ASVAPE Michael Box Mod Review–The Fashion Product in the Vape World!

Intro: Featured with its fashion tags “independence, originality, swankiness, taste and attitude ”, I prefer to call Asvape Michael the “the fashion product in the Vape world” with both appearance and usability.

“Fashoin Brands” normally refer to those original brands who have their own designs that represent the designers’ unique thought quality, style and living attitude. The overall products are considered fashionable.” interpreted by the Encyclopedia.

There are lots of fashionable brands around us, mostly the garments industry. “Independence, originality, swankiness, taste and attitude” are all important tags to fashionable brands. When I first saw this Michael Box, I thought the illustration style is the tag of this “fashion brand”.

On the surface of the illustration of Michael Box, the touch feel of the paint is pretty good. During the time when I was using this mod, I didn’t give it any protection on purpose and didn’t ask the manufacturer what is the workmanship. After 10 days, there isn’t any scratch on it. Though it cannot prove how wear-resisting the paint of the illustration is,  it does prove that it’s not so weak to be easily scratched.

There is not very many difference between it and the Strider box mod. The point is the instruction book in it is written with detailed operation guide and parameters.

Through the visual impact of illustration on the mod, together with the gold sand-blasting metal frame, you can find Michael Box is really in the retro style of OLD SCHOOL. If you cannot search out any impression in your mind, you can google the retro tide of some European luxury brand to find related shadow.

As a dual 18650 battery box mod, Asvape Michael is not heavy even after it has the batteries in it. It measures 34mm wide, 51mm long and 91mm high. Compared with most of the mods in the market, its size is much bigger.

In fact, if you have ever hold the arc of the mod and the skin-like paint, you might say the touch feel and hold-feel of Michael box is very comfortable. “swanky”  is another outstanding feature of “fashion brand”. As a product designed with pretty good ergonomics, not only its full grip can satisfy your hand, the swanky style of its color matching makes you just want to show it around. The product is oriented to the vapers who like high-end products.

Since you can see from the picture above, I will just not give too much description to the heat emission holes at the bottom and the exquisite fire button.

There are lots of grooves and a mark of ASVAPE surrounding the 510 connector. From the connection gap near the connector, you can see the craft trail of connection between the illustration and the shell. I’m not clear how such craft works, you need observe carefully to find the trail near the connection. As for me, I can accept such craft, but whether some obsession-compulsive vapers might mind it, it will be their choice.

Another important tag of this fashion brand is “attitude”. The reason why I am over-blowing the “fashion brand”concept of this Michael Box, it’s because it has many features of fashion brand.

With the human-machine arc of the mod, when the vaper’s finger presses on the fire button, it can well feel the fullness of the button, and the ringing feedback of the fire button also makes the vaper feel comfortable. After actual test, atomizers of 24mm diameter can perfectly match this mod. With its 200w high output, it can match most of the atomizers of this atomizer.

The battery compartment cover is designed as push-open. It is attached with strong magnet and groove positioning. When installing the battery cover, you first need to aim the battery cover at the groove. When disassembling the battery compartment cover, you just need to press the cover slightly with your thumb and then push it outward. The inside of the battery compartment has insulation layer and gold-plated spring-loaded electrodes with perfect workmanship and quality!

Generally, some products are defined as only-good-in-appearance because of pretty appearance. Limited by techniques, it is unavoidable to see homogenization among the mods in the markets. The overall visual appearance, human-machine grip design, the fineness of details are all satisfying. Adding to the completeness of the “shell”, ASVAPE company equips this mod with the VO2OO chip of high maturity.

The adjustment button of VO200 is an integrated one with “+” on the left end and “-” on the right end, which is different from that of regulated mod chips. As a chip of high maturity and recognition degree, its explosiveness and maximum output are just beyond doubt.

The operation of this mod is instructed in details in the instruction book, thus I’m not going to show it here. Here I want to mention the Bypass mode of VO200 which is often misunderstood as “burnt after taking one vape”. The bypass mode is actually a function stimulating the mechanical device with dual batteries in series. If you want to experience the effect of this mode, you need to consider if the ventilation of the atomizers at your hand can satisfy its extremely high heating voltage, if the resistance and coil parameters in the atomizer can support the mod. This mode is completely designed for the experienced vapers who has very good knowledge on resistance and coil. New vapers should pay attention to this mode.

Asvape Strider is equipped with VP75 chipset. Depending on its good reputation, this product has been on sale in the market for a while. As the second mod of the ASVAPE brand, the visual illustration endows it a pretty high-end appearance,  its well-designed human-machine arc gives the vapers a very good hand feel, and the VO200 chipset ensures the mod with excellent usability. After experience, Asvape Michael Box is not only a mod with good appearance. Featured with its fashion tags “independence, originality, swankiness, taste and attitude ”, I prefer to call Asvape Michael the “the fashion product in the Vape world” with both appearance and usability.

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Hot Seller: Smok T Prive 220W BOX MOD

Smok T Priv 200w Box Mod Review–Anime-Styled Vapor Beast!

Intro: The vaping device I bring today is the newest mod from Smok, the Smok T Priv 200w Box Mod.

