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The iJoy combo RDA comes in a nice little black box. Everything is on one level and as soon as you open up the box up, you will see the RDA as well as a spare parts pack with some cotton and some nice clapton coils. It also looks like they provided two spare springs for the posts on this RDA. Mine is rainbow and I really like the finish on it. It’s a short little RDA for a 25mm atomizer. The deck is very interesting and I can’t wait to get some coils in there and try it out.


  • One iJoy Combo Screwless Two Post 25mm RDA
  • One 10mm Wide Bore 810 ULTEM Drip Tip
  • One Pair Prebuilt Coils
  • Post Compression Tool
  • Spare Parts Pack

iJoy Combo RDA Review


Absolutely love the Ultem drip tip that comes with this RDA. It is a nice thick piece of Ultem with an extremely wide bore to it. The drip tip is very comfortable and it is 810 or Goon compatible. I have always been a big fan of Ultem drip tips and this is one of the better ones that you will get as a stock drip tip.

iJoy Combo RDA Review

The barrel and top cap are all one piece so you cannot adjust the airflow via the top cap. The airflow is adjusted by rotating the combination top cap/barrel along the base of the atomizer. The barrel has a beautiful rainbow finish to it and the branding is very elegant. There is a crest on one side of the atomizer that almost looks like a family crest from an old European family. The branding is very subtle and elegant. The top cap is very well machine and it has two cyclops shaped air flow slots. Each air slot measures 10 mm by 2 mm. The interior has a very conical design towards the top and I’m sure this will produce some good flavor. The airflow is rather smooth as well.

iJoy Combo RDA Review

The base of the atomizer has two very thick, beefy o’rings that do an amazing job of keeping the top cap in place. Right below your coil, there is a cut out on the edge of the base that looks like a ramp going upwards. This is where you line up your airflow slot. You can also taper down your airflow slot by turning the top cap and the part that is not ramped up will close off your air flow. It’s a little different than adjusting the top cap on a traditional RDA. It does have a con to the design because you cannot center your coil in front of your air flow if you decide to shut it down. By shutting down the airflow, you are only hitting the corners of your coil. I would have rather seen adjustability via a separate top cap.

iJoy Combo RDA Review

The juice well on the Combo is very deep and you can get a lot of drops of juice in there. The juice well is 9 mm deep. The base of the Combo has some iJoy branding on it as well as a Phillips head negative post screw. The whole base is gold plated including the post. The 510 pin is also gold plated with an insulator ring. The threading on the 510 is gold plated as well but unfortunately, there was no included squonking pin. That really is a shame because of the deep juice well that the combo RDA has. I have no doubt in my mind that this would have made a very good squonking RDA had iJoy taken the time to include that option.


The deck on the combo RDA is what really sets it apart from most of its competition. The reason this deck is different is because it is a true tool-less deck. What we have here are two posts with one terminal per post. The terminals measure 2.5 mm by 3 mm. There are no deck screws, instead, we have two pushdown post that are spring loaded. When you take your thumb and push down on the top of the post, the terminal opens up. While it is very innovative, it’s not the easiest deck in the world to build on. The springs are nicely done and iJoy has included spares. To replace the springs, simply screw off the top cap of the post and you can pull the spring out and replace it with a new one. It is a very innovative deck and the terminals are very big. You will have no problem fitting any type of coil in the post holes of the iJoy Combo RDA.

iJoy Combo RDA Review


Like I said before, building on the iJoy Combo RDA, there’s not the easiest deck in the world to deal with. The reason that it’s not too easy to build on this is that it takes a lot of pressure to open up those post holes. So, you need one hand free while opening up the post holes which leaves you with only one more hand for coil placement. There is a post compression tool that helps you hold down both posts at one time but it still is a pain to build on even with this tool. I know, it doesn’t sound that tough but it can be tough when you are trying to place both coils at once in the terminals all the while holding down the heavy springs on the post themselves. I’m probably not doing a great job of explaining that but if you buy this RDA, you will understand exactly what I mean the first time you build on it. The good news is once the coils are in place, they stay in place because the spring load on the post is very heavy. You will have no problem adjusting your coil once the coils are in the terminals. The leads will stay exactly where you place them and you will be able to make your adjustments without the leads coming loose.

Wicking the RDA is as simple as any RDA. Simply feed your cotton through the coil and make sure you gently place your cotton in the deck. Where you place your cotton can be a little tight though because the posts on this RDA are much thicker and wider than a normal RDA. The juice well is also deep so please make sure that you cut your cotton long enough so it hits the bottom of the juice well. Other than that, wicking is a breeze.

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This is a nice little RDA that has really good flavor. Air flow is not exactly super airy but at the same time, it’s not that restrictive either. You do have the choice of cutting the airflow down but as I mentioned before, that will mean that your air flow really isn’t hitting the center of your coil. When the airflow is in any position, it is smooth. Even when it is closed down and off center. The conical design of the top cap does give this RDA excellent flavor. It is also a pretty cloudy RDA as well.

Right now, I am using the set of Clapton’s that iJoy included in the package. They are Kanthal clapton’s and they are ohming out at .29 ohms. I have them on my new Tesla WYE mod and I am running them at 80 watts in power mode. I get a very thick, dense, vape and the flavor is really good as well. Because this atomizer is on the short side for a 25mm atomizer, the flavor does not have a long way to go. I definitely think that that contributes to the superior flavor on the Combo RDA. It is definitely one of the better flavor and cloudier RDA’s on the market today.


  • Separate top cap with airflow adjustment
  • More than one included drip tip
  • Squonking pin

I’m not a huge fan of the way they did the air flow adjustment on this RDA. I definitely do not like the fact that when I cut down my air flow, I have no way of centering it on my coil. To me, that is a huge con. I also think that in today’s market, iJoy needs to get with the program and start including more than one drip tip with their atomizers. It seems to me that every other company does this except for iJoy. IJoy, if you are reading this, vapers like choices. When you drop a product with just one drip tip, vapers will just start buying a similar product that comes with more than one drip tip. I also cannot believe that, in today’s market and with squonking becoming as big as it is, iJoy did not include a squonking pin. I think that’s a huge mistake for this RDA and I think they should have taken the time to design one for it. Had iJoy taken the time to do that, I think this would have been an excellent squonk RDA.


This is a great little RDA with a tool-less deck. It is the type of RDA that would be great to travel with since you would not need a DIY kit to rebuild it. I actually used it on one of my last trips and it proved to be invaluable on that trip since I did not have to carry my DIY travel kit. All I took with me was some coils and some cotton. So, if you like to drip and travel, this is definitely a great RDA to add to your collection. I’m not so sure it would be a great RDA for a beginner because the deck is a little bit of a pain to build on. An experienced user will not have a problem navigating it but a newbie might.

The iJoy combo RDA is a stubby little flavor atomizer. The clouds are great as well but the flavor is definitely better. I do like the way it vapes and I like the way it looks on most of my mods. The machining is done very well and the finish is excellent, too. If you are a flavor chaser and you like your clouds, too, then you should definitely go out and pick yourself up and iJoy Combo RDA. It has an innovative deck design and it will provide you with a quality vape. This atomizer is DeucesJack approved.

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