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SQ Topside Dovpo Mech Squonk Mod – Topside plus with DNA 250C Chip

Talk something before review?

SQ Topsidefeels to the touch, the top fill simplicity from the top side. a locking feature 12.5 milliliters of juice capacity and a more affordable price. well, you are about to witness is an international vape love story.

Hello and welcome to the vape deal today I am so proud to announce the latest collaborative creation the sq topside from TVC (youtube influencer)

I just come back from the UK last week for vapor expo UK and I’m still recovering. The days ran out I have to get this article done so I’m gonna give it my best.

Who would have thought that three companies from the United States the UK and China would collaborate successfully together to create an amazing product? the reason why I love collaboration so much is that I believe all of us have different skill sets. I think sometimes if you’re gonna do something you want to do it right and when it comes to making a mechanical squanking device I want to make sure I head to the best. and the best, in my opinion, is signature mods.

SQ Topside 4 color

For those of you that don’t know signature tips and signature mods is a company based out of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and it is owned and run by a gentleman by the name of shake. a passionate vapor that loves this industry and is incredibly talented at making high-quality beautifully designed and hard-hitting squanking devices.

they also make drip tips and accessories for the build box accessories and panels for many other devices and they’ve just been killing it in the game making a name for themselves by putting out the best machine that best quality products that you can spend your money on.

Some of the stars that people have been in love with for a long time have been the original sq– which is a single 18650 mechanical mod and the follow-up which was the 217 or the sq 217 which is a bigger brother bigger battery uses 21700 battery and it has larger juice capacity. both of them are equally loved.

And this was sort of the foundation of what interested me in collaborating with shake and coming up with this project. I love mechanical squonk devices and if you’re going to create a mechanical spot device why not use the gold standard to use it as a template to start and that is exactly what we did.

First look in the SQ Topside

In your kit you get an extra squonk bottle.

dovpo SQ Topside kit

Very precise industrial design, just like a piston?

SQ Topside juice box
SQ Topside top fill design

What’s in the box?

In your mod you’re gonna have your little bag of goodies. in your bag of goodies, you’re gonna get your screwdriver tool you’re gonna get some extra screws you’re also gonna get some extra o rings so if you’ve ever held the original SQ you’ll know how amazing quality these magnets feel. there are 28 magnets in total on both of these doors and they hold everything nice and secure and they hold everything together.

What's in the box?

There are 28 magnets in total on both of these doors. These magnets make the adsorption between the MOD and the panel very strong, which can greatly satisfy you.

Magnetic panel 28 magnets

There’s no rattle there’s no movement these are machined with extreme precision the same level of quality that you would expect this is machined from solid billet aluminum of the highest quality and you can just tell from the moment and first touch and from looking at this how good the quality is.

compact sq topside

Difference between the original SQ Topside compared to the SQ Topside 217

The device itself is real simple you know this is a mechanical mod so basically you know you put your 21700 battery in here I recommend the Samsung 30 T before we continue I just want to show you the difference between the original SQ compared to the SQ 217 and so this is the original single 18650 SQ and this is the SQ 217.

original SQ compare to  SQ Topside 217

And as you can see we go small larger largest and everything in each one of these was optimized for the perfect fitment of your bottle and your battery there’s no wasted space this could not have been made any smaller it is perfect when you look inside of exactly the size that it had to be to get what we wanted out of it as far as the height slightly higher on this and we had to fit.

original SQ compare to  SQ Topside 217

And you can see if I open this up and I apologize because this has been thoroughly used but as you can see the reasoning is much larger juice bottle on this one this is 12 and 1/2 milliliters of juice capacity and this one was much smaller and also we had to fit the top fill section to be able to squonk across the channel to the 510 we’ve also incorporated a locking feature on this that this did not have so let me blow this apart real quick just to show you all the individual components.

Some features of SQ Topside:

Everything is accessible

Everything is accessible topside squonk

I want to say that the entire MOD is detachable, everything is accessible. the overall design is exceptionally simple, there are only 4 screws in total, if you are a DIY enthusiast, then such a mod, you may like it.

DOVPO SQ TOPSIDE MOD is detachable

Any details are done very beautiful, you can see beautiful knurling, and O-RING in here to make sure it doesn’t leak at all.

knurling, and O-RING

SQ Topside Perfect design of juice box

Stainless steel prevents you from jacking up the panel when you squeeze the juice box.

SQ Topside Perfect design of juice box

It is also very simple when you want to remove the entire juice box. Rectangular and cylindrical grooves make the juice BOX fit tightly with the mod.

SQ Topside Perfect design of juice box
SQ Topside Perfect design of juice box
SQ Topside Perfect design of juice box

Look, this design makes the whole mod very compact, you don’t have to worry about the juice box going out of its original position under shaking.

Simple mechanical switch

Because SQ Topside is a mechanical mod, you can see this mechanical fire hit, which is really mechanical.

Simple mechanical switch
Simple mechanical switch

When you want to avoid error fire, or if you prevent you from accidentally starting the MOD, you only need to rotate the white knob so that they cannot be energized to achieve a power outage. So whether you are in your pocket or taken by a child, you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

Innovation in the battery contact

As shown in the picture below, you can clearly see that there is a small cylinder in contact with the battery.

You can rotate your atty to make the small cylinder stretch, so that the purpose is to make the battery fit tighter with the MOD.

Innovation in the battery contact
Innovation in the battery contact
Innovation in the battery contact

Once you have placed the battery, rotate Atty until your battery is firmly seated in the MOD’s battery position. If you want to remove the battery and rotate it in the opposite direction, it will loosen. Simple and mechanical. that is SQ topside.

Innovation in the battery contact

Instant firing

The firing on this is incredibly fast and feels perfect, this is the powerful power that SQ topside mechanical mod brings to us!

SQ Topside Well build

So there you go the up-close not only is it impressive to look at. But I guarantee you when you get this device in your hands when you see the quality when you see how well it’s built, when you feel that quality of the magnets during this process.

SQ Topside Well build

Final thoughts

In some ways I believe that there are certain things on this that is done even better so much praise needs to go to dovpo, they have truly outdone them the materials that are used are the highest quality the price is 100% justified and it’s amazing at the end of the day how much cost savings we’re able to give to you because of the quality standards are still at such a high level, this is not a review this is just an introduction.

so obviously everyone’s experiences are completely subjective but I will tell you that from my perspective I think that this is an incredibly comfortable device for somebody that has large hands. I think that the four-finger grooves are incredibly comfortable I think that you know the squandering position was a compromise obviously in a perfect world you know making the squawking in the front with a button in the front would have been ideal but it was not possible we looked at every position to put the squonking on this device.

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