The vaping device I bring today is the newest mod from Smok, the Smok T Priv 200w Box Mod. The appearance design of Smok T Priv is quite unique and different from the previous series.

As a 220w dual-battery mod, on its appearance,  Smok T Priv does not have very much difference from the mods sold in the market.

Its appearance has been processed with varnish painting technique. The paints attached with metal granules painted on the mod highlights its metallic appearance even more.

The workmanship of T-Priv is quite complete as a whole. As the picture above shows, the battery compartment which would not be noticed is also well painted.

In order to ensure the completeness of the mod body, the screen is designed on the top of the mod and is close to the 510 connector with a small gap between them. Such design enables some big fat atomizers to be used on this mod.

The fire button succeed the classic design of Smok, the “hold-press style” fire button. Since the box mod is quite wide, the fingers will not easily get tired after long time pressing the fire button. On the opposite side of the fire button, there are the two adjustment buttons “+” and “-”, which skillfully solve the inconvenience to adjusting the wattage.

But the features above are not what make me fond of this T-Priv. As a fan of Gundam and Transformers, the side face relief of Optimus Prime of this mod arouses the memory of my childhood deeply. Such design shows that the designer is also a fan of Anime.

Especially when the LED light bar flashes in the dark night, it’s hard for me not to associate it with the classic Gundam RX-O.Exactly, anime is the design element of this mod. The light bars shines in different colors, just like the lights brightening in the night club.

T-Priv adopts the traditional chipset of Smok. Pressing the fire button five times continuously to lock the screen. Pressing the fire button three times to enter into the menu. Pressing the “_” and fire button simultaneously to enter into the TC setting mode. The COLOR option on the main menu is for setting the lighting effect. Vapers can choose different colors and light changing speed according to the vapers’  costume matching in the nightclub. In the night lights, T-Priv can be the most shining Optimus Prime and there will be no worries for the vapers to find it in the nightclub.

With the classic 220w chipset, its output is beyond doubt. Matched with the domineering shell, Smok T Priv is full of violence.

SMOK T-Priv 220W box mod Features & Spec:

Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, White, RGB, Rainbow
Power Range: 6-220W
Voltage Range: 0.5-9.0V

Multiple Protections: Intelligent atomizer recognition, short circuit protections, puff monitoring system, over-heating protection, 12 seconds cut-off, low battery warning.
Resistance Range: 0.1-3Ohm(VW)/0.06-3Ohm(TC)
Temperature Range:200-600℉/100-315℃

SMOK T-Priv 220W box mod Package:
1 * T-Priv Mod
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

In the past, electronic cigarettes favor toward the Punk style. For this time, Smok brings us an anime style, just like a fresh air blowing into the vaping groups. With its high wattage 220W, Smok T Priv can bring you a wonderful vapor chasing experience.

Smok T Priv 220w is now available at Urvapin in full stock, and now its kit, Smok 220w T Priv box mod with TFV8 Big Baby Tank Starter Kit is also in stock now.  If you have any other question, feel free to consult our online service.

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Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W Kit Preorder

Wismec company has just released Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 300w kit, which is the third generation of Reuleaux box mod. It is much smaller, lighter and more ergonomic than the previous versions.

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 Kit comes with a Reuleaux RX Gen3 300w Box Mod and a Gnome Atomizer. The Gnome Atomizer comes in two versions, capacities of 2ml and 4ml.

All the parts of GNOME atomizer can be detached and reassembled, bringing much convenience in cleaning it. Simply by sliding the top cap, you can finish the refilling quickly and easily.

It is supposed to be powered by three replaceable 18650 batteries and the maximum output can reach up t0 300w, bring you an excellent vapor chasing experience.

The 1.3 inch large display with user-friendly interface can present all parameters in a more clear way.

The Gnome atomizer is equipped with brand-new WM coils: dual 0.15 ohm head and WM03 Triple 0.2ohm head,  providing you with different vaping experience.

The Reuleaux RX Gen3 box mod is featured with dual circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.

Reuleaux RX Gen3 box mod comes with up-gradable firmware, making it be always up-to-date.

The USB port at the bottom of the LED screen is for charging. You can charge it by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable.

WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W Box Mod With 4ml GNOME Atomizer Features & Spec:
Size: 39.3*48.8*113.7mm
E-liquid Capacity: 4ml
Thread Type: 510 spring loaded connector
Cell Type: high-rate 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 25A)
Output Mode: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR mode
Output Wattage: 1-300W
Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes / 0.1-3.5ohm for VW mode
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)
Maximum Charging Current: 2A
Maximum Output Current: 50A
Output Voltage Range: 0.5-9V

WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W Box Mod With 4ml GNOME Atomizer Package:
1 * Reuleaux RX GEN3 (no cells)
1 * WM02 Dual 0.15ohm Head
1 * WM03 Triple 0.2ohm Head
1 * QC USB Cable
1 * Glass Tube
2 * User Manual
2 * Warning Card
Spare Parts

Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W Kit is now available for pre-order at Urvapin. More details will be on later. Only $69.79 for the moment. Two versions are both available!

