Limitless Pulse Pod System Starter Kit Preview—Vape Anywhere at Any Time!

Limitless Mod Co., cooperating with PLY Rock, has manufactured a really portable starter kit named Limitless Pulse Pod System Kit.

Limitless Pulse Pod

I guess it’s a universal problem for our vaping friends to choose a proper ecig to take with when going out. The Dragon-Boat Festival of China is around the corner, and also brings this problem to me. Personally, for carrying around, portability is my first concern, but not the big functions that I may pay great attention when I am vaping in the office or at home. I have decided to take the Limitless Pulse Pod for the short-distance trip in the coming festival.

Limitless Pusle Pod

As shown in the picture, Limitless Pulse Pod System Starter Kit is a portable all-in-one device with a skinny body, totally different to those big ones. Put it in your pocket just like a pen!

Limitless Pulse Pod System Vape is small, but it’s perfectly configured. It is composed by a changeable pulse pod and a chargeable battery part (I may call it mod). The pulse pod has a juice capacity of 2ml, just like a cartridge.

Limitless Pulse Pod

The Pulse Pod is easy for refilling. You just disassemble the mouth piece, open the red plug and fill it with the juice bottle. Mind that there should be now left liquid outside of the tank. A thin needle tip bottle will be a good choice for filling the tank. As coils may be burnt too much and thus influence the flavor, the heater in the pod also needs to be changed. How often you change the pod depends on your personal vaping habit. It’s the similar question to how long does a limitless pulse pod last, thus the answer is the same.

Limitless Pulse Pod

Limitless Company is also considerate to release a separate pulse pod pack exclusively for this kit. Three pieces in a pack and it’s quite easy to change the pod which you can see from the picture above.

The battery has a capacity of 380mah and it is rechargeable by a USB cable. The button on the center of the Pulse Pen allows you to change the color of the LED light system.

Limitless Pulse Pod

For the package, Limitless adopts its usual style—the hat box made of paper. On the front side of the box, there is the LOGO and the product name as well as the name of its cooperator PLY ROCK.  Inside of the box, there is a Limitless Pulse Pod System Vape Pen, a Pod and a USB charger.

The price of Limitless Pulse Pod System Kit is also affordable and sells for only $25.95. Shop now!

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Tesla Invader 2/3 Box Mod Review—Multi-functional Voltage Scheme

Tesla Invader 2/3

Tesla Invader 2/3 is the latest creation from Teslacigs Invader series. It has been upgraded entirely, no matter its performance or functions, they both have been improved largely. Of course, its appearance is also improved. The most special part of Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod is its setting of the battery scheme, which can switch between dual-battery system and triple-battery system.


Tesla Invader 2/3

The package succeeds Teslacigs’s style, adopting the hat box made of paper. In the front side there is printed the brand LOGO, name of the box mod, features of the box mod and the lateral view of box mod.

At the right side of the package box, there is the instruction picture showing how to change the battery.  At the left side, there is printed the words “powerful & simplistic INVADER 2/3”. At the back side, there is the product instruction information. The most information surely is the anti-fake label.

The content of the package is also very simple. There is only one box mod, a piece of battery cover for dual-battery scheme, a manual, a drawstring of battery, warning card and certification (Supplementary Instruction, there is protective film both for the box mod and the battery cover.)


Tesla Invader 2/3

Under the triple-battery mode, the appearance is similar to most box mods that adopt triangle layout to batteries, which is accorded with the ergonomic design on appearance and has very nice hand feel. On its design of appearance,  Tesla Invader 2/3 succeeds the style of Invader 3. It’s angular but is also featured with round curve. At both sides of the box mod, there is a “X”mark respectively, and at the lower part of the box mod, there is a piece of skin made of carbon fiber and the name  Teslacigs.

Tesla Invader 2/3

The fire button is settled at the upper part of the front side. Such design is very convenient for users to find the position of the fire button and gain a more comfortable usage experience. Below it is the adjust plate of the potentiometer and LED light.

Under the dual-battery scheme, the size of the box mod is compressed largely, but the comfortable hand feel is by no means lowered (even improved slightly).

Tesla Invader 2/3

Let’s make a comparison between Invader 2/3 under dual –battery scheme and its predecessor Invader 3 (the size of Invader 3 is relatively smaller among dual-battery box mods). Apart from that it’s much thicker than Invader 3, its height and length are both smaller than Invader 3. Regarding the color, Invader 2/3 has more choices for color and the color matching of each box mod is proper.


Tesla Invader 2/3

In the manual, there is the information of the unit resistance 0.1Ω and the corresponding output wattages at different gears, but there is no detailed information of output voltages. Here I will show you the data that I have tested with instrument.

Tesla Invader 2/3

In the pictures, you can see the voltage values at 1/3//5 gears under triple-battery scheme, first gear-3.08v, second gear-3.46v, third gear-4.15v, fourth gear-5.59v, fifth gear 8.29v ( rough data.)

Tesla Invader 2/3

In the pictures above, there are the voltages at 1/3/5 gears under dual-battery scheme, first gear 3.07v, second  gear 3.46v, third gear 4.27v, fourth gear 5.41v, fifth gear 8.06v (rough data.)


Tesla Invader 2/3

The workmanship of the battery covers in the package is pretty good, and at the two sides of the bottom, there are nine heat emission holes respectively.  Inside of the battery cover, there are circuit connection points (the battery cover under triple-battery scheme is connected by the batteries ). When the battery cover is not closed completely, the box mod will not be energized.

