Dovpo D-Salt

Dovpo D-Salt, the next generation of pod system?

Introduced the D-Salt pod kit

5 colors
5 colors

D-Salt Pod System by Dovpo is a tube shaped ergonomically designed Pod System that has a loose auto-draw airflow direct to lung style of vaping, with 2ml capacity of 0.5Ω mesh coil replaceable tank, and powered by 1500mAh of battery life. The ergonomic feel of this device is suitable for your daily vaping needs, even you are on the go. The charging port of this device is a Micro USB port and charges 2A with LED light indicator. It was made and designed to aid your daily nicotine intake even you are using a Free Base or Nicotine Salt type of liquids. The D-Salt feels and vape natural yet satisfies you while bringing a new all-new vaping experience that fits in your pocket. you can grab yours from AVE40.COM, check out here→Dovpo D-Salt Vape Pod System Kit 1500mAh

Dovpo D-Salt

D-Salt Main Functions

  1. Air-pressure switch without button, direct vape;
  2. Battery power indicator light: Red<3.65V,Blue 3.65V-3.95V,Green>3.95V;
  3. Device connected after installing pod, the indicator light flashes once orderly in red, blue and green, then light turns off;
  4. Overtime vaping:If user keeps vaping constantly that lasts over 8 seconds, device stops outputting, current battery power indicator light flashes twice;
  5. Open circuit detection:If pod disconnected or no pod installed, when user vapes the device, the indicator light flashes 3 times in red and blue;
  6. Short circuit protection:If short circuit happens during vaping, indicator light will rapidly flash once orderly in red, blue and green, please check and clean the pod and device then try again. If short circuit still happens, please contact our after-sale service team.
  7. Low battery power indication: When the indicator light flashed 10 times during vaping, please charge the device with our standard Micro USB cable.
  8. Charging:The current indicator light flashes when charging the device, after fully charged, the light stays on in green.
  9. Power saving mode: When vaping stops, the device goes into power saving mode after 3 seconds.

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  1. Model Name: D-SALT
  2. Model Size:Height 118mm,Maximum diameter 22.2mm
  3. Pod Size: Height 24.5mm,Maximum diameter 20.5mm
  4. Battery capacity: 1500mAh
  5. Device output voltage: 3.0V-4.2V
  6. Device working wattage: 26W
  7. Pod resistance: 0.5Ω, Mesh coil
  8. Pod capacity: 2ml, refillable
  9. Charging: 5V Micro USB, 1A
D-Salt Basic Specifications
D-Salt Exploded View

D-Salt Operation:

  1. Pod filling: pull the silicone plug out on the top of the pod, fill the liquid with a cuspidal liquid bottle, please plug the silicone plug as soon as possible after filling, and put the pod aside for 3-5 minutes before using.
  2. Pod installation: Unscrew the top cap, put the pod with liquid inside, screw the top cap back, then enjoy vaping.
  3. When the liquid goes below 1/4 of the pod, please refill the liquid soon to avoid coil dry heating.
D-Salt Pod Filling
Dovpo D-Salt

Package included

1 x D-Salt
1 x Refillable Pod
1 x MicroUSB Cable
1 x User Manual

package included
Package included

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