WISMEC Sinuous P80 TC Kit Preview

Intro: Wismec Brand company has just released a flagship kit named Wismec Sinuous P80 Kit.

It is no exaggeration to say that Wismec is one of the biggest e-cigs company in this industry. Most of their products gives me a solemn feeling with their huge sizes. For this time, Wismec released the Sinuous P80 Kit with a really compact size.

The Wismec Sinuous P80 Kit comes in five colors totally, black, red-black, blue-black, bronze-black and silver-black. The one I got is in blue-black.

It is packed in a rectangular paper box. When you open the box cover, the first item you see is the Sinuous P80 mod. You might be wondering why there is only a mod inside of the box instead of a kit. No worries, when you take out the the sponge layer for placing the mod and the paper board under it, you will find there is an Elabo Mini atomizer, a user manual for the Elabo Mini atomizer and a user manual for the Sinuous P80 mod, a USB cable, a ws01 triple 0.2Ω coil head for 40-80w wattage.

Wismec Sinuous P80 Kit measures 33.5mm long, 28.5mm wide and 125mm high. It features a unique centered 510 spring-loaded connector. When you screw the Elabo Mini atomizer on it, they look quite a straight shape.

The Elabo Mini atomizer has a capacity of 2ml and can be disassembled into four parts totally, mouth piece, the integrated atomization tube and liquid tank, coil head and the base.

To fill the liquid into the tank, you firstly need to pull out the mouth piece with much force. Push the black top cap along the arrow direction, you will be able to fill the liquid in the tank through the white filling hole. On the base, there are two airflow holes which are adjustable.

The Wismec Sinuous P80 box mod features a side LED screen. Specially, its upper part is the fire button. At its bottom, there are two adjustment buttons and a USB port for charging.

The battery compartment at the bottom features a pull-open lid. When you pull open the lid, you will see the round-shaped battery compartment only for one battery. After you installing the battery, you press and push close the battery lid with a click sound.

By pressing the fire button five times continually, you turn on or off the mod. By pressing the fire button three times continually, you enter into the mode option interface. By pressing the two adjustment buttons, you can make choice between the mode options, including VW, bypass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR-M1. Under different mode, the screen displays different information, including temperature, watts, voltage, current, resistance and remnant battery capacity.

By pressing the right adjustment button, you can swift options of LED color, logo, preheat and time out.

Though its maximum power is 80 watt, it can still produce very big vapor.

In summary, Wismec Sinuous P80 Kit is well designed with its good hand feel and its compact size is very convenient for carrying around. Though it doesn’t have a very high maximum wattage like some other Wismec devices, it still produces big vapor.

Shop Wismec Sinuous P80 now at Urvapin!

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Review– Compact Size and Strong Explosiveness


Intro: Wasp Nano RDA is compact-sized but can produce huge vapor.

“Hey,are you biting a box?” Not really! Of course I’m not biting a box. It has atomizer on it! Well, it’s too small to be noticed. This tiny atomizer has caught lots of eyes among us and today we are gonna to talk about it–WASP NANO RDA.

WASP NANO RDA is a single-coil RDA atomizer released by Oumier Vape in 2017.

It comes with two colors, gold and silver. The one I have is gold color. When you open the black “honeycomb” (packing box), there is a Wasp Nano atomizer, hexagon screwdriver, screws for locking the coils, Muji cotton, o-rings and a hollow 510 electrode screw.

The atomizer is faint yellow. The two black o-rings look very much like the bottom of a “wasp”, don’t they? Its name really matches the reality, but it spits vapor instead of poisonous stinger. Waps Nano RDA has a diameter of 22mm and it measures 22mm high. Even though in the RDA atomizers, there are crowds of RDAs, Waps Nano RDA can be a strong performer of compact size.

Wasp Nano is made of atomization cap and base. The amber-colored material of the atomization cap is PEI (Polyetherimide) Pei is strongly high-temperature resistant and erosion resistant. The Pei material is usually used for some dual-coil atomizer with huge calorific value.  The integrated atomization cap of Wasp Nano RDA also adopts PEI material. It can effectively insulate the heat from the coil.

Heat insulation is especially important to atomizers like Wasp Nano RDA, mini-sized but producing huge vapor. Besides, between the volcano-shaped drip tip and the electrode deck, there forms a small atomization tube, which is good for the gathering and emission of the flavor.

The silver-plated base is very simple and mostly occupied by two big kitchen-knife-shaped electrode deck. At their first sight, many vapers think it has a presser-styled coil lock. Well, it’s not the truth.

At the place where the “knife handle” of the positive and negative electrode decks are, there is a screw respectively for fixing the coil. Besides, there is a groove at the place for putting the coil, which can prevent the coil end from falling off when we build the coil.

Such design is easy for building both the thick fancy coils and ordinary round coil. The breach of the “knife handle” makes it quite easy to process the coil ends. No matter the holes or edges of this atomizer base, I did not find any defects like burrs. Its workmanship is quite good.