Tesla Invader 2/3

Under triple-battery scheme, the connection points of the battery cover and the connection points of the battery both adopt the treatment of silver plating, adding the current conveyance rate and the antioxidant ability.

The lock for locking the battery cover and box mod is very carefully designed. The battery cover and the box mod is connected by a groove structure. At the bottom of the box mod is the positioning structure of the battery cover which can well fix the battery cover. The integrating degree of the groove is pretty high without loosening or shaking.

Tesla Invader 2/3

The workmanship inside of the compartment is also impeccable. The elastic force of the silver-plated connection points and the circuit connection points are both strong with comfortable operation experience.

The 510 connection point is upgraded with a bigger contacting area which can improve the current conveyance rate, but the firmness of the paint is not so satisfying.

–Actual test—

Tesla Invader 2/3

I use the Geometry RDA tank to test the output, the data  as below: Kanthal A1 coil, wire diameter 0.6, circle diameter 3, 6 circles, 4 coils and the resistance is 0.12Ω.

Pictures above are the output test situations under dual-battery scheme at 1/3/5 gear.

Tesla Invader 2/3

Pictures above are the output test situations under triple-battery scheme at 1/3/5 gear.

From the pictures above, we can see the difference between dual-battery scheme and triple-battery scheme. Under triple battery scheme, the output is obviously more fierce than that under dual-battery scheme. By comparison, we can know that this box mod has a relatively big limit to the current (after all, the wattage calculated by a 8.29V voltage and 0.12Ω resistance can reach a horrible value of 572wattage ).


Tesla Invader 2/3

The operation mode still succeeds the style of the Invader series—click 5 times continuously to turn on the box mod,  and the LED display screen as well. The adjustment of output is also very easy and simple for using (Start from the lowest gear, if you think the output is too weak, you can adjust it to a higher degree; if you think the output is too fierce, you can adjust it to a lower degree.)

The adjustable voltage of this box mod is very user-friendly to the new players. With it, new players can control the time to adjust the coil when burning the coil.

Tesla Invader 2/3

If the paint can be much firmer with strong abrasion resistance ability.

The switch of the dual-battery and triple-battery is extremely easy. Users don’t have to disassemble the redundant battery on the battery cover, but just to change the battery cover.

Tesla Invader 2/3

Here I would like to revise a conception. We are used to call the VV box mod “semi-mech”box mod.

However, this is not always accurate. After all, at the very beginning, the semi-mech box mod was just added protective chipset on the mech structure, but was not really featured with the function to adjust the output voltage. Later, the box mod installed with potentiometer appeared and its voltage was adjustable.

But people are still accustomed to call it semi-mech mod. Actually, the voltage of it can be adjusted, so it’s not right to call it semi-mech box mod. The right way to call it is VV box mod.


Tesla Invader 2/3

To sum up, the output and workmanship of this box mod has made great improvements compared with its predecessor Invader. The only point needs to be improved is the paint.

On the other side, for those vapers who likes to DIY the appearance of the box mod, Tesla Invader 2/3 is a very good choice for them. The can easily erase the paint and then process the shell with customized treatment, making it more unique.

Personally, I like the box mods adopting potentiometer. They have the features such as fierce explosion, fast ignition, easy for adjustment. Thought it doesn’t has the TC function, it makes the best on the output voltage.

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod will satisfy your vaping need well. You can totally enjoy 38% off if you make the purchase now!

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Original Smok OSUB 80W Baby Kit Promotion—22% Off + Free Shipping!

Smok Osub Kit

Smok Tech has newly released a starter kit named Smok OSUB 80w Baby Kit.

Smok Osub 80w

Personally, I like compact-sized ecig devices for the convenience to carry around. The Smok OSUB 80W baby mod has the smallest compact size among the mods with the same power and is more portable and light-weighted. The matched TFV8 baby tank has a 3ml juice capacity.

The Smok OSUB Baby 80W kit is the latest in the OSUB line. It uses a single 18650 battery instead of the internal battery which is different to the dual-battery feature of its precursors, the OSUB 40w and the original OSUB 80w. It can fire up to 80w and is featured with two modes—TC and VW. Temp Control mode includes Ni-TC, Ti-TC, SS-TC and TCR. The TC mode can enhance consistency and taste of every puff. The Wattage Mode is perfect for cloud chasing.

Smok Osub 80w box mod

Smok OSUB TC 80w is featured with an OLED screen combining with entirely new operation interface. Vaping data showed on the screen includes VW/TC Mode, vaping effect, voltage, battery life, resistance value etc. Osub 80w Baby mod also provides multiple types of protections to safe guard against potential risks, such as intelligent atomizer recognition, short circuit protection, puff monitoring system, over-heating protection, 12 seconds cut-off, low battery warning.

Smok TFV8 Big Baby
Smok TFV8 Big Baby

The matched TFV8 Baby Tank is featured with top rotary fill system. Unlike the common refilling system, to refill the tank, you don’t have to screw off the top cap entirely. See picture above. Smok TFV8 Baby Tank has dual adjustable airflows at the base and it comes with a coil of 0.4 ohm which can be rated from 40-80w.

