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Is Iqos helpful to stop smoking? What do you think?

Real case interview

I bought IQOS four days ago. No, it doesn’t necessarily help to quit smoking, but it helps to live a “healthier” life. I strongly recommend it to anyone who smokes.

IQOS reduces cigarette toxins to 10-20%. Therefore, I do not want to create the illusion that smoking is healthy in any sense.

But it’s healthier. It doesn’t smell.

If you smoke in it, I won’t break your wall (I didn’t). I was advised not to smoke for 3 days, up to 4 days. I followed that instruction. Today is the fourth day, I want to smoke a “normal” cigarette. To my surprise, normal cigarettes are really repulsive now.

I’ve spent about 30,000 euros on cigarettes in my life, about $3,000 trying to give up (self-help books, hypnosis, evaporators, etc.) but cigarettes are always better than those choices.

But IQOS does convince me that it’s the best choice for heavy smokers. When you’re not a smoker: Don’t even start smoking.

This is just the beginning of a long road of self-failure, addiction and suffering. But for all my healthy followers, I definitely want to get better: really, change to IQOS. I want to spread the news as much as possible because it’s really going to change. Especially when you have health problems. I don’t care about the look or style of smoking.

But when you care about this style: IQOS looks very fancy and futuristic, and you don’t create a cloud of smoke. So while I like the evaporator’s smoke clouds, they are more elegant in the small smoke clouds that produce IQOS.

Tabaco is heated, but it does not burn.

So there are no ashes. This is what “hot” cigarettes look like when smoking:


That’s how the filter looks like AFTER smoking. Almost nothing there:


That’s because it has a three-step-filter -system:


So, you see that most toxins are plagued by filtration systems. By contrast, you see the cigarette I just smoked, but after 4 cigarettes, it’s a task like I smoke pure lead, plastic. As a result, it tastes poisonous and very disgusting. Perhaps it’s best to describe it like glue. I never smoke glue. But I think it will taste in some way. Here’s the cigarette I tried smoking an hour ago:


You’ve seen the difference after 4 draws. So IQOS is a really good choice for someone who’s been a smoker for 16 years now.

You don’t stink, it’s much better for your overall health and it tastes better.

Does quitting smoking help? No, of course not. Even the person who recommended it to me said she only smoked at work because she had IQOS. She says she seldom smokes at home. Before she sucks a big box every day. But when you can’t completely and the evaporator doesn’t give you the vip you want – change to IQOS instead.

I smoke the same amount, but I smoke less often than I do when I smoke with an evaporator. Although Heets has a different tax system, Heets’ price stability is much higher than that of regular cigarettes. The price in Germany is 6 euros, and cigarettes are about 6.50 euros, depending on the brand. The price of Heets has barely increased because of its different tax rates. It is considered pipe tobacco, and even within the scope of pipe tobacco, it has some different tax provisions.

I don’t think about all the details anymore but I remember that because of the different tax rules, the price was more stable than the price of a pipe. So kids don’t start smoking: the people who tell you it’s cool are losers and don’t know anything about it. But when you’re already smoking and you can’t quit smoking and you can’t smoke a evaporator, even if you’re young, you’re addicted; change to IQOS immediately.

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