Since it doesn’t adopt the presser structure, why it has such a big electrode deck? Originally, in the center of the positive and negative electrodes, there is a inflow hole respectively, corresponding to the two inflow holes on the cap. The airflow passes through the inflow holes on the electrode deck and blow the coil directly. Such airflow system is more direct and fierce, which is good for lowering the temperature of the coil.

On the other hand, since the inflow holes are in the middle part of the WASP Nano RDA and the inflow holes are canceled at the bottom, which make the bottom be sealed more tightly and reduce the possibility of leakage caused by overfilling the cotton. Wasp Nano RDA is small-sized, but its liquid storage is unexpectedly large.

Correspondingly, center airflow system imposes harder tests on how the atomizer performs with the flavor. Then how Wasp Nano RDA performs with the flavor and vapor. Let’s have a test!

I have been expecting such a dripping atomizer with fancy single-coil for a very long time. Thus for this time, I choose the Clapton NI80 triple-wired fancy finished coils. Its circle diameter is 3mm, twisted in 6 circles and its resistance is 0.26Ω.

This coil is twisted by three A1 wires and wrapped with 40G N180 heating wires. Its heating area is very big and its width is very large which brings a high request on the electrode. The good thing is that Wasp Nano RDA is completely qualified to it.

Generally, the cotton ends of finished coils are in the same direction, but this is not the fact of Wasp Nano RDA. So, we need to process the finished coils before putting them into use. After installing the triple-wire Clapton coil with 3mm circle diameter on the atomizer, you will find the distance between the coil and the electrode deck is about 2mm. No need to worry that the coil might touch the electrode deck thus causing short-circuit.

Though the bottom space of Wasp Nano RDA is very large enough for inserting in more cotton. But after I tried several times, I found that if there were too much cotton inserted in the bottom and too much liquid stored in the cotton, it would be very easy to cause frying of the liquid. But if the volume of the cotton is proper, frying will not happen.

Thus, I suggest that the volume of cotton should be not overmuch. Picture above shows the most proper volume of the cotton.

The liquid for testing is the No.6 liquid of 562 type. Firstly, since the coil is fancy coil, the vapor it produces is quite satisfying. Wasp Nano has quite small a size but unexceptionally strong explosiveness. Its performance on the taste is also praiseworthy. The tobacco flavor of No.6 will be enlarged and its cooling flavor is slightly lowered, owing to the excellent airflow system. Such matching brings a pretty concentrated and soft taste.

But because it produces huge vapor, it’s quite easy for the vapor to be left on the atomization cap and the electrode decks, thus forming condensation piled up on the atomization cap and the electrode decks and needing cleaning.


  1. The design of a single-coil dripping atomizer is very innovative. At present, such atomizer is of very good play-ability but it’s very rare in the market.
  2. Its details of workmanship are well processed with no burrs. No findings of obvious Bug with the workmanship.


  1. It’s too compact to match the sub ohm resistance, and too high a wattage might result in too high temperature, thus burning mouth.
  2. Condensation will be easily piled up on the surface of the electrode decks and needing cleaning regularly.

Well, different minds think different. Is this WASP NANO RDA your type? Whether it fits for you? Try it and you will know. It’s now only sold at $14.99 at Urvapin! Shop now!

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Ijoy RDTA Box Review– All-In-One Kit

I believe you are not unfamiliar to the words- “ecig mod”. The mod you usually see is post-liked or box-liked. There is another product that would brighten the eyes of the vapers, the integrated ecig kit, that is what we normally say AIO kit. With products skyrocketing in 2016, more and more AIO kit comes into our sight.

Usually, the impression AIO gives us is a compact battery-built-in box mod with an atomizer pre-installed with finished coils. But today, the AIO kit I’m going to introduce to you is a big-sized kit–IJOY RDTA Box.

Inside of the pack, except for the iJoy RDTA BOX kit and some regular accessories, there is also the brush for cleaning, finished coils, two finished fancy coils, a 510 drip tip adapter ring and a bilingual specification.

  1. Atomizer

The big-sized RTDA Box mod is matched with an atomizer whose diameter is 25mm. The structure of the atomizer is the same as the regular RDTA, separable as  atomization tube for heating and the liquid tank. However, its body is much bigger than the RDTA we normally see!

Especially when you screw off the atomization tube, you will see one of  the RDTA’s highlights–a huge liquid tank (I think it can be called liquid depot). The capacity is 12.8ml! Though the connector of the atomizer and mod is also gold-plated, but they are not regular 510 spring-loaded connector.

When you disassemble the atomizer, you will find there is not very much highlight with its structure. By and large, it can be disassembled into drip tip, airflow ring, cap for atomization, electrode deck and base connection ring. “Base connection ring ” is actually the “hollowed” liquid tank of the regular atomizer. Here, it plays a role in connecting the electrode deck and the liquid tank at the base. In lots of RDTA atomizer, you can also find similar structure.

The atomizer of RDTA Box mod is pre-installed with a DIY electrode deck with dual posts and four holes. Besides, inside of the pack, there is a spare 0.15Ω triple-coil, with which huge vapor is also accessible to the new vapers.