What are the features:

TFV8 Baby Tank:

Material: Stainless Steel
Thread: 510
TFV8 Baby Tank Standard Edition: 3ml, Height:53mm, Diameter:22mm
TFV8 Baby Tank EU Edition: 2ml, Height:50mm, Diameter:22mm

OSUB 80W Baby Mod:

Height: 83mm
Width: 37mm
Diameter: 22mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Power Range: 1.0-80W
Temperature Range:200-600℉/100-315℃
Resistance Range: 0.1-3Ohm(VW Mode)/0.06-3Ohm(TC Mode)

What are in the package?

1 * OSUB 80W baby mod
1 * TFV8 baby Tank
1 * V8 baby-Q2 core(0.4Ohm dual coils)(pre-installed)
1 * V8 baby-Q2 core(0.4Ohm dual coils)
1 * User manual
1 * USB cable
Spare Parts

Smok osub 80w baby kit is only sold at $48.59 and free shipping is available!

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Teslacigs Nano 120 Review—Succession and Transcendence of Steam Punk

Tesla Nano 120w

Recently, a newly released box mod—Tesla Nano 120w by Teslacigs has aroused hot discussion in the vaping world. Its steam punk styled gear with deep-carved texture pleases the eyes of vapers!

Tesla Nano 120w

Teslacigs Nano 120W does not adopt the common transparent Acrylic package but utilizes the paper box.  On the packing box, there is printed with the type of the mod, the picture, its Logo and decoration pattern of the gear at the two sides.  From the package we can see that Teslacigs company has made great efforts on this Tesla Nano 120w box mod.

Tesla Nano 120w

At the back face of the packing box, there is printed with the features of the products, the packing list, warning content and anti-fake code as well as other regular content. The size of the bottom box is much smaller than the top lid which is convenient for opening.

The features of Teslacigs Nano 120w published by the official are as follows; Steam Punk Style, 120w output wattage, zinc alloy die cast, OLED display screen, dual 18650 battery, toggle switch,  various modes including TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR, KA, innovative flavor-control mode.

Tesla Nano 120w

When you open the box lid, you can see there is a Teslacigs Nano 120W box mod, a manual in seven languages including French, German, Spain, Dutch, Italian and Chinese, a battery safety cue card and a factory certificate.

Me: er…why there is no USB cable in the package?

Tesla Nano 120w

Teslacigs:  What is that carton beside your leg? Are you a collection freak? You don’t have USB cable?  And, do you see any USB port on the Tesla Nano 120w?

Well, this is just for joking.

Tesla Nano 120w

That is true, there is no USB port on the Tesla Nano 120w. For charging, you have to take out the battery and to charge it with a charger.

At present, there are four color schemes released officially. What I show you here is the “antique copper” version. The reason why “antique copper” is in quotation mark is that the shell of the box mod is actually made of the material of zinc alloy and is processed into the color of “copper”.

By actual measurement, the size of the box mod is 89*55*24.5mm. Without batteries, the weight is 248g. With two batteries inside, the weight is 337g. Compared with other box  mods, Tesla Nano is very heavy in fact. It’s probably  one of the reasons why Tesla does not utilize the material of copper.

Tesla Nano 120w

The battery compartment is designed at the bottom of the box mod. Such design is very fashionable at present and is adopted by many box mods.  The advantages are that such design will not destroy the overall shaping and is convenient for installing and disassembling the batteries. To open the compartment cover, you just press downward lightly and pull the cover at the direction indicated by the arrows.

Tesla Nano 120w

Apart from the contactors at the bottom, the contactors inside of the battery compartment is also printed with the marks of “+”and”-”.

Tesla Nano 120w

Tesla Nano 120w adopts a brand new chipset scheme. In the light of the contents displayed and the layout, it is greatly different from the previous products.

The contents displayed on the screen include resistance, wattage, voltage, battery volume and other irregular contents including output “special effects”, coil material and memory modes.  You can tell from the pictures below that the function of Tesla Nano 120w is very abundant.

Tesla Nano 120w

After seeing so many functions, you may have worries on the settings.

Teslacigs Nano 120w has multiple functions, but the actual operation is very simple—press the fire button 3 times continuously to enter into the setting mode. By pressing the two adjustable buttons to move the highlights to the functions that you want to set and then press the fire button to confirm it. You can press the adjustable buttons to switch into different options and after you set it, you can press the fire button to confirm it and then exit the setting mode.

Apart from the regular output “special effects” including “Norm”, “Soft”, “Hard”, Nano 120w is also featured with the “User”(user-defined) output “special effect”, the so-called “adjustable output curve”. By setting differnt wattage outputs at different time to realize the “frequency conversion” output.

For example, when using fancy coils or huge vapor atomizers, you can set the wattage output a little high at the beginning. In this way the warming time of the coil will be shortened and the degree of output will be  improved.

Then you set the wattage back to the normal value to avoid the overheating of the coil, and accordingly to avoid burning of the coil and influencing the flavor of the oil.  At the end  you can set the wattage much lower.

Tesla Nano 120w

For example, at the beginning, you can set the output at 120w to warm the coil instantly, then you can set it at 80w to keep a normal output. After 1 second, you can set it at 30w-50w or even lower to avoid continuous warming and accordingly producing the flavor of burnt. At the same time, when you are going to end drawing, you also don’t need full wattage output to produce so much vapor. A lower wattage is enough.

