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Geekvape zeus sub ohm tank review丨zeus series versus丨Pros&cons

The core

The Zeus sub-ohm tank is the first RTA in the Zeus series to use a mesh coil. It is almost identical in appearance to the Zeus x RTA, so what is the difference? In the article, we analyze these RTAs in the Zeus series, pros and cons, and what is most worth buying RTA in Zeus series.

Appearance and packaging comparison

First, let’s take a look at their different looks and different packaging from the appearance of the product. I sorted them by time. From the old to the new product.

The first generation of Zeus series, that is Zeus RTA

Zeus RTA

The Zeus RTA is 25mm with a 4ml e-liquid capacity and has a single coil deck and is available in blue-black – silver and the gunmetal version I received.

The Zeus was sent to me for the purpose of this review and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

For the record as you probably know Zeus was the Sky and Thunder God and king of the Greek Gods.

Obviously, I was chosen to review this not because I’m a vaping God – far from it lol – but more because I’m prone to leaking and have some experience on the matter…

I guess the most important feature of the Geekvape Zeus RTA is the ‘no leaking’ claim which we’ll tackle in the performance part of this review.

Ok this is a top airflow design with quite a unique way of getting the air to the coils.

deck of zues rta

There’s a 3D airflow system with two raised posts coming up and off the deck – enclosed within the inside chamber – each one with tiny holes that feeds some of the air to the coil along their length – they actually look like a section taken from a colander.

The air flows down these posts hits the bottom of the deck and bounces back up through a larger hole and under the coil – very similar to a side-airflow set-up.

This is meant to deliver a smoother and less turbulent vape and given this is actually top airflow – it’s suggested it won’t impact on the flavor too much – more on that in a moment.

The deck itself is post-less and it can be a little tight in there to work with given the two 3D airflow posts take up some room – but if I can get a build in there anyone can.

At last, a leak-proof RTA that really is!

The Geekvape Zeus RTA is a pleasure to take out and about confident in the knowledge you’re not going to be getting sticky juice hands and mod.

The flavor is very good indeed and at higher wattage with the airflow wide open the cloud production is impressive too.

Obviously, this is down to your particular build – but I have to say I’m extremely impressed by the Zeus and I’m hardly an expert builder!

I love the simple design too and the dimension of the RTA means it looks great on smaller and larger mods.

So yeah I absolutely love this RTA and it is definitely in my top three – highly recommended. Would I buy the Geekvape Zeus RTA? Definitely, one I will be buying in another color – the gunmetal version I received is so tricky to get all matchy lol.

And then Zeus Dual RTA

zeus dual rta

I’ll tell you what, man. For a top airflow RTA, I’ve definitely been enjoying it. I’m not a top airflow guy. I think they give inferior flavor in general when compared to a side or bottom airflow RTA but this one is definitely one of the better ones, as far as flavor goes. Now, mine did not come with a bubble glass but I know that the new ones are coming with a bubble glass. It definitely is leak proof, that’s for sure.

You guys that don’t have any wicking game, you really don’t need a wicking game for this one. You’ll like this one. You really will. This one’s definitely for you. It’s got tons of airflow and like I said, the flavor is actually decent for a top airflow RTA.

deck of zeus x dual rta


First con’s going to be those flat head deck screws. I don’t like them. They should have been hex screws, really disappointed in them. I just prefer hex screws over flatheads all the time. I really do.

Not all drip tips look good on it. That’s going to be a con. Because of that raised platform, you got to make sure your drip tip doesn’t go over, hang over that platform in order for it to look good. So I’m going to give them a con for that.

I’m going to give them a con for those crappy coils they included. They just look embarrassing they’re just so crappy looking. I didn’t even want to try them. I left them in the bag. So you’re getting a con for that. I would have rather you not even put coils in there, Geekvape. To be honest with you, that’s how bad they looked.

Let’s get on to the pros.


First pro is going to be good flavor for a top airflow tank. We already spoke about that.

Built well, typical Geekvape build quality. They did a nice job on it.