  1. Mod

It measures 28*55*105mm and weighs 249g. If you install dual 18650 batteries into it, it will weigh 339g. With its big size and heavy wight, if you carry this ijoy RDTA box 200w around and put it into your trousers pocket, I guess it can drag down your trousers in a minute. Undoubtedly, its portability is not so good.

The entire mod is D-shaped. Its hand feel is average and is just the same as the regular dual-battery mod. On the upper part of the mod, there is a “huge” fire button. The key travel and the feedback force is proper. When you press it down, you will hear a clear “da’ sound. Below the 1.26-inch screen, you can see the “-” button and “+” button. There is a USB port on the mod, but it can only used for upgrading softwares but not for charging.

When you open the sliding-open battery compartment, you will find the electrodes are gold-plated. Closing to the electrodes at the bottom, there is a stealth spring design. The hollowed-out battery compartment is very convenient for vapers to take out the batteries.

Ijoy RDTA Box mod is equipped with a liquid tank of 12.8ml capacity (I should say liquid depot)! When you screw off the sealing lid of the refilling hole beside the atomizer, you can fill the liquid into it (I should say “pour the liquid”)! Since the diameter of the filling reaches 1.5mm, even if you don’t use the filling dropper, you can just screw open the lid and pour the liquid in. There is a LED light in the liquid tank for vapers’ convenience to observe the left liquid.

  1. Function of the mod

The displaying interface is clearly separated into 3 parts. Except for the regular wattage, resistance and voltage, it also displays how many times the vaper has vaped.

Regarding the function of the mod, except for the Ni-TC, Ti-TC, SS-TC and TCR function, vapers can also set the output mode under the common-used wattage mode. Press the fire button 3 times continuously to enter into the menu, then press the “+” and “-” button to switch into “output mode setting”, when you press the fire button to confirm it, you will see four different output modes, norm, hard, soft and user.

The User mode could be the most special setting.

The User mode enables the vapers to customize the output wattage in the first 3 seconds. On the setting interface, there are 6 energy bars similar to the sign of battery remaining capacity. Each energy bar stands for 0.5s work time. Initially, six energy bars all have 50% energy left. Each energy bar can increase or reduce 5 gears. Each gear stands for 10% initial wattage value.

Take the picture below as an example. My initial wattage value is 75w, when the first energy bar increases one gear, then the actual output at the first 0.5s after firing up is 75w*110%=82.5w. After setting the first energy bar, press the fire button to make confirmation to move to the next energy bar to do the setting, and the like.

The effect of this USER mode is very similar to that of the “taste curve”, but it’s more fool-styled. As long as the vaper operates it several times, they can be proficient with it. The entire procedures can be completed on the mod, no need to connect it with the computer for setting.

When I install the self-contained stainless steel fancy coils, I tried it. Under the norm mode of the wattage mode, the mod has 1 second output delay. The output doesn’t explode instantly but is acceptable. Regarding its taste, it is nearly the same as the huge-vapor atomizer, slightly lower density and layering. But the volume of the vapor is magnificent.


iJoy RDTA Box is very different from the common “built-in”kit. No matter its shape, weight and sizes of all aspects, they all embody “big”. Dual-battery mod ensures a high-wattage output, at the same time it also has a long endurance.

Vapers can also use finished coils on it. Even if it’s for new vapers to use, it is pretty easy to operate. The most amazing feature of the mod is its fool-styled taste-curve adjustment–USER mode, which can satisfy the increasingly personified vaping habits of the vapers.

For example, some vapers like soft taste at the beginning then steady output. I like hard taste at the beginning then steady output. USER mode can satisfy both the two habits.

However, iJoy RDTA Box 200w also has some weaknesses.

It is not 510-threaeded connector. It can only adapt its self-contained atomizer and coils.

It’s too heavy and big-sized to carry around.

All in all, iJoy RDTA Box is a box mod of pretty good performance and great usability. It’s only sold $59.99 with free shipping. Shop now!

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What is Low Resistance?

What is low resistance?

  1. On ecig device, there  appears warning sign displaying “Ohms Too Low”or “Low Atomizer”. Under such situation, the power supply of the mod is not normal and the atomizer cannot work.
  2. As a resistance measuring index term, for example, low resistance/low ohm, ultra low resistance/ultra low ohm.

Resistance is the most important parameter index, it has influences on several aspects such as the taste, vapor, mod.

Normally, low resistance can be interpreted in two ways: a. “low resistance” often mentioned by vapers (huge vapor low resistance coil)  b. when there is something wrong with the device and on it there displays such warning.

  1. Low resistance often mentioned by vapers

This is a general term of what we normally say about low resistance, huge vapor data, huge vapor coil and etc.

Though there is not a set index about how low a resistance can be called low resistance. But according to the common resistance of most vapers, the generally-said low resistance is resistance around 0.2Ω.

Apart from low resistance, there is a word named ultra resistance. This word is about the resistance below 0.2Ω, such as resistance between 0Ω and 0.2Ω.

  1. Low resistance warningon the device. (malfunction message)

Normally, devices display information such as “Ohms Too Low” or “Low Atomizer” when the resistance is too low. Generally, on the specification of a mod, there will indicate a specific range of the resistance, that is to say, the resistance range that the mod can support. Thus, we should make sure the coil resistance of the atomizer we use is within this range.