However, this is just the regular method of“curve setting ”. Teslacigs not only has  adopted this function but also made improvements on it.

In actual test, I found that when setting the mode, if you want to set the output as the maximum of 120w, then you have to set the maximum output value at 120w before you enters into the “curve setting”. Or the maximum output wattage will in no way to surpass the wattage that is set at the stand-by mode.  Is this a BUG? Of course not, instead, it is a very practical function.

By the regular curve setting method, once the you change the atomizer or the resistance, you will have to change the curve setting. That is because 0.16Ω and 0.5Ω has different performance under 120w.

The method adopted by Tesla Nano 120w is very smart. As long as you set the output curve and as long as the mod is under the same usage status, for example, the atomizers you use are all RDAs,  or the atomizers you use are all huge-vapor atomizers, and they can all adapt to the gradually-declining output curve but the resistances are  different, then you just need to set the curve and adjust the total output wattage when using the Nano 120w.  The chipset will calculate the corresponding output values on the curve according to the total output wattage, and the shape of the curve will not be changed.

That is to say, as long as you set the curve that you are accustomed to, no matter what data or what atomizers you change into, you just need to adjust the total wattage at the stand-by interface, no need to set the curve again. The chipset will scale the curve in equal proportion according to the settled maximum output which is very convenient.

Apart from the innovation in its function, the performance of Nano 120w also succeeds the previous devices of Teslacigs’ in the  performance of “hard output”.

Tesla Nano 120w

Take a RDA for testing.  The resistance is around 0.16Ω.  I set 120W as the maximum wattage. The coil responds instantly to start working right after I switch on the box mod, and the degree of output is really strong.

The shape of the vapor reminds me of the “Invader III”. However, Nano 120w can reach such an effect by just 120w.  Obviously, the wattage of Tesla Nano 120w is really true to its name and even a little “modest”.

In actual use, the performance of Nano 120w is also the same.  The atomizers that I use on other mods at 70w to 80w, when use them on Nano 120w, I have to “lower the voltage” to 60w-70w.  Even under the “Normal”output mode, you can easily feel the explosion degree of it.

Especially when using the fancy coils at some other mods, users have to “increase the voltage” to shorten the time of coil warming. But when using the fancy coils at Tesla Nano 120w,  as long as the voltage is in the normal range from 3.7v-4.2v, it can have good performance. Sometimes, you even have to lower the voltage to hold it.

Of course, too hard flavor is not liked by every one. Vapers who don’t like too hard flavor can use the “Soft”output mode or “User”user-defined curve output mode to adjust the flavor.

Tesla Nano 120w

As regard to the design of the fire button, Tesla Nano 120w also succeeds the style of Teslacigs and adopts the big size button, of which the touch feel is very good.

The position of button forms roughly an angle of 45° to the horizontal line at the side. It is comfortable for using no matter your thumb or the index finger.

The Tesla Nano 120w also has a power switch.  Users don’t have to press five times continuously to turn on the mod, but only to switch it according to the direction marked on the body, which really simplifying the operation process.

Tesla Nano 120w

The texture on the mod is processed into a very standard and fine condition. The fineness and the depth of the patterns are both improved compared with the previous Nano 100w. It not only has inner excellent performance, but also outer pretty appearance.

Tesla Nano 120w

The unique design of the appearance beatify the box mod a lot, but it brings troubles when choosing atomizers. The regular atomizers are not able to match this steam-punk styled box mod perfectly. Accordingly, I suggest that users consider either the texture or the material when choosing the atomizers.

Tesla Nano 120w

Users can choose the atomizers with finely carved textures, such as Maze V2 RDA ; or atomizers made of copper or of same color, such as Kennedy  , Coilart RDAs. Of course, if you have the same-styled atomizer, that will be better.


Tesla Nano 120w

I hope Teslacigs can develop an atomizer that can perfectly match Nano series box mods to satisfy the vapers who like steam-punk style.

Tesla Nano 120w

In summary, the workmanship of Tesla Nano 120w is much finer than the last generation Nano 100w. Also the built-in battery is changed into dual-18650 batteries which greatly improves the output performance of the box mod.

In the respect of operation, the display functions are various, but it’s actually very convenient for using and simplifying the setting process a lot.

The size of box mod is similar to the regular dual-battery box mod.  But when it has the batteries installed in the mod, the 340g weight will decrease the advantage of its portability.

Any way, different people think different. I think light weight material does not match Tesla Nano 120w with such an appearance.

In daily use, I found that the energy efficiency transformation of Tesla Nano 120w is very high. That is to say, it is very power-saving.

All in all, Teslacigs Nano 120w not only succeeds the steam punk style, but also transcends such style in some way. It’s not only excellent in its appearance, but also in its performance.

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Smoant Charon TC 218 Review—A Must Have for Entry-Level User

Smoant Charon TC 218

Intro: How is Smoan Charon TC 218W? I should say it’s a box mod of competitive price with good price.

Smoant Battles released by Cloupor is a fast-spreading mod in the market. The reason why it becomes the primary choice for the new players to start vaping on high-power mod is very simple—it has shinning appearance, good performance and is sold at competitive price.

Recently, Cloupor Company showed its ability again to release a brand-new dual-battery high-power mod Smoant Charon. It features 218w maximum output and can be a threatening competitor to the high-power mods.

Today we will share with you the usage experience of this mod.


