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Innokin Proton Mini review- Mini vape queen?!

Innokin Proton Mini

Intro Innokin vape company

The Innokin Proton Mini AJAX kit is the latest version of Innokin, the largest vape company on earth. I’ve always thought Innokin wasn’t getting enough attention.

Maybe it’s because they don’t do public relations or advertise like other “big vape brands.”

However, Innokin is undoubtedly a big brand, in fact, they are so large that they currently have 27 invention patents, 91 design patents, 179 utility model patents and 136 processing patents.

Their catalog currently contains 6 Pod systems, 8 tanks, and 20 kits.

First look at Innokin Proton Mini

A few months ago, I briefly used the Innokin Proton kit and loved it, so when I received it, I was very excited.

Innokin Proton and this Mini version are like computers, they have lots of settings, fun 360-degree joysticks, and even custom screen savers!

Innokin Proton Mini green

So let’s take a closer look at the Proton Mini Kit.

Innokin Proton Mini MOD

Internal Battery

Compared to the Innokin Proton, the Innokin Proton Mini has become smaller in size, which also means a reduction in battery capacity. The maximum output power was reduced from 235W to 120W.

Unlike the Innokin Proton, the new Innokin Proton Mini uses a built-in battery. This means that he is a non-replaceable battery device, which is not friendly for travelers, after all, it is more convenient for them to bring an extra 18650 or 21700 battery. And Innokin Proton Mini uses ordinary USB charging, it does not support the fast charging.

Innokin Proton Mini battery

The Proton Mini is powered by a 3400mAH battery and has a rated charging current of 2A.

I doubt it, it will be fully charged in 1 hour and 45 minutes, but it is – it takes between 1 hour and 40 minutes to 1 hour and 50 minutes for almost every charge – so far so good…

6 Colors of Innokin Proton Mini

There are 6 colors in total, you can see that the colors are very pleasing, I personally think that the Innokin Proton Mini is very suitable for women vaper or vape girls.

Innokin Proton Mini colors

Size of Proton and Innokin Proton Mini

The following figure shows the size comparison between the Innokin Proton kit and the Innokin Proton Mini kit.

 Innokin Proton Mini size

Hand feel

The Proton mini in hand feels great. It’s a bit like SMOK Alien.
The oval body is perfect for hands, no matter how you like to hold it or which finger (or thumb) you want to shoot with.

The top, bottom and side panels (including the fire button) are plastic with a truly smooth sheen.

Proton Mini Mod I feel very light, weighing 188 grams (with water tank 255 grams).

Proton Mini Hand feel

Innokin Proton Mini colorful screen

The kit has a very elegant 3.7-inch screen (according to my measurements) that look great and the screen’s image and color quality are good.

The battery level indicator appears at the top right of the screen, and the current time, if set, appears at the top left of the screen.

I think these two things make the system (especially the screen) look like the layout of the phone.

The lower-left corner of the screen is the voltage, the lower right corner is the ohm reading, and the current usage is set in between.

Innokin Proton Mini with colorful screen


On the side of the mod you can find the FIRE button just like any other BOX mod device.

What’s interesting is the joystick button at the bottom of the screen. This button is very interesting, making the Innokin Proton Mini mod very unique. Here I give an example. If you always adjust the output power in the “up” direction, its power output will always rise.


AJAX Tank is very similar to Zlide tank, they are both innokin products.


Maybe it’s just that I received the same color and top fill design, but at first I thought it was the same TANK, just a little bigger.

One major difference is that the AJAX TANK top fill port does not lock off.

Zlide TANK impressed me because it uses a drop tip (mouthpiece) to lock/wedge into the top fill, but AJAX takes the same top fill design, but the design or shape of the drip head does not lock the sliding system off.

You may also notice that there are 2 screws on the top of the AJAX tank, which I thought would pull the sliding top cap, which is not the case.


Partial removal of the screw sits so that you can completely remove the sliding top fill cover. This allows you to replace leak-proof silicon film around the fill hole, making the tank completely maintainable and secure, which I like.

Innokin Proton Mini Operation tutorial

To access the main menu press the toggle button 3 times and use the toggle button to navigate and select.

Innokin Proton Mini Operation tutorial

Menu Navigation

  • Coil
  • Same (Use the latest usage settings)
  • Wattage
  • SS316L (temperature control)
  • Titanium (temperature control)
  • Ni200 (temperature control)
  • TCR- Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
  • Curve – Lets you set custom wattage curves per 0.5 seconds (Like soft or hard but however you want it – for example 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 50W, 40W…), the feature also has 4 memory settings so you can go back to normal, then back to you preferred curve, as and when you like.
  • Bypass – uses ohms law, to set the power (uses the maximum voltage the battery can provide). This setting informs you the device is unregulated and asks you to confirm. If you are not familiar with Ohms Law and Mech Mods, I suggest keeping away from this feature unless you know more.
  • Memory – 3 memory slots to save coil preferences.
  • Settings
  • Vape CutOff ( choose auto-cut off protection between 3 seconds and 18 seconds)
  • Screen (Settings include Dim Time, Timeout and Brightness)
  • C/F (TC users can choose between using Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Color (change the theme colour – Blue, Pink, Red, White, Purple, Green)
  • Puff Count (show and/or reset)
  • Time Set
  • Date Set
  • Screensaver (Activate, Deactive, loop)
  • Update.