If the screen indicates low resistance, it means the resistance is too low to be supportable. Usually, several reasons can cause such problem.

  1. A. Short-circuit

Reason: Some mods don’t have the indication of short-circuit but display the information as “low resistance”. Reasons might be as follows, the heating wires contacting atomization tube, heating wires or metal debris on the base. Besides, metal debris on the 510 connector can also result in such a problem.

Solution: According to the analysis above, check if there is foreign matter on the parts of the atomizer. Clean the foreign matter and then check if the malfunction is solved.

  1. Virtual connection

Reason: Finished coils are not installed properly. The components are not connected tightly, or the coils for RBA is virtually connected.

Solution: Re-install the finished coils, or check whether the coils for RBA is connected tightly, whether the 510 connector for power supply is screwed tightly. Disassemble the atomizer and re-install the components properly and then check whether the fault disappear.

  1. C. Problem of the coils

Reason: The resistance of the heating wires are made too low, often caused by over-thick heating wires or false choice for the wire material (such as Ni200, ss316), incomplete oxide layers between the heating wires are not complete (when tightly twisted), hot-melting between wire and wire (generally found in N180 material).

Since the materials of TC coils are different, their resistances are usually lower than that of the wattage/ variable voltage coils. If you use Ni 200 coil under wattage mode, it  unavoidably will result in low resistance.

Solution: Firstly, make sure if the type of the coils or the heating wires are correct to match the output mode of the mod.

  1. Loosening of the atomizer components.

Reason: In daily use, some components of the RBA atomizer will gradually become loose. For example, we have surely screwed the screws for fixing the coil tightly, but after adjusting the position of the coil, we find the screws become loose again.

This is because when we pull to adjust the coil, the screws will also be pulled incidentally. In our daily use, we also find loosened screws.

Solution: Disassemble the atomizer and re-install the components. Check the connection of every components, especially the screws for fixing the coils and the insulation materials below electrode posts.

  1. Broken mod

Reason: The 510 connector of the mod is broken. Problems might be as follows, virtual connection, short-circuit, damaged system board, malfunctions.

Solution: If the warranty is overdue and you are able to deal with it by yourself, you can disassemble the mod and check if the 510 connector is damaged. If your mod is still in the warranty period, you can contact the vendor to consult the procedures and methods for maintenance.

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Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod Devils Night Edition Review

Intro: Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod innovates the style of mod appearance!

At present, the industrial design of ecig mods in the market are mostly inclined to paint-sprayed panels or panels with carved patterns. Mods with a large quantity of patterns have never emerged in the mod market so far, thus many vapers choose to purchase mod stickers to greatly personalize the appearances of their mods.

The mod now in my hand has been rightly innovated with its appearance. Most area of the mod has been specially processed thus making the entire appearance more personalized. That is Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod (Devils Night)


When talking about ASVAPE, maybe lots of vapers don’t know this brand well, but I believe many vapers must know the box mod Asvape Strider. Asvape Michael 200w TC Box Mod succeeds the unique style of Asvape Strider box mod with the vertical-lifting paper box cover and the magnet flip top inside.

If you open the flip top, you will see the box mod embedded in the sponge. When you take out the box mod together with the sponge, you will see the product warning card, specification and USB below the mod.


Ergonomically, it conforms to the round mod structure. When it matches with the unique mod sticker of devils night theme, together with the gold panel, endowing this box mod an unparalleled shinning appearance.


The arc at the 510 connector can well match with atomizers with diameter of 22mm, 24mm or 25mm. The pattern surrounding the 510 connector is also full of a sense of science.

The theme color is covered on the mod by the technique of water transfer printing.

The industrial design of the button is very interesting. The fire button of the workmanship is very exquisite. In the middle of it, there is the logo of ASVAPE, surrounding it, there is printed with wheatears and words as “aequitas inasvape we trust”. The screen is in an Oval shape. The button is full of elastic force, and the feedback of clicking is very ringing.

In the light of craftsmanship, the battery compartment cover should be a casting part and is gold-plated on the frosted surface. The two batteries are connected in series, greatly improving the current passing rate. The inner wall of the battery compartment is made of insulation material, greatly avoiding the risk when using broken-sleeve battery.


VW Mode Range: 5-200w

TC Mode Range: 212-572℉/100-300℃

Bypass mode output voltage: total voltage output of dual batteries in series.

Supportable resistance range:

  • Bypass mode: 0.2-3Ω
  • Power mode: 0.08-3Ω
  • TC mode: 0.03-3Ω
  • VPC Mode: 0.08-3Ω

Since the manufacturer has provided the specification in the package, I will just list the basic operations.

On the upper left side of the screen, there displays the wattage/temperature. On the upper right side, there displays the working voltage, resistance, total voltage and battery status. At the bottom, there displays the mode and the system.

By pressing the fire button three times, you can lock the screen. By pressing the fire button five times, you will enter into the options. On the option interface, you choose the system and press “+” button to confirm the present mode, press “-” button to turn off the mod. Choose the mode and press “+” or “-” to switch between different modes.