Smoant Charon TC 218

When you open the package, you can see the appearance and the name of the mod, and at the top right corner, it gives the color of the mod. At the back side, apart from the Logo and the model, it’s also printed with the features of the mod. At the bottom right corner, there is a anti-fake sticker.

When you open the package, the first thing into our eyes are manual, warranty card and the battery warning card.  Then you will see the Charon TC 218. Cloupor has released multiple color schemes for this mod. At the left side of the package, it’s the USB cable.

— Appearance–

Smoant Charon TC 218

It’s obvious that this box mod makes efforts on the ergonomics. The arc shape of the battery cover makes it comfortable to handle. Moreover, the front side is dealt with chamfering treatment.  The layout of the buttons is very even and is easy for operation.

The main part of the box mod is made of zinc alloy, thus it is inevitably heavy. Well, it’s normal for such a big size mod.


Smoant Charon TC 218

The diameter of the scratch-proof plate at the 510 thread is 22mm. The two loops are featured with radial patterns and the elastic force is very strong.

There are eight rhombic heat emission holes. At the back side of the battery cover, there are three ellipse heat emission holes on the top and at the bottom respectively.

Smoant Charon TC 218

The scratch-proof plate at the 510 thread is much higher than the plane of the box mod, which can effectively prevent the paint abrasion of the atomizer when installing the atomizer.

The inside of the battery compartment adopts the semi-open design. The straw string is for getting out the battery. There are four strong magnets to connect the battery cover and the body.

In each inner side, there is insulation sticker to lower the possibility of danger in case that the battery is peeled off (better not to use such batteries .)

The positive and negative contactors are both electroplated. The upper contactors are fixed and the other contactors are adjustable with elasticity, which is convenient for getting out the batteries.


Smoant Charon TC 218

Wattage: 1-218W

Voltage: 6.8-8.4V

Temp Control Mode: NI/TI/NC/SS

Resistance Range:

Wattage/Voltage Mode: 0.1-0.5Ω

Temp Control Mode: (official data is 0.1Ω, but actual measure data is 0.05Ω )

Ni 0.1-2.0Ω (recommend 0.2Ω)

Ti 0.1-2.0Ω  (recommend 0.5)

SS 0.1-2.0Ω  (recommend 0.5)

NC 0.1-2.0Ω  (recommend 0.5)

TCR 0.1-2.0Ω  (recommend 0.5)

Temp control Range: 200-600℉(100-300℃)

Material of the mod: Zinc Alloy and leather

Size: 53*25*91mm

Conversion Rate of the electric energy:95%

–Display and Operation–

Smoant Charon TC 218

At the left top, there displays the battery volume; at the left bottom, there displays the mode in using; in the middle, there displays the wattage or temperature; at the bottom, there displays the voltage or wattage (under the temperature mode)

The operation is really easy. You just press the fire button five times continuously to turn on the mod and press three times continuously to enter into the menu.

–Comparison Test–

Smoant Charon TC 218
Smoant Charon TC 218

We make a comparison of wattage between RX300 mod and Charon TC 218 mod. The data of the used RDA is as follows: A1 coil, 22g wire diameter, 3.0 coil diameter, 6 circles, quadruple coils and 0.11Ω. In the picture above, the respective wattages from the left to the right are 100,150 and 218.

According to the test, there is no obvious difference in effect when using 100w and 150w. There is nearly no firing delay and the explosion is very fast.  Under the maximum output 218W, the actual effect of TC218 is weaker than the RX300, but even under maximum output, the delay time is still not increased.

–Actual Test Experience–

Smoant Charon TC 218

After using for a while, the advantages of this mod can be summarized as below:

  1. The delay time is really short and can be hard to be felt in using.
  2. In daily use, the explosion is really rapid.
  3. The ratio of the size and the weight is proper and the hand feel is nice.
  4. The temperature effect is stable.
  5. Two batteries can ensure the using time.
  6. The operation is really easy and there is a manual in the package.
Smoant Charon TC 218


  1. The overall workmanship is just good.
  2. Under NC Temp Control Mode, the flavor sometimes become light (it’s the problem of the chipset and can be revised by the manufacturer later via PC end.
  3. The leather at the back side of the battery cover has the risk of being unglued in using.
  4. The anti-abrasion capacity of the cover of the box mod is not strong.


Smoant Charon TC 218

Dating back to the development of the mods, the wattage and performance of the entry-level box mod is increasing gradually, from 40w at the beginning to 150w at present. The problem of firing delay seems to disappear and the operation is becoming easier.

In summary, the performance price ratio of this Charon TC 218 is excellent. Its easy operation and wide wattage range can be the good potentials of this box mod to be the must have for entry-level using. Thought it does have some flaws, the advantages of its features and performances can well make up for them.

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Smok Qbox Review

Recently, the ecig manufacture  tycoon Smok has released a portable kit named Q box. It has a compact size and multiple cute color schemes. This Q (short for cute in spoken language) is the role that we are going to talk about today.

Inside of the package, you can find the user manual with detailed instruction. This Q box has two different versions of tanks, the one for users abroad with the TFV8 Baby Tank and the one for users in China with the Smok Spiral tank. The kit we introduce here is with the TFV8 Baby Tank.

The bill of material in the package is consistent with the standard package of the Smok products, USB cable, Q Box mod, TFV8 Baby Tank, user manual and a spare 0.25Ω coil and other spare parts.

