Preview: Dovpo Blotto RTA

Dovpo Blotto RTA is a design collaboration between Dovpo and Sam Parsons from the Vaping Bogan Youtube channel.

Dovpo Blotto RTA Preview

If you’ve ever seen any reviews by Bogan, you’ll find him a huge beer fan, and Blotto gets some design inspiration from the beer bottle cap.

The kit even includes an opener that can be used as a coil trimming tool. Blotto is a single-coil or dual-coil RTA with an interesting deck design that helps maximize flavor and airflow through a 242-degree airflow system.

Dovpo Blotto RTA

Bogan describes it as “the Kylin on steroids” Blotto has a honeycomb air flow on both sides of the bottom of the tank, which is adjustable.

It will pass through these holes through the honeycomb pores on any column of the tectonic deck, which come out at the top of the coil and slightly above.

There is also a slot just below the coil, so it looks certain to be covered in terms of airflow. The Blotto RTA is equipped with two 6 ml bubble parts, one in standard glass and the other in Ultem.

It also comes with a straight glass section with a capacity of up to 2 ml and is only available in the specified areas of the TPD. Blotto currently comes in three different colors: gunmetal, silver, and black.

Dovpo Blotto RTA

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Dovpo Blotto RTA $33.99 $47.66 -29%

Final Thought

Designers and manufacturers are increasingly having trouble coming up with new ideas for building decks and airflow.

Blotto is one of the few people we’ve seen recently that seems to bring something new.

Vaping Bogan is a huge fan of cellular airflow, and as we can see from his Bonza RDA, Blotto has acquired a lot of cellular airflow.

The cellular design and package of 242-degree airflow are sure to provide smooth and delicious vape. We’re not sure if it will transmit strongly in single-coil mode, but for dual coils, Blotto may look like a flavored beast.

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