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CuAIO D22 by Joyetech – continuation of the “novice” topic

Just yesterday, we’ll discuss two new unit companies Joyetech boxing events CuBox and complete atomizer Cubis 2 . The third device from the latest batch of new products of the company was the starting set CuAIO D22 . As you might guess from the name, the manufacturer launched another product for the “all-in-one” segment, where it already occupies a rather serious position. Let’s see what the novelty is, and whether it will be interesting at least to someone other than beginners.

CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -

Want to discuss the look of this device? Yes? But I don’t, because there’s really nothing to discuss here, because the novelty turned out to be just the personification of the latest design trends in the AIO segment.. Compact battery, and at least a compact tank, representing one whole. The distinctive features, which at least somehow distinguish the novelty from the crowd, include decorative stripes on the sides of the case. It’s amazing that Joyetech did without removable stickers, but maybe they just forgot to mention 🙂 

CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -

Dimensions : 

Height – 93 mm. 
Diameter – 23 mm. 
Weight – 93.5 g. 

CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -

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Specifications :

For the work of the entire setup is responsible battery capacity of 1500 mah, with a maximum power of 50W. The relatively small volume is due to a diameter of 22 mm. In my opinion, by increasing the diameter to 24 mm and thereby increasing the battery life, the manufacturer would make the device much more interesting for the user. We see a micro usb connector on the case, only the engineers decided to do without the fast charge function, but with an ack for 1500 mah, this is not such a big problem 🙂

CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -

As you might have guessed, the atomizer is a modified version of Cubis 2, which we have already talked about. You will not find anything complicated in the TTX tank – everything is as simple as possible! Evaporators? Please, four options for not very steep and active vaping. It is also worth mentioning the two versions of the evaporators – the standard one and for those who need to respect the TPD standards. 

CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -
CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -

So, what we have there further. Blowout system? This time Joyetechdecided to play around and gave the users an upper airflow, instead of the usual lower airflow. The capacity of the tank, depending on the evaporators used – 2 or 3.5 ml. The top cover is equipped with a system of protection against opening by children, so in order to fill the tank, you must first carry out some manipulations, and then only access the filling hole. 

CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -
CuAIO D22 by Joyetech -

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