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Dovpo OHMAGE Mesh Subohm Tank review – The First Dual-Stacked RTA

Dovpo OHMAGE is a Mesh Subohm Tank. The Dovpo Ohmage is a collaboration by #Mr.JustRight1 and Dovpo. Dovpo OHMAGE is made by 303 stainless steel and quartz glass which looks elegant and health-proof. The OHMAGE adopts the first dual-stacked mesh coil which is 0.2ohm and 0.16ohm for choices.

What in the box

The new Ohmage Subohm Tank the first-ever dual-stacked mesh coils. The package has 5pcs assorted .20 & .16ohms inside the kit. It also has a 2ml & 5ml bubble window.

OHMAGE Mesh 0.20 & 0.16 ohms coils

There is one place to be praised. Dovpo OHMAGE RTA has more spare coils than the usual Sub-ohm mesh RTA, up to 5 in total!

This means you don’t have to worry about the coils being consumed too quickly. It is good for some new vape beginners. If they are wasting coils because they don’t have prime coils, then these spare coils will save their mood.

What in the box

The design of Dovpo OHMAGE

Construction of Dovpo OHMAGE Mesh Subohm Tank

Look at the overall design, the most impressive thing is the top knurl cover, which follows the design of Dovpo blotto RTA. Looks very mechanical and cool. The same design of the oil inlet makes it look great too.

The airflow holes array from large to small are more interesting than the usual airflow holes on other RTA Tanks.

But there is a flaw here. When I adjusted the airflow holes, I found it a bit loose.

Dovpo OHMAGE Mesh Subohm Tank

The Tank is a relatively high tank, here mainly because it uses the design scheme of Dual-Stacked mesh.

The way to inject the eliquid oil is to unscrew the entire top cap. Compared to today’s press-to-fill or other conventional methods, it seems a bit behind. But it will make this TANK look more “mech feel”.

Again, I really like his knurl texture in every detail of this sub-ohm tank.

My review Conclusion about Dovpo OHMAGE

Although the biggest highlight of this tank is the first dual-stack sub ohm tank, in fact, it is not much different from other traditional dual sub ohm tanks in actual use.

For me, it appeals to me for 2 main reasons. First, it looks Sleek and cool. Beautiful details make me fall in love from the very first moment I see it. Second, it has 5 replaceable coils, I have never seen a sub-ohm tank packaging with 5 extra coils before, that’s really a lot! make me feel affordable and really a deal! and it also keeps me vaping Dovpo OHMAGE for a long time!

And its cloud is not as big as expected. The puff draw is strict, so if you are a cloud chaser, you may not gonna be happy with it. but if you are a flavor chaser, you might find it at the top-notch position! It best performs well with high nicotine eLiquids & the flavor vape juice. So I think it was designed for the new vaper who just switch smoking to vaping.

Dovpo OHMAGE Mesh Subohm Tank

Dovpo OHMAGE Mesh Subohm Tank 5.5ml $27.19-15%

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Main features

  • The first dual-stacked mesh coil
  • Adjustable flavor controller (aka airflow)
  • Multiple resistance coils
  • Balanced vapor/flavor production


  • Size: 26.5*53.0mm
  • Material: 303 stainless steel + Quartz glass
  • Capacity: 2.0ml / 5.5ml (bubble glass tube)

Package Included

  • The OHMAGE Subohm Tank * 1
  • bubble glass tube 5.5ml * 1
  • Manual Card * 1
  • QC Certificate * 1
  • 0.2ohm coils * 2
  • 0.16ohm coils * 2
  • Spare Parts

The above is my review of Dovpo OHMAGE Mesh Subohm Tank. Welcome to comments below if you have any other thoughts.

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