designs are designed to light up easily the whole room. But, the end result is not likely to be desirable as it will create that raw or harsher look. The home decor experts state that it is necessary to buy only matching chandeliers having dimmers and wall sconces.

All Chandeliers | Explore Our Unique Collection – Shades of Light
Chandeliers are the centerpiece of the room, enhancing your style by complementing its surrounding…

Limitless Marquee Mod and Wake LittleFoot Kit Clearance Low To $35.75


Limitless Marquee is a new 3-in-1 mod system with unique design features and versatility not seen in other variable wattage devices. The Marquee’s custom chip includes a feature to enter into pod mode in which you can vape at a consistent wattage designed for pods. The Marquee has an output range of 7 to 80W, full temperature control with native support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel 316 heating elements, and a bypass mode. The button layout is unique with dual adjustment buttons on opposite sides at the base and a cleverly designed oversized, full-length fire bar that houses the vibrant OLED screen. With all the Marquee’s innovative features and benefits, you have 3 mods in one in a very attractive, compact form factor. It’s only $35.75 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Limitless Marquee 80w Kit

Wake Little Foot is a 60W device that has a built in 2000 mAh Battery, with a temperature control suite while the Wake Sub-Ohm Tank can be utilized as a direct to lung or mouth to lung. The device also has a 0.96 Inch OLED Screen that displays various types of information to the user and utilizes a three button control face. Along with the Little Foot TC Box Mod, this kit includes the Wake Mod Co Sub-Ohm Tank; a 24mm sub-ohm tank that has a maximum capacity of 3.5ml of e-juice. A threaded top fill system exposes two fill ports and the Wake Mod Co Sub-Ohm tank utilizes coils from the Wake coil family. With its smooth, comfortable feel, and stylish design the Wake Mod Co Little Foot 60W TC Box Mod and Wake Mod Co Sub-Ohm Tank is a great choice for vape enthusiasts. It’s only $39.99 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Wake Little Foot Kit

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WISMEC Motiv 2 and HiFlask Pod Kit For Sale

Wismec Motiv 2 Pod Kit is an all-in-one vape kit. Powered by built-in 500mAh battery, it can fire up to the max wattage of 10W. Featuring the air pressure sensor, you can vape directly without pressing the conventional buttons. You can check the battery level at anytime and anywhere simply by glancing at the color of LED. The Motiv 2 is such an elegant, simple and versatile pod that can be perfect setup for both new vapers and vapers on the go. You can booking it on Urvapin, just following this link: WISMEC Motiv 2 Pod Kit

Being ergonomic and slick, HiFlask is the first pod for all vapers which features exquisite adjustable airflow system. Innovative JVUA (Juice Vertical & U Airflow) system is the first application for Wismec ecigs, offering you pure flavor as well as large clouds. The replaceable cartridge is refillable with 5.6ml/2ml e-liquid capacity, which will definitely provide you with unexpected vaping enjoyment. Moreover, the unique design of airflow control and cartridge lock makes HiFlask much more attractive and popular. It’s only $35.75 On Urvapin, just following this link: WISMEC HiFlask Pod Kit


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Vaping Cheap: Vandyvape Mesh RDA and Freemax Mesh Pro Atomizer For Sale

Vandy Vape’s Mesh RDA is a 24mm, dual invisible clamp style postless build deck that is compatible with both mesh wire and standard wires. Its unique dual invisible clamp style postless build deck has two 11mm terminals with side mounted flathead screws to secure the coil leads or mesh. Designed for use with vaping stainless steel mesh as opposed to regular coils. Vape Mesh provides a smooth flavourful vape with minimal spit back and no noise. It’s only $22.85 on Urvapin, just get it via this link: Vandy Vape Mesh 24mm RDA

Freemax Mesh Pro is a beautiful subohm tank with colorful resin decoration of Freemax family. The most obvious feature of the Freemax Mesh Pro is that it adopts the innovative Mesh Pro coil system, which comes with different kinds of mesh coils such as the Kanthal single/dual/triple mesh coil. So it can support higher wattage output with much larger clouds. Together with the top slide refill design and the adjustable bottom airflow control, the Freemax Mesh Pro Subohm Tank will bring you a great vaping experience. It’s only $28.99 on Urvapin, just get it via this link:
Freemax Mesh Pro Sub ohm Tank