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Review: Cuboid Lite + Exceed D22 Kit – Joyetech

Released in August amid general indifference, the set Cuboid Lite Joyetech comes with clearomiseur Exceed D22. This little kit does not present any particular novelty. Yet Cuboid Lite with its battery integrated 3000 mAh proved very attractive …

2 ml expandable to 3.5

As for the majority of the kits, everything is included in the box with some parts in addition to the box and the clearomiser: a USB cable for the Cuboid Lite, and seals, a second tank of different size, a booster and a fireplace. second resistance for the Exceed. We also have a manual for the box and a 2  for clearomiseur, with a section in French.

Note that it is possible to acquire the Cuboid Lite only, but the price difference with the kit being a few euros, as much to enjoy.

The Exceed, a clearomizer that knows how to adapt

Joyetech Exceed D22 Clearomizer

To change a little bit, let’s start this review with the Exceed. With a diameter of 22 mm, its capacity is 2 ml, TPD requires. But Exceed can adapt, and for those who wish, it is possible to pass in 3.5 ml with a small booster to place at the top of the resistance. It should also install the 2  supplied tank slightly larger.

The Exceed knows how to adapt in capacity, but also how you vape. Two uses are possible:

  • In indirect inhalation, the 1.2-ohm, steel-colored resistor will allow vaps with a power of between 8 and 14 W. The Exceed’s unique air intake allows a choice of opening from one to three holes. The adjustment on the three holes actually offers a slightly restrictive pull, while with a single hole, there is a thin stream of air.
  • For direct inhalation, use the 2  resistance of gold, a value of 0.5 ohm, for a power range of 20 to 35 W. The most air circulation will be obtained by turning the ring completely, revealing a large hole in a cyclops eye and masking the small holes used for indirect inhalation. It is of course possible to adjust this flow by bringing the ring to the small holes to modulate it, the setting is rather precise. Only shadow on the board, in the fully open position the suction is quite noisy.

A small detail concerning the resistance of 0.5 ohm. Its golden color certainly allows to differentiate it quickly from that of 1.2 ohm, but it swears completely with the rest of the stainless steel clearomizer. It’s even more obvious when you install the booster seat which is also stainless steel. The set is a bit of DIY patch, which is the case for the rest, but it’s a pity for aesthetics.

Be careful when raising the tank, especially at the bottom seal. It is a vacuum seal and it has a particular shape: on one side it is smooth, and on the other, it has a groove that will have to be tank side. This feature allows the tank to better hold in place when removing the fill ring that holds it in place, when the clearomizer is fully mounted.

The filling of the Exceed is done from the top by unscrewing the top cap . It’s good. But he is completely smooth. It’s less good. And if you have not previously screwed the filler ring to the resistance firmly see or insisting a little, instead of unscrewing than the top cap, it’s all coming. This is annoying. Apart from this detail, the filling will be no problem provided that with a bottle with a fine tip, and again, the latter can not be inserted into one of the orifices as they are narrow. Fortunately the chimney goes up a little, which avoids running liquid inside.

Also remember to close the air intake before filling, and once the top cap is up, turn the clearomizer upside down before opening the air supply. The resistance does not have a great power of retention and you will avoid so it does not engorge.

The drip tip supplied is in 510 format, exchangeable with any other of this format, but is rather intended for indirect inhalation. Its length is good, especially as the top cap forms a dome, but its inner diameter as outside is a little small. For indirect inhalation it will surely be necessary, but for direct inhalation it will probably be necessary to provide another.

A nice vape

Exceed D22 Resistors from Joyetech

The Exceed produces a vape with good flavors. We can easily recognize the different aromas, the vape is sweet and pleasant. The steam generated is quite correct, sufficient in any case to stand out with the resistance of 0.5 ohm, but a little less with that of 1.2 ohm, which is quite normal. Their capillarity is no problem. At least with a liquid in 60% VG , I did not have any particular problem.