The atomizer is dealt with electroplating treatment and the paint on the QBox is the stoving varnish. Since the size of Qbox is small by 54.5mm*33.5mm*25mm,there will be a feeling of the head is heavy and the feet is light when it matches the TFV8 Baby Tank. Personally, I prefer to match this mod with single-coil RDA.

Similar to the other box mods of Smok, QBox is also featured with the standard functions—Temp Control, TCR and other modes. The only weakness is that the highest output watt is 50W. QBox is supported by a built-in 1600mah battery.  Under the watt mode, it can support the resistance lowest to 0.1Ω.  As regard to such a compact box mod like QBOX, its performance is impeccable, and it’s very convenient for carrying around.

From all the angles of the box mod, you can see clearly the positions and workmanship of the buttons. And it still uses the big screen to display the data. Beside the five heat emission holes, there is the USB connector. This connector is positioned at the bottom which has blind spot for using. For example, when the box mod match a RDTA, it cannot be charged in an upright position. It’s because that if the RDTA is put down on the side, it will leak. Thus, trouble will be that the user have to screw off the atomizer and then charge the box mod.

The 510 connector still conforms to the style of Smok. There is no independent connecting plate and scratched can appear when install the atomizer. On the positive side, the connector of Qbox can be perfectly compatible with 24mm-diametered atomizers without gap. Below the adjustable buttons of “+”and “-”, there is a RESET button, with which user can restore the procedures of the box mod to the factory settings.

Featured with a small size, accordingly , this box mod can be easily misunderstood as a weak-output box mod. I install a RDA of 0.23Ω on the box mod and set the output to the highest of 50w.  The performance of QBOX is very satisfying with no obvious delay or insufficient capacity. However, limited by the highest output of 50W, it is not suitable for Qbox to match an atomizer with too low resistance.

Maybe some vaping friends might think the battery capacity is too low and the maximum output limits the choice of atomizers. However, it is correctly positioned as a pocket-sized box mod and never appear in the market in the pose of main device. It is absolutely a best choice to take out on a short-distance trip. The high-resistance RTA, flavor-oriented RDA can be the perfect matches for QBox. In summer time when you wear thinly, light pocket-sized box mod such as QBox can be really of strong persuasion to you to take it away.

In summary,Smok Q Boxis a cute and portable kit. It can be the best choice for girl vapers to take to nightclubs.

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What is the difference between RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA? 

RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA, what’s all the about? Do you know how to sort them out?

Just like shopping for a proper pair of shoes for a special occasion, there is also need for you to know how to choose a proper tank to satisfy your personal need.

Small knowledge to share with you ~

From the usage, atomizers can be divided into two categories, the huge vapor oriented atomizers and the flavor oriented atomizers.

If you vape for replacing smoking, you can choose the flavor oriented atomizers. If you vape for playing and you like huge vapor, you can choose the huge vapor oriented atomizers.

Structurally, tanks can be divided into two big categories, finished atomizer and RBA.

Finished atomizers always comes with finished coils and come into two types, the huge vapor oriented atomizers and the flavor oriented atomizers.

RBA tank means you can build your own coil on it, including RDA, RTA and RDTA.

RDA is short for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer; RTA is short for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer; RDTA is short for Rebuildable Dripping and Tank Atomizer.

Structures of different atomizers:

A finished atomizer is composed of drip tip, top cap, oil tank, finished coil and base.

RTA is composed of drip tip, top cap, atomization warehouse, oil tank, electrode base.

RDA is composed of drip tip, atomization warehouse cap, atomization warehouse and electrode base.

RDTA is composed of drip tip, atomization warehouse cap, atomization warehouse, electrode base and oil tank.

Suggestions for purchase:

1.Due to the fact that finished atomizers maintains the strengths of stable flavor and easy operation, they are more suitable for the new vapers or the vapers who don’t have the time or don’t want to build coils.

2.After a long time development, RTA starts to polarize into two directions. One is the mouth-to-lung RTA that focuses on the flavor of the oil. Another one is the direct-to-lung RTA that focuses on huge vapor and long duration time. The simplest way to distinguish them is size of the air inlet.

3.RDA also polarizes into two directions, one is oriented to the huge vapor and the other one is oriented to the flavor. Vapers can distinguish them by the size of the warehouse and air inlet. Generally speaking, the flavor-oriented RDA has smaller atomization warehouse and air inlet.

4.RDTA is equivalent to a RDA with a oil tank. Such design is to improve problem of RDA that it has low oil storage in the cotton.

After evolving for so many years, there appear various atomizers in the market according to the different requirements of the vapers. All in all, all the innovative structures aim at bringing better vaping experience to the vapers.

Article Source: What is the difference between RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA?

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Review and Usage Experience of Limitless 200W Box Mod


Limitless 200w

Recently, Limitless company released a 200w high-powered TC box mod–Limitess 200w Box Mod. It is officially said that this box mod features three gears of explosion modes. It supports the minimum resistance low to 0.08Ω. Really few box mods can support the resistance low to 0.08Ω.

Limitless 200w

Limitless 200W TC box mod adopts the changeable side covers. Users can choose his or her favorable covers to decorate the box mod. The cover in the standard configuration are the ones showed in the picture with the logo of Limitless.