–Actual Testing–                    

In using, I found the actual output effect is more violent than the displaying wattage on the screen. So, I suggest that vapers choose much lower output than the output they normally vape with in daily use.

The TC effect worths affirmation. It’s steady without very big fluctuation.

Under the mechanical output mode, the output voltage is the total voltage output of the two batteries, that is 8.4v. Since the voltage is too high, vapers should be cautious.

–Actual Experience and Problems Found Out–

The output is pretty violent and the TC mode is very steady. The working effect under curve mode is also satisfying and you can obviously feel the changing of output wattage.

It feels pretty good and the sticker is very comfortable for touching. The arc of the mod body can well fit the palm. The only defect is that the position of the firing button is a little bit low. For the vapers with big palm

In testing, I also found some problems. When the resistance is at 0.1Ω and the wattage is in full output, about 50 seconds later, the mod will be into over-heat protection. The mod burns obviously.

The 510 connector doesn’t have a protruding surface. After long-term use, the paint of the top will surely be abraded by installing and replacing the atomizer.

The firmness of the sticker is pretty good, but if it’s scratched by sharp objects or it falls down, abrasion will be caused. Vapers please be cautious with it.


This Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod really find a new path on the innovation of appearance, overthrowing the appearance style of the traditional mod. With its unique appearance and good performance, I believe lots of vapers will love it a lot!

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OUMIER Maximus Max RDTA Review

Gained its great popularity by Wasp Nano RDA, the brand Oumier has stepped into the big wave of RDTA in 2017 and released a RDTA named Oumier Maximus Max RDTA. In this big wave of RDTA, it’s inevitably that there will be a phenomenon of homogenization. Then whether this newcomer released by Oumier will drift with the current?

Package is showed as above. The yellow one is the outside envelope. Compared with WASP Nano, the packing style of Oumier Maximus RDTA is not changed, but the craftsmanship and quality of the package has both risen by a notch.

Maximus Max RDTA has a diameter of 24mm. It is pre-installed with semi-transparent liquid tank, and there is a spare transparent glass tube. It seems that Oumier shows some stubbornness with its packing list. There is no Clapton coil in the packing list but a pair of single-wired finished coils with many circles. I regard this type of coil as the suggested data by the manufacturer.

The cap-styled drip tip is an integrated PEI drip tip. The caliber is the same size as 810. I have tried to install several 810 drip tip on it, but none of them are tight enough when installed on it. Vapers care a lot about the problem of condensation. Manufacturer has processed the inner wall of the drip tip with chamfering technique. In actual use, you will find the condensation hang on the inner wall of the drip tip, but the condensation will be blocked by the chamfering structure thus will not be inhaled into mouth.

In daily use, it can be disassembled into four parts. Except for the drip tip, top cap and the atomization tube, the oil tank and the electrode deck at the base can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. From the picture, you can see the refilling design of Maximus Max RDTA adopts the “middle-column refilling” scheme which is very popular some time ago, but it doesn’t need the operation of plugging. The “liquid seal” of the white refilling hole is a cross-shaped silicone with a hole on it. When refilling, you only need to plug the sucker of the liquid bottle into it.

Oumier Maximus RDTA is featured with the typical side airflow system. On the two sides of the atomizer, there are two thin air inlets blowing the coils directly. Vapers can adjust the size of the inlets according to their own data, but the components of this part will be slightly loose when they are moistened by the e-liquid, thus the components should be kept dry.

The four square cotton holes are very different from the common round holes in visual effect. The form of the electrode deck is very much like the MGNT RDA V2. The original dual coils on the electrode deck are locked separately without interference to each other. For locking the coils, you will need to prepare a screwdriver.

The liquid tank is clamped tightly between the electrode deck and base. The top advantage of such connection is that the electrode deck can be put up on the coil burning device directly to burn the coil, and when the cotton is prepared, it will be more convenient for the vapers to deal with the cotton ends plugged into the refilling hole.

Some vapers said that when using the coils of high consumption such as Clapton coils, a short supply of liquid will easily appear to the RDTA. The problem is whether the cotton ends are processed properly. If you want the liquid deflecting speed of the RDTA to keep up with the pace, pay attention to the following two skills: Firstly, whether the length of the cotton ends can form the shortest course for liquid deflecting. Secondly, it’s the processing of the cotton end. Without influencing the fullness of the cotton at the deflecting holes, the thinner the cotton ends, the speedier the liquid deflecting will be.

There are four holes connecting to the refilling hole on the middle column. That is to say, the liquid will be refilled into the liquid tank from the four refilling holes. After installing the coils recommended by the manufacturer, when you insert the cotton into the deflecting holes to reach the liquid tank, the advantage of the electrode deck can be easily seen. You can scatter the cotton ends and trim it much thinner. After trimming it into a proper length, you install the liquid tank and the base.

The coils given in the packing list are twisted with more circles than the average ones. Under normal output, they heat up very slow (I guess they are made of A1 material). You will need to adjust the output voltage at least at 5V, the heating speed will be satisfying. With the inlet holes fully open, when vaping at the data suggested by the manufacturer, you will find the resistance to suction is very obvious, the taste is very soft, and the working temperature of the atomizer is within an acceptable range.