To conclude on this clearomiser, the Exceed works well and even if it does not present innovation, it has good finishes. Too bad its coating is single stainless steel and not with a brushed finish as for the Cuboid. In a kit, it’s better if all the elements are fittings. Regarding its use, we are very far from the catastrophic Cubis 2 , Exceed EX resistors are incomparable with the series of ProC-BF Cubis 2. Its big strength will be to be suitable for both direct inhalation and indirect, which is rather rare for a clearomizer.

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Technical Review

Essential features of the Joyetech Cuboid Lite

  • Height: 67 mm
  • Width: 41 mm
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Weight: 143 g
  • Power: 1 to 80 W
  • Maximum output amperage: 30 A
  • Battery: integrated 3000 mAh
  • Rechargeable via micro USB port at 2 A
  • Update chipset: yes
  • Resistance range: 0.1 to 3.5 ohms in power mode, and 0.05 to 1.5 ohm in TC mode
  • Vape modes: power, temperature control in Ni200, titanium and stainless steel, TCR mode with three memories, bypass and passthrough
  • Preheat  : yes
  • Flush counter: yes
  • Temperature control: from 100 ° to 315 ° C
  • 1.45 inch color display – 22 mm × 30 mm display area
  • Connector: pin 510 brass mounted on spring
  • Colors: silver, black, red, yellow and purple

Essential features of the Exceed D22 Clearomiser

  • Height: 41.6 mm in 2 ml / 48.9 mm in 3.5 ml
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Tank capacity: 2 ml / 3.5 ml
  • Connection: not adjustable
  • Weight: 37 g in 2 ml version
  • Type of resistance: EX series
  • Airflow : bottom and adjustable with stop
  • Drip tip: 510
  • Filling: from the top with disassembly of the top cap
  • Available colors: silver, black, red, yellow and purple

The box contains

  • A Cuboid Lite box
  • An Exceed D22 clearomiser mounted in 2 ml version
  • Two EX resistors in 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm of which one preinstalled
  • A tank for modification in 3.5 ml version
  • Chimney enhancer for modification in 3.5 ml version
  • A bag of joints
  • USB cable
  • A user manual for the Cuboid and another for the Exceed with a section in French
  • A precautionary card of use for the installation of the resistance
  • A guarantee certificate

What is left to the big ones?

How not to smile when you hold in your hand this little box? Although subjective, I immediately fell in love with its reduced size, its brushed aluminum type treatment, its two large black front and rear fronts, or its weight just right, suggesting that it will be strong enough and not too heavy for us to take everywhere.

In detail, I will start with his just perfect fire bar. The pressure can be from a quarter of the bottom to the top, and the click is both firm and flexible, while remaining relatively quiet. It does not move a hair, slightly exceeds the side to be used without being sought, a pleasure to use.

In contrast, there is the micro USB port that will be used to recharge the Cuboid or to update it. Located at the edge of the main facade and at the top, you will notice its work of integration so that it can perfectly be connected without presenting sharp angle. Its location will allow a standing box refill, which is not often the case for a small box.

Under the box, nothing special except a small Reset button, accessible with a paper clip, so you can reset the box in case of problems during the update. We can also see the 6 ventilation holes.

The upper part of course accommodates the connector for the atomizer . As for the bottom, the metal has been worked to provide an embossing that is certainly just aesthetic, but so much more fun than a flat face. The positive pin is spring loaded, and has a fairly long stroke. The ideal diameter for the atomizer will be 22 mm as for the Exceed, but you can push up to 24 mm if the small visual overhang that there will be with the top of the box does not ask you of problem. Beyond that is still possible, but it will start to swear a little.

Pin 510 of Joyetech's Cuboid Lite Box

The two main facades are covered with a black Plexiglas. The back side is just aesthetic and in alignment with the top of the box, but for the front, it will stand out slightly and be bevelled around its edge, so as to accommodate a beautiful 1.45-inch color screen as well as the + and – button. The screen is not tactile , as advertised by some shops, but we do not care, because the main thing is that it is legible, which is the case. Below, there is the + and – button which does not present any game either. The click is also as pleasant as silent, and it emerges from the facade just what it takes to use the flat of the finger .