Limitless 200W

When you first hold the Limitless 200w, you must think this box mod features a built-in battery. Why? Because the width of Limitless reaches a length of 63.5mm. A box mod powered by dual batteries will in no way have such a big size.


But when you open the battery compartment, you will find this Limitless is really a dual-battery box mod. The pole pieces in the battery compartment are all made of the gold-plated materials which can assure electricity transformation to a large extent.

The resistance for installing the battery is at a moderate level.  The battery slots are not too tight.  Obviously, Limitless is made to be a “fatty. Its big size might bring surprises!

Limitless 200W

The 510 connection is adjustable and can match most atomizers.

Official Specifications:

The overall painting of Limitless 200w is very unique. It doesn’t adopt the layering such as the mainstream nacrolacquer but adopt the industrial uneven layering. On the surface, there are some raised granules. Such layering can give you a visual effect of thick industrial steel.

Its screen is like a mirror. Vapers may have countered the situations such as the screen not light enough outdoors, unclear screen, easy to be scratched. But after using it for few days, it’s not scratched at my hand. Moreover, unless the sunshine is especially strong, the screen is visible enough under normal circumstances.

The resilience force is at a moderate level. The costume  chip screen and its operation are both different to the mainstream box mods. The layout of the screen is comparatively simple without too much information. It only displays the actual wattage, memory groups, output gear, actual resistance and the output voltage. The battery volume is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  The memory groups are divided into three groups. The output wattage is adjustable in every memory group.

The operation guide and function interface introduction of Limitless:


How to enter into the function menu:

Press the fire button three times continually to enter into the locking/unlocking modes. Press the fire button five times continually to enter into the function menu. Press the fire button to switch between the options and press the adjust buttons to choose options.

Adjustment of the three gears of output modes: When you press”-”, the letter at the top right corner glitters. Press the adjust buttons to switch modes and press the fire button to choose the option.

Adjustment of memory groups and adjustment of output wattage: Press”+”, the letter M1 at the top right corner glitters and the memory group starts to operate. To change the wattage of the memory group, you only need to press “-”. When the display of wattage glitters, you can press the adjust buttons to adjust it.

Here comes the most crucial part! The resistance of Limitless can be lowered to 0.08Ω. The output wattage can reach 200w and the mod features three gears output. Obviously, the designer means to make it a huge vapor producer.  Besides, it features several protection modes which you can refer to the official instruction book.

You must have heard Limitless RDTA tank before. Today I will use this tank designed by Limitless to test the performance of Limitless 200w TC box mod. I build dual 22G/A1 coils of 0.17Ω on Limitless RDTA deck and use 80w at three different gears output modes to compare the vapor.

Maybe this can not reflect the violent output of Limitless. Next I will make a comparison between DNA200 and Limitless 200w under the same wattage but three different gears of output.

From the pictures showed above, we can easily see that under ST mode and PO mode, the ignition speed and vapor volume both  surpass that of DNA 200w. Only under the SO mode, the ignition speed is slower than the DNA 200.  It proves that the strength of this fatty Limitless 200w box mod.


The performance of Limitless 200w can well match its “fatty” body. The 200w output of its dual batteries in series connection is not inferior to DNA200 chipset box mod and even slightly surpasses its performance.

From the picture, we can see the fire button is paralleled to the panel and the button place is almost the same with that of many mainstream box mods. Personally, if the fire button could be at the Logo part on the top, it would be more comfortable to use. The side covers increases the play-ability of this box mod and “changing the decoration”can bring lots of fun to the vapers. Players don’t have to give up this Limitless 200W box mod when they get tired of the single color and patterns. I have to say this small design is of great usability.

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DIY Ecig? How do you like to do DIY the Icon Box Mod?

How to DIY an ecig? Or do you ever want to own a personal ecig?

CKS Technology has just released a fancy design of Icon Box Mod. If you don’t remember, the Skull pattern on it will remind you of this unique box mod.

It seems that the designer shows much partiality to the man vapers.  ╥﹏╥


Functionally, CKS Icon is a temperature control box mod with the control ranging from 212°F to 572°F or 100℃ to 300℃. It features a VV mode, output voltage ranging from 1.0v to 9.5v.It is supported by two 18650 batteries and the package is loaded with a USB cable. The battery compartment is slidable.

Personally, the functionality is quite appealing to me. If only the color could be more girlish!   (个_个)  How do you like it in this way? Ms and Mrs?

If the designer had a girlfriend, he might want to present it this way.  (ಥ_ʖಥ)


One vaper at home brings misunderstanding, two vapers at home make much of fun and communication. Why not buy a pair of them and DIY one of them to vape together with your spouse or would-be spouse? Vaping is fashion with no harm rather than bad addiction.

Icon Box Mod

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  Usage Experience of LMC ARMS RACE 200W— Cool not only outside but also inside

The new products release time of LIMITLESS (called LMC below) always attract a crowd of followers due to its edge-cutting design.  Appearance has always been an killer of LMC to surpass other products, and the coexistence of its actual functionality and edge-cutting design is also the reason why it’s liked by players.

No matter in which period or place, the military style will never be out of fashion and can attracts lots of followers. Recently, LMC released a box mod ARMS RACE powered by dual batteries of big power and based on the design element of “bullet box”. Here below I will bring the actual usage experience of this mod to you.

