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Eleaf iStick Mix Kit With the Ello Pop Mesh Tank Review

Eleaf has been a player in the e-cigarette game for some time, and use to release some of the best e-cigarettes. Recently, due to the amount of competition, they have somewhat fallen silent, but with the release of the new iStick Mix 160w Kit, they are hoping to change that. The question is though, does this kit compete with the best vape mods on the market right now? Well, let’s find out and see.

Eleaf iStick Mix Kit


The iStick Mix mod design features a number of resin like designs in a variety of colors, something we see on other mods like the Drag 2 for example. The different designs have weird names like Glary Knight, Skyline Numen, Wind Ninja, Seabed sneaker, and Hell Witch! One strange thing that Eleaf has incorporated is the resin design on one side and a completely different design on the other. It’s different, but not all vapers are going to like that!

It is a dual 18650 device and measures in at 52mm wide, 83mm tall with a depth of 27mm which makes it a pretty average dual battery mod, as far as the size is concerned.

The battery door is stuck into position with pretty strong magnets, there appears to be no movement, so no rattling when carrying around with you. On the side is a large round fire button, below that is the screen and an up and down button to adjust your settings.

The 510 thread is in the center of the mod, so any tank can be placed on the mod and it will be perfectly balanced. The base has a couple of battery vents, and on the back side, hidden away somewhat is the USB Type C port for charging and firmware updates.

The Eleaf Ello Pop Tank

Ello Pop Tank

You can buy the iStick mod in kit form or as a mod separately, this is typical with all the best e-cigarettes if you buy the kit you also get a pretty decent tank. The Ello Pop Tank holds up to 6.5ml of juice and has a rubber-like design stuck onto the glass, very handy for those clumsy vapers out there as it absorbs some of the shocks when you knock it over!

It features an airflow control on the base and within the tank utilizes a newly designed center pin flow, apparently reducing the chances of e-liquid escaping from the air holes on the side.

The tank also features a slightly different top fill design, where you have to lift and push the top part where indicated. Pushing it closed, it snaps into position. It’s good to have this type of locking as we don’t want e-liquid escaping in our pocket.

It uses the same coil heads as there other Ello series of tanks and within the kit, you get the HWN2 kanthal mesh rated at between 40-90 Watts

Features of the Eleaf iStick MIX


The iStick Mix has similar features to most mods, the screen shows the current wattage, the resistance of the coil, voltage, amperage and dual battery indicators. Pressing both the up and down button together locks and unlocks the keys, but still allows the mod to be fired. Handy so you don’t accidentally adjust the wattage.

Pressing the up button together with the fire button enters the menu system where you can adjust your puff counters, time and screen layouts. You can also set the mod to a stealth mode (turns the screen off), preheat/vape mode and also adjust your TCR settings.

Clicking the fire button 3 times enters a different vape menu where you can change to temperature control mode, and choose your coil, variable voltage mode, or select one of your preset modes.

The up and down button (whilst outside of the menus) increases or decreases the wattage up to 160W. From 20W to 160W it changes in 1W increments, below 20W changes in 0.1W increments. So if you use mouth to lung inhales and want tight controls at the lower wattages, this mod has it.

Size of the Eleaf iStick MIX kit


The airflow is really good on the Ello Pop tank, usually we have it fully open, but in this case, it’s half to three-quarters open. The HWN2 kanthal mesh coil requires a little power to really make the most of the juice, so we used it at around 80-85 watts.

The flavor with these settings is great, and the mod is handling it without any issues. Testing it for 5 days, and the great flavor is still existent, so a big thumbs up there.

The Eleaf iStick MIX with Ello pop tank kit


The design feature of having 2 different designs either side is not going to suit all. But the USB type C 2.5 amp balanced charging is a great feature. The safety feature of when the tank is removed and it switching to 30W is a good idea, but if you knock your mod accidentally, the wattage can reset, which is a bit annoying.

The menu system is a little different from other manufacturers but pretty easy to figure out. The inclusion of the Ello Pop tank really makes this vape mod a great buy at a reasonable price in comparison to other mods in the same category.

Check out here: Eleaf iStick Mix Starter Kit 160W with ELLO POP Atomizer 6.5ml/2ml

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