The air inlets are long in some extent, and is very suitable for some wide coils. They are perfectly compatible with some Clapton coils with three or four wires twisted together. The coil showed above is the NI80/28G quadruple-wire/40G Clapton, which can bring warm vapor and more violent taste. As for the single-wired coil, I recommend the coil (A1/21G-22G/3.0 circle diameter/5-6 circles)in the picture above. When used on mech mod, this coil can also bring good experience, but the length of the electrode at the bottom is not very long, please pay attention.

The height of the liquid tank benefits the deflecting speed a lot. With the cotton being processed properly, even when the quadruple-wired coil above is used, there is no problem of the deflecting speed. Through the refilling system at the middle column, the Maximus RDTA with great compatibility fully shows the meaning of “infinite dripping”. However, this product stills have the problem of condensation hanging on the inner wall.  But it is a common problem of RDTA structure, and you can just wipe it with paper towel. No big deal!

Following the good fame of WASP NANO RDA, Oumier has released this Maximus RDTA and also used a large quantity of PEI material on it. The design of its electrode deck is very similar to that of MGNT RDA V2. The “electrode wall” in the middle also compresses some space for the atomization tube. When it is vaped under the same data, this RDTA will bring a much fuller taste than the regular RDTA with dual columns and four holes.

Though the top of the atomization tube also has the problem of condensation hanging on the inner wall, I think it’s an unimportant defect. After all, most of RDTA has such a problem. If you take a look at many of the homogeneous RDTAs in the market, you will find Oumier Maximus Max RDTA really has its own unique features and structures with high differentiation degree.

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Transformation of Evic Series–Joyetech Evic Primo Kit

Today I will introduce to you the Joyetech eVic Primo 200W TC Starter Kit. The monotony of the mods emerged in the VTC period is in no way succeeded by this starter kit. Joyetech eVic Primo adopts three elements,  leather pattern, metal drawing and black flat lacquer, making it look more fashionable. The leather patterned paster is replaceable. There are spare pasters of different colors in the kit. Their hand feel are pretty cool and it’s very comfortable for holding.

The groove at the 510 connector on the top of the mod can effectively avoid the liquid from flowing into the electrode, thus protect the mod from damage. The push-and-pull styled battery cover can well seal the battery compartment. When installing the batteries, such design can ensure the steady work of battery. The layout of middle panel on the mod is very similar to that of the previous mods from Joyetech, and the screen is pretty big. At the same time, the pressing area of the firing button is also big and the pressing feedback is very ringing.

As a dual-battery device that can power up to a maximum 200w, the atomizer to match it must have very strong capability. The diameter of its top platform is about 25mm. The adaptability of the 510 electrode is pretty good. After installing atomizers, such as 528 RTA, Wotofo the troll RTA and some other atomizers with long electrode, on the mod, I found there was no gap around the 510 connector.

The box mod also adopts the self-made chipset of Joyetech. The operation of it is nearly the same to the previous Joyetech box mods, by pressing the fire button three times to switch the modes, quite easy. The box mod can be connected to the computer by the USB cable for upgrading the chipset and customizing the mod. At the same time, if you connect a RC accessory (not included in the kit) to the 510 connector, the Joyetech eVic Primo mod can be turned into a power bank to charge your phone.

The output of primo 200w is very average without the so-called violent feel. Its output stability is very high and the firing speed is good without delay. When powering an atomizer with 24mm diameter and fancy coils, this mod can still have steady performance.

Inside of the kit, there is a matched UNIMAX 25 atomizer. The diameter of it is 25mm, which is just fit for the width of the top of the box mod with great harmony. The height of the atomizer is much higher than the hot-selling Wotofo The Troll, and its tank capacity is pretty considerable.

The UNIMAX 25 atomizer is featured with top filling and top airflow system. In the light of the structure of the atomizer, this atomizer does not have the problem of leaking. Below the air inlet, there is a rubber ring that can strengthen vaper’s hand grip and can bring convenience for adjusting the airflow at the top.

Since the airflow system is at the top, the size of the coil looks much bigger. But the actual part for atomizing the liquid is not very big. The shell is for segregating the liquid and is as the part for internal air inflow. But the part for the liquid to flow in is at the bottom of the atomizer. The liquid deflecting efficiency of the coil is so good that can completely deflect all the liquid in the tank.

The appearance of the Joyetech eVic Primo is sturdy, business-styled and fashionable. When it matches the same-colored atomizer, it looks really pretty, and its output will not let the vaper down. The width of the mod is almost the same as the palm, and the leather pattern and its arc of the inner side will give the vaper a very comfortable feeling of hand grip.

The workmanship of the atomizer is not as good as that of the mod, needing improvements. Its top airflow system doesn’t have the problem of leaking, but when you vape, air will come in thus influencing the density of the taste a little bit.

All in all, Joyetech eVic Primo Kit in a large extent brings transformation to the appearance of the Joyetech mod series.

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