Button Usage

  • Power on = fire button x 3
  • Access Menu = toggle button x 3
  • Lock / Unlock = push the toggle button to the right and press the fire button
  • Info Screen = push the toggle button to the left and press the fire button
  • Wattage increase = push toggle up or right
  • Wattage decrease = push toggle down or left
  • T.C. Increase = push toggle right
  • T.C. Decrease = push toggle left
  • Preheat (T.C. Only) = push toggle down

Setting Custom Screensaver

The First time you do anything like update the mod or add a custom picture you need to download and install the software.

To do this head over to the Innokin Proton Mini Ajax page – download the software and extract the file.

  • Connect the device to the PC via the Micro-USB lead.
  • Go to the extracted file and launch the ‘HIDBootloader.exe’ file.
  • On the Proton go to: Menu > Settings > Update > Update > Yes
  • At this point, on your PC, the software should say connected (in the top left corner).
  • Click ‘UPLOAD’ on the left side.
  • In the new window that opens click ‘add’
  • Browse your computer for the image you want to use and upload it (BMP images only).
  • Enter the custom message and font.
  • Press upload

How’s the coil perform?

The package comes with two different types of ohm.

0.16ohm AJAX Plex3D Coil

At 50W, we are within the recommended range.

TANK is beginning to show its potential, and although its taste won’t drown your mouth, it’s certainly outstanding.

You’ll feel smooth steam running down your throat and reduce the “dryness.”

In most cases, I was using the coil, which was ignited at 80W (the recommended maximum power).

80W taste salike! It produces a dense cloud, and vapor is smooth and smooth.

I did try it at 90W and, predictably, you’ll produce more vapors.

0.35ohm AJAX Plex3D Coil

A 30W-55W coil is recommended.

I set the mod to launch at 20W and smoked it for a long time.

Unsurprisingly, nothing happened, and although I didn’t feel dry, I was a little cloudy and didn’t have much taste.

30W does not produce steam, although after blowing 3-4 seconds, you will get considerable clouds.

The taste is nothing, but you can definitely tell what it is.

42.5W is the middle of the recommended range, so I went straight there.

There seems to be a considerable difference between 30W and 42.5W.

The taste will increase a lot, not necessarily in the mouth, but it is very eye-catching, in 2 seconds, you will be 30 watts of power in 4 seconds to get cloud vapor production.

After achieving 42.5W of power, my expectations of 55W have been greatly increased…

Damn it!!!

The taste did improve, but not much.

Obviously, the generation of steam has increased, producing quite a good cloud.

Want to know how dry you feel? I haven’t really used this coil yet, actually, it’s really very smooth.

The 65W is great, the infused strawberry and mango flavor fills the mouth well, and vapor produces as much as expected.

Although it was still a smooth vape, I began to feel dry throat, but still not dry, scorching blow.

Breaking the limit, when the coil can be overtaken, it makes me wonder how far it can go…

Soon, I found out… I raised Mod to 75W and had a good success.

I recommend keeping the coil’s power at 55W, purely because Innokin recommends it, so exceeding it could cause the coil to run out faster and add 55W of power is enough, so why waste the battery a little faster and more vapor.

However, if the 65W still offers good.

My thought about AJAX Tank coil?

As the cloud and flavor chaser I’m after, I prefer to use 0.16ohm coils to produce flavor and steam.

However, we use an integrated battery to consume a lot of power, so I’ll use as much power as possible, so I have to take into account the power savings.

For the time being, without regard to screen and energy loss, if you use the kit at 80W of power, you will get two-thirds of the 55W atomization time.

The loss of battery life is much greater than the loss of vapor and taste, so it is worth increasing battery life.

In short, if I’m going out all day, I want to use a 0.35ohm coil, and if I’m at home or at work, even in the car (where I can charge it anywhere), then I want to use a 0.16ohm coil.

Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Curve Features

From a professional point of view, I think it shows the speed at which the mod can be launched, and it’s pretty fast, and although I think the original Proton performs better, it’s predictable, after all, it’s a more powerful version.

Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Curve Features

I might also mention that the curve feature is a customizable version of the “hard,” “soft”, “normal” settings that you often see on Mod.

These settings allow you to decide the number of watts that mod will (or should) emit for every 0.5 seconds of drawing.

Proton Mini innokin

Innokin Proton Mini 120W Kit with AJAX Tank

Buy Now



  • Looks great
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Easy to navigate & operate
  • Fairly light in weight
  • Customizable Screen
  • Seems sturdy and fairly durable
  • Customizable Wattage curves that work
  • Decent battery life
  • Fast charging


  • No leaking
  • Huge Airflow
  • Supports coils for 30W-80W
  • Top-fill

Final Review Verdict

If you don’t notice, most of the negative comments I’ve made about Proton Mini are trivial.

The fact is that I am very satisfied with the use of the kit.

It looks a bit charming, my hands don’t feel uncomfortable at once, the menu and functions are easy to operate, and the tank is better than many products.

As I’ve said a few times, I prefer removable batteries, but integrated batteries are durable enough.

By the way, if you’re looking for a huge (or replaceable) battery, never look at the Mini.

Tank and its “dry feel”, if you’ve been online for the past two years, you may know what The Mesh Pro is for.

My point is that dryness doesn’t really make people stand out, and while it’s not a satisfying feature, it’s not enough to get me out of trouble.

Proton Mini AJAX kit has proven to be a rival to all vape kits on the market.

So… Are you using or considering purchasing this product?

Let us know what you think and think in the comments below!

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