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Eleaf Rotor Sub ohm Tank review – Turbine inside your mesh tank

Eleaf Rotor overview

As you can see in the photo below, the Eleaf Rotor has a Mesh coil, but in the middle, we have a fan. Mesh coil is pretty classic. But the fan, according to the brand, will constantly spray the cotton with the liquid. This avoids dry hits, but also the spit-back. Eleaf explains that the fan rotates when you inhale in it. The fan rotates when you’re vaping and therefore, this can be a problem for big vapers.

Do you remember some unique style Tanks with the Turbo?
Yes, we know the begin Turbo, Turbo V2 or Turbo V3 RDA by Tobeco/Ohm Nation. They have the built-in creative Turbo. The Tobeco Turbo series RDA still impress me in my vape life.

The Eleaf Rotor is a sub-ohm tank whose particularity is its coil with a fan. Put a turbine in your vape.

Eleaf is not a brand that throws atomizers through the window. Apart from some hiccups like the iCare Flask, it usually offers good atomizers. However, the brand is not used to sub-ohm (although the Melo range proves the opposite). Eleaf is especially for beginners and I can’t understand the idea of ​​a fan in a coil. The few test videos at the moment do not show any difference in flavor and vapor.

The features of the Eleaf Rotor

The Eleaf Rotor is a tank with a capacity of 5.5 ml and there is still this damn Bubble. On the coils, we have one at 0.20 ohm pre-installed that can go to 40 from 90 watts (HW-T). And the second is in 0.15 ohm that can go to 50 to 100 watts (HW-M). We have an 810 Drip Tip and a spare Bubble.

The Eleaf Rotor is a sub-ohm tank whose particularity is its coil with a fan. Put a turbine in your vape.

I immediately see a problem with the Eleaf Rotor for the big vapers. Given the range of coil and if the fan rotates with inhalation, then if you pull too much, then it will create a pool of e-liquid. The tank remains pretty classic and it does not have mechanisms against leaks. In addition, it may heat the tank because the fan clogs the air supply.

I have the impression that brands do not know what to invent to stay in the race. The Eleaf Rotor guarantees that your vape will be homogeneous with the fan because the cotton will remain constantly soaked. It’s possible, but we can also have the same thing with a classic Mesh coil. It will be necessary to test it in the long term to see if it’s a useless gadget or a new revolution.

A useless gadget?

Leaks and spit-back remain a real problem despite the progress in the tank. But we do not need to put a nuclear turbine in a coil. When we look at what Uwell did for the Crown 4 or Valyrian 2, then leaks are almost impossible. In addition, the criteria of a tank are also based on the availability and compatibility of the coils. Video Player

When you look at the GS Air coils, you can find them everywhere. But it will not be the same, because few third-party manufacturers will take the risk of creating fan coils. The Eleaf Rotor is still a welcome product, but by dint of seeking innovation to make the buzz, we may miss the point.

And it’s to provide good stuff, simple and effective, to the vapers. Especially since the usual customers of Eleaf is the beginners. The latter may begin to tinker with the restrictive direct vape and it would have been better to propose something “less conceptual”. I remain mixed, but I could change my mind. The price of the Eleaf Rotor, pre-order, is around $ 30.

The Eleaf Rotor is a sub-ohm tank whose particularity is its coil with a fan. Put a turbine in your vape.

Very acceptable, because even if the fan does not make me turn my head, I have a blind trust in the manufacturing quality of Eleaf. My Eleaf Basal is still my faithful companion. We have not yet the price of coils, but we can count on 10 to 15 dollars for 3 to 5 pieces. If the coils are too expensive, because Eleaf will promote helical innovation, then the purchase becomes much more complicated.

Innovation and Saving On Eleaf’s Latest Sub-Ohm Tank

Save big time on the new and innovative Eleaf Rotor sub-ohm tank if you pre-order now.

The clue to the innovation is in the name as this tank features a rotor blade that Eleaf says makes for a smoother vape – I have to say it looks pretty cool!

The coils are made from mesh and there’s a 0.2ohm and 0.15ohm in the box.

It’s also a big boy with a capacity of 5.5mls – so plenty of vape time in between refills.

Shop the deal at, Eleaf Rotor Sub ohm Tank

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