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RELX ALPHA REVIEW – What upgrades compare to RELX?


RELX, it is very popular in Asia, especially China. It claims to be China’s JUUL, and now RELX has launched his second-generation VAPE product RELX ALPHA, which is different from RELX? What upgrades compare to RELX? Let’s dive down it!

A brief intro to the first generation of RELX:


Simple oval cylindrical design, a normal USB For charging. It looks like a little weight, but actually, you will finally love it by daily use.


RELX Pod Cartridge and flavor

The e-juice in Cartridge has a good taste and high quality. It does not make you feel thirsty like other ordinary pod e-juice. It is smooth and has no rough feeling.

RELX green been cardtridge

The cartridge is a ceramic core and the capacity is 2ML, the battery capacity is 350mha. The fruit taste has no toothpaste taste and is very cool. As for the taste of tobacco, the tar taste is added, which is very close to the real smoke stick.

Today, I will introduce RELX a, which is the real protagonist today.

RELX alpha, 2nd generation

RELX alpha

Compared with the first generation RELX, the whole model has a more sense of technology and industrial design, instead of giving people the feeling that they have got a toy. It is a kind of technology equipment and kinda a high-end route. And the pod cartridge is 2ML, the charging line is noodle-shaped, it is not easy to knot, which is very good.

I personally like the color of coffee gold, very subtle and luxurious.

RELX alpha gloden
RELX a golden color

The RELX ALPHA is utilized the magnetic pod that has vibration feedback when the connection is successful, just like the vibration of a cell phone, and the round LED indicator lights up.

RELX Alpha’s SmartPace haptic feedback feature helps you stay mindful of your habit, vibrating gently when you’ve taken 15 puffs within 10 minutes.

RELX Alpha vibration feedback

The thinned edge makes the product very thin and light, with an industrial design feel and an integrated seamless design.

The cartridge is ceramic, 1.6ML

It has a unique airway, which effectively prevents condensation. The length of the airway of 57MM makes the taste better than the first generation, and it is smoother and softer. The 1st generation RELX is a little bit rougher than the 2nd generation RELX alpha.

a-shape ceramic cartridge

It is worth mentioning that the cartridge has a number on it. If it is broken, it can be used to track when the cartridge was produced so that the factory can be improved.

alpha cartridge

You can see other information on the cartridge, such as his nicotine content and the name of the nic salt e-juice. This is great! The resistance is also much better than the Relx, and there is no air leak. There are two flavors of smoke, one is tobacco and the other is mint.

Taste and flavor

The flavor is more delicate than RELX, and the puff of RELX is aggressive, and the impact of nicotine is not so strong than Relx, you can feel that nicotine will slowly enter your body.

The 2nd RELX ALPHA comes with newer and more natural flavor. If you are a taste chaser, I suggest you choose the Relx alpha. The coolness of the two is similar.
Here, RELX green beans sorbet flavor is my first recommendation, it is the best one I have tasted all the green beans flavor. No one can beat it. Again, it is very dense and soft.

RELX ALPHA Battery capacity

The only con is that the battery capacity is only 350mha. if you are a serious vaper, the battery capacity is unlikely to last for a day. Fortunately, Relx alpha uses a type-c charging method, which makes charging faster than an ordinary USB. According to the actual experience, at least 2 times faster, which surprised me. Your RELX ALPHA takes only 15 to 20 minutes to full charging.

RELX ALPHA type c charger

In the end, I also used other RLEX cartridges, such as lychee, the content of nicotine is too high, you can’t keep puffing constantly, you will put it down after about 2 puffs. And the taste of nicotine has overwhelmed the fruity, the fruit freshness is not obvious, and the taste of the fruit is suppressed by nicotine. In addition, the two most popular RLEX flavors are mint and green beans.


Rlex A also comes with a leather case but that is not fully covered. It covers half of the Rlex alpha. When you put it in your pocket, it can also cover your cartridge to prevent the mouthpiece from getting dirty. Very technical, I’m not sure if it will be included in the retail package.


RELX ALPHA Finally verdict:

Appearance: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Due to the sharpening of the edges and corners, the image and texture of the product have improved a lot. Very technical, really like an electronic technology product rather than a “vape toy”.

Texture: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Mainly due to the design change of the mouthpiece, I personally prefer the RELX mouthpiece. The mouthpiece of RELX alpha is way more decent which makes the whole vape pod more integrated, but there is no comfort than the 1st RELX. But that is not a big deal.

Taste: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

  • Fruit Flavor: There is no better gree bean sorbet or mint flavor than this!
  • Tobacco taste: throat feeling, lung pressure is good
relx Flavor

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