4 ml capacity with the straight glass, that’s a pro. It’s 5.5 with the bubble glass. I don’t have the bubble glass but it’s in the new ones.

Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA Review

Two drip tips and a 510 drip tip adapter, that’s a pro.

Easy to build and wick, pro.

Lots of airflow, we’ll give them a pro for that. You airflow hogs are going to love it.

It’s got smooth airflow so we’ll give them a pro for that.

Third one, famous Zeus x rta

zeus x rta

The Zeus X is the latest dual-coil top-airflow rebuildable tank atomizer by Geekvape. This is the fourth top-airflow RTA the company has produced, after the original Zeus, the Zeus Dual and the Themis RTA. Dual-coil RTAs with a top airflow are kind of a niche, but Geekvape has established a tradition for this type of atomizers, and both the Zeus Dual and the Themis were solid performers. Keep reading to find out if the RTA named after the king of gods, has enough to claim the crown of top-airflow RTAs.

zeus x rta deck

Geekvape has put together an awesome packaging for the reviewer’s edition, which reminds me a lot of the Aspire Quad Flex Survival kit box. MyVpro sent this edition to our editor in chief in the US, but not wanting to wait for it to arrive to me, and with the Zeus line being super popular here in Greece, I managed to get it from a local vape shop very soon after it got released. Jeremy will keep the fancy reviewer’s edition for his cabinet, and I will review the standard edition, which is the one available to the public.

You can find the Zeus X RTA over at AVE40 at a discounted price.

Colors: Blue, gunmetal, rainbow, stainless steel, red & black, black

Price:  $34.99 (at ave40)

The new Zeus sub ohm tank rta

zeus sub ohm tank

Today we are gonna review the long-awaited leak-proof Sub-Ohm tank, the Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank retains the structural design concept of the original Zeus series with an upgraded quick-change prebuilt coil system. Utilizing the latest technology of GV Mesh coil system to optimize flavor and vapor production. The Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank is easily an unbeatable tank to date.

Thank you for AVE40 for providing me this great product, AVE40 provides Quality Vape Products which is a trusted Vape Wholesale Supply by VapeShops Owners. But this does not affect my opinion, this article is unbiased.

This is the first mesh RTA in the Zeus series.


But there is an annoying issue, that is the O rubber ring part of the top side, this has not improved since Zeus x RTA, and even easier to fall off, hard to seat the right place.

O rubber ring

Now you can easily screw out your rta out of the base.

screw out your rta out of the base.

Combination of both direct top airflow and the top-to-bottom airflow
creates massive flavor and vapor boost while preserving its leakproof
protection element. I like this feature badly! It assures vapers to vape a big cloud!

zeus sub ohm tank airflow

Quick slide coil design allows for quick access coil replacement.

zeus sub ohm tank changing coil

Geekvape zeus sub ohm tank utilized the Mesh coil, the latest Mesh coil utilizes the use of high grade KA1

zeus sub ohm tank mesh coils

Upgraded fill port design to minimize liquid spillage during the refill process, zero leak!

easy top fill

7 color of zeus sub ohm tank

7 color of zeus sub ohm tank
Dirrerent color of zeus sub ohm tank

Now you can get it from AVE40.COM, the price is below 30 bucks, click to see→Geekvape Zeus Sub-ohm Tank

packaging comparison

zeus rta package
zeus dual rta package
zeus x rta package
zeus sub ohm rta package

For packaging, I would like to say that the level of product packaging seems to have declined. Previously used in plastic box packaging, now using carton packaging to reduce costs. But I don’t think this is a bad thing. After all, the price of the product will be lower and the carton package is more environmentally friendly.


For my personally thought, the most worthy buying rank in the Zeus series:

  1. Zeus sub ohm tank (29.8 USD)
  2. Zeus x RTA (34.99 USD)
  3. Zeus Dual RTA (27.99 USD)
  4. Zeus RTA (31.36 USD)

Zeus sub-ohm tank with very affordable price, tremendous airflow and no doubt better flavor, if I have a given number of between one to ten to flavor, I will give it 8 for flavor. Highly recommend Zeus sub-ohm tank!

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