The package of ARMS RACE box mod adopts the style of hat box. The wide range of gilding Medal pattern really shines the eyes. The back is printed with some information of the LMC brand but without detailed specifications. Since the one I have is just a sample of it, there is only a mod with a brand card, in the package, none any spare parts.

The mod is painted with rubber paint, giving it really nice hand feel. The whole shape of it is very close to the bullet box of ruffle. The camouflage pattern of the bottom attaches a shining point to its appearance. No relative materials has been published officially. The light body should be made of plastic. There is completely no pressure to carry it around.

The black part  on which side shows the sign of LMC is the screen. The screen of the mod is a little bit dark. The two sides of the small cross section are processed with the shape of semi-circle and square separately.  On the semi-circle side, there is a gilding medal pattern for decoration. On the square side, there is the switch and adjusting buttons.  In the light of the hand feel, the ARMS RACE box mod is of very good quality.

The camouflage pattern part at the bottom is the lid of battery compartment, adopting the light-weighted alloy material.  On the side where the eight pressure-releasing holes is on, there is a switch-pusher of the battery cabin. The lock of Arms Race box mod’s battery adopts the way of clamping but not strong magnet, further simulating the operation of military bullet box. The USB port is on the side of the switch and can realize the direct charging of the box mod.

The 510 thread on the top adopts the gold-gilded spring electrode, but at the connection, there is none integrated scabbing-proof plate. If it is in long-term usage, unavoidably, there will be scratches. The concave-convex on the top and the oblique petal pattern by the 510 connection both fortify the military style.

As for the workmanship, you can hardly find faults or weaknesses. There is a reasonable assembling gap between the “510”connection and the top of the mod.  Though the gap is not caused by faults of workmanship, it will have the problems of stocking dust or liquid. Once there appears such problem, it will be hard for cleaning.

When the lid of the battery compartment is pushed in, it will connect with the mod perfectly. The buttons of the mod are all of light elastic force.  The camouflage paint is the rubber paint. Though it can give the mod a nice hand feel, it can easily have the problem of peeling off. This is the defect of rubber paint.

When you open the lid of the battery compartment, you can see the thoughtful design for the positioning of the lid—two round holes. When you install the lid, you only need to push up the lid.  When you hear a slight sound of “click”, it indicates that they match well. In all the aspects, this ARMS RACE box mod imitates the real military device and gives a feeling of military experience.

The mod can match tanks of 25mm diameter maximally. On the appearance, there is nearly no edge exposure problem due to that the petal-shaped arc plate can encircle the atomizer in it. When using the fire button, the slide proof combining the rubber paint gives the mod very good hand feel. Every click for firing is very crisp.

The ARMS RACE box mod adopts the chips that is costumed for LMC. The operation of such chips is of slight difference to those in the market. Users will need some time to adopt to it. Here I will give you a brief introduction of the key combinations.

Click the fire button five times to switch on/ off the box mod.

The mod will automatically recognize the resistance, and the new atomizer will indicates the choice of new or old. Adjusting the button to switch between them and press the fire button to confirm it. In the TC mode, when you install the atomizer of A1 coil. After recognizing, the mod will default back to the Wattage mode.

If you press the two adjusting buttons simultaneously, you can lock or unlock the wattage adjusting button.

When you press the “+”button and the fire button simultaneously to step into the mode selection situation and when you press the adjusting button to chose the mode, the mod will switch between the “Wattage Mode”, “ Autonomous TC Mode”, “Automatic TC Mode”, and you can press the fire button to make confirmation.

Under the wattage mode, the mod can be adjusted to 200w maximally. For the moment, there is none relative information illustrating the supporting range of the minimized resistance. I installed a A1 RDA of 0.09 Ω and found out that it could be used with this mod. As regard to the firing performance of the mod, ARMS RACE box mod has no firing delay problem. Under the low resistance of 0.09Ω and the balanced wattage of 150W, the performance can be described as firing if you pressing. The heating stability is good.

Though the TC mode has become common after being a flash in the pan for a while, this mod still remains the TC mode and even sets two different types of TC modes. Since this mode doesn’t have official instruction, here I will give some brief instruction based on my usage experience.

When you switch the mod into the TC mode with the J logo, the mod will indicate to choose the material of the coil (NI/SS316/TI) before getting into the mode. When getting into the mode, the mod will completely get into the automatic situation. When you fire the mod, it will automatically match a proper J value corresponding to the resistance of the atomizer. When in this mode, the mouth feel will be soft. For the test, I used the atomizer of 0.4Ω single coil, the mod automatically matches a heating wattage of 20-30J(you can not adjust the resistance manually). But the actual situation of this function needs to be introduced officially. This time is only a simple experience.When you switch the mod into the TC mode with logo “TC”( namely the common TC mode), before the mod gets into the mode, you will need to confirm the wattage, the material of the coil (NI/TI/SS316/TCR) and the temperature, then the mod will get into this TC mode. The way of using it is of very little difference to that of the common TC mode. Users can set different specifications to change the mouth feel.

LMC adopts the military style to design this ARMS RACE box mod, and uses the chips with satisfying performance to make it not cool in its appearance. In today’s competition of mods, besides the chip performance, overall quality, simple operation, players also need some “cool” products. LMC is such a product targeting these products. But whether on earth you will place an order on this product, it will  depend on whether you can resist the charm of the military style.

Article Source: Usage Experience of LMC ARMS RACE 200W Box Mod — Cool not only outside but also inside

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