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HellVape MD MTL RTA Review-The best MTL RTA of 2019?

With all the interest on HellVape and Heathens Dead Rabbit V2, the HellVape MD RTA has flown under the radar a bit when it comes to RTA’s…probably because its an MTL based one. The HellVape MD RTA, however, has got a very interesting airflow system that sets this tank apart from all the other MTL RTA’s that got released this year.

The Hellvape MD MTL RTA is causing a bit of a stir thanks to those interchangeable and spinnable airflow inserts.


Features of Hellvape MD RTA

In terms of features, the Hellvape MD RTA is 24mm in diameter and 44mm in height with the Drip Tip in MTL. The capacity is 2 ml with the standard pyrex and 4 ml with the bubble pyrex. The filling is done by a sliding plug, which is locked by the Drip Tip. Already, it’s not bad and it can keep children away.

The Air Flow outside is done with holes of different diameters. We will have MTL up to a fairly restrictive DL. I find it quite versatile, because the last hole is a slot, looking like a cyclops. But he makes half of it. Some appreciate this versatility, but not that it does not go all the way.

Given this is an MTL RTA, we should expect an easy build and wick giving good flavor.

Looking at it straight out of the box, and there’s a nicely domed chamber which suggests this will indeed make those flavors pop.

Hellvape MD RTA

If this slot had been a little larger, then we would have an atomizer both DL and MTL. However, versatile atomizers rarely hold their promise. The range of use of the Hellvape MD RTA is 75% for all MTL variants and the rest for restrictive DL. But it is his deck that is revolutionary.

What Inside the Box

Very smart design on the cover and inside you’ll find:

md rta box
  • HellVape MD RTA*1
  • Extra glass at 4ml *1
  • User manual *1
  • screwdriver *1
  • accessory bag *1
  • extra airflow insert *1
  • 0.7 ohm coil *1
  • 1.2 ohm coil *1
kit contents

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Hellvape MD MTL RTA Specs

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Capacity: 2ml/4ml
  • Drip tip: 510 drip tip
  • Thread: 510

The deck of Hellvape MD RTA

The deck of Hellvape MD RTA seems very classic at first. But then you realize that it is pivotable. 2 turntables are provided. The first is already installed in it. The first turntable has 3 holes and a slot. Obviously, only one of the edges will be under the coil. This allows you to have the airflow that you want. This first turntable is made for MTL, including the 3 holes and we will have a very tight draw. The slot lets in some air, but not much either.

Hellvape MD RTA is a small bomb in the competitive realm of the MTL. Some compare it to a Kaifun in terms of flavor.

The second turntable that is provided in the packaging offers honeycomb holes and you will also have a wider slot. Here, we are in a more airy draw. You place the turntable directly on the deck and it is not fixed. And you can rotate it with a small screwdriver.

To be more precise, the first turntable has an airflow of 1 mm for the slot and 0.8 mm for the three holes. In the second, you have an Airflow of 4 x 2 mm for the big slot, 0.8 mm for the three big holes of the Honeycomb and 0.6 mm for the small holes.

Hellvape MD RTA is a small bomb in the competitive realm of the MTL. Some compare it to a Kaifun in terms of flavor.

The honeycomb’s holes are therefore not the same size. However, it will be difficult to precisely position the coils on small or only large holes. However, if you get there, you can have a 0.6 mm Airflow which is arguably the tightest MTL you can find.

A monstrous versatility

Hellvape MD RTA is made for MTL vapers who want to fully master the Airflow. We are not in the picky aspect of a high-end atomizer like the Taifun GTR and its Juice Control, but Hellvape offers huge versatility.

Hellvape MD RTA is a small bomb in the competitive realm of the MTL. Some compare it to a Kaifun in terms of flavor.

Because, you can adjust the Airflows with the turntables, but you also have the classic Airflow ring on the outside. And for this Airflow outside, we have dimensions ranging from 0.8 mm for the small hole up to 2×4 mm for the slot when it is open to the maximum.


  • Good build and machining
  • Eye-catching design
  • Innovative airflow
  • Numerous airflow options
  • Child lock
  • Top-fill
  • Easy build deck
  • Decent flavor and clouds


  • It can be tricky to wick – for me anyway!

Final Review Verdict

The Hellvape MD RTA offers monstrous flavors. And I’m not saying that it’s better than the Expromizer V4 or the Galaxies MTL, I say it literally crushes its competitors. The reconstitution of flavors is much finer with a vape that is much tastier.

However, I noticed a loss of flavor when going to a more DL draw. For Jai Haze, who troll often, Hellvape MD RTA surpasses the Taifun GT4 (although the finishes are not the same). For Vaping with Vic, it’s equivalent to a Kayfun Lite.

And that’s what’s amazing, because Hellvape is not known for its MTL atomizers. And these turntables are a real innovation for once. We already have screws or inserts as we can find on the Brunhilde MTL, but the MD RTA goes much further in the versatility while being very simple to use. The building and the wicking remain simple. Even if the wicking is always tricky on the RTA MTL and it is necessary to take several to master them correctly.

And the price is a joke because you can find it for 30 to 35 dollars.

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