As with all Joyetech boxes, these two fronts and the + and – button are protected by transparent protective films. It is not mandatory to remove them to use the box, but I hate to see these protections that tarnish a little what they protect. If all goes well, it should take you a quarter of an hour, because to get there, it will take patience. A real wound to remove, I’ve never been so bad, but the result is worth it and the Cuboid Lite is much prettier like that.

This small Cuboid Lite is aesthetically and qualitatively a real success. Nothing moves, the finishes are neat, materials pleasant to the touch and the sight, the joints are perfect, all the metal part which surrounds the box consists of one piece without connection and there is not only one visible screw. This is one of the best finished series box that I could have in the hands, Joyetech really assured.

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Clear and well readable display

Joyetech Cuboid Lite Screen

Its large color screen allows to display information in a very readable way. The screen is bright and has a good resolution. Its reading is possible outside, but becomes a little more difficult in full sun.

The power, or temperature in TC mode, is indicated in the middle of the screen in large characters. Just below, the selected vape mode is displayed. Note however that for the power mode, tenths appear, in very small instead of the symbol W, only when you change value to disappear immediately. As a result, you never know if you are at power x.1 or x.9, which is not at all the same when you vape at 10 W.

Around this information are two circles. The outer circle indicates the battery charge level, information doubled with the battery icon just below the circles. When the charge reaches about a quarter remaining, this information changes color to red. This circle is not as accurate as a digital display, but it still provides a fairly accurate estimate of the remaining charge. The second circle on the inside indicates power or temperature. The more you increase the power or temperature, the more it gets to the right. These circles are more aesthetic than informative, the numerical value being more precise. 

Below, we find the voltage (replaced by the power in TC mode or when we choose to display the clock), the value of the resistor and the output amperage which unfortunately, does not remain displayed after having vapote but only during use. This info can be replaced by the number of puffs or the total time since the last reset.

Two other icons may also appear on the screen. At the top left, a small smiley indicates that the “nicotine tracking” option is on, and in the top right, an icon symbolizing the letter P in a circle will indicate that the preheat is selected. I will come back to these options later.

The Cuboid Lite also allows to have a real-time clock displayed. It is possible to have it permanently, only when the box is in standby also choosing the time it will remain displayed. It can be displayed numerically when using the box, but only in analog mode during standby. This option may be useful for some of you, but in sleep mode, be aware that this will have a significant impact on overall autonomy.

A full chipset with original options

Joyetech has perfectly mastered this part for a long time, no wonder that it lacks nothing. All modes of vape are present: power mode, temperature control with all wires, TCR mode with three available memories, but also bypass and passthrough modes.

For TC or TCR mode, three things to remember:

  • By choosing stainless steel, the preset mode is calibrated for 316 stainless steel
  • The TC mode only supports a maximum of 1.5 ohm resistance. The box will automatically return to power mode with higher resistance.
  • If the box detects resistance in Kanthal while you are in TC, it will iron alone in power mode with a value of 10 W. A nice option to avoid a problem when you change the atomizer, but that forget to change the setting.

The preheat function is also present. However, this preheat is one of those I find badly done: it indicates the desired power and its duration. And if we change the atomizer? Well, you have to redo the settings. Unless I’m wrong, I do not see the value of such a system, preferring instead the one found for example at iJoy where we indicate a percentage of power with a duration, and who takes to base the power you have chosen.

You can also change the display time of the screen saver, switch to stealth mode, lock the + and – button and reverse the display direction of the screen.

The Cuboid Lite offers some unusual options, to activate or not:

  • Nicotine follow-up This option allows you to control your nicotine intake by indicating the rate in your e-liquid . A small smiley appears at the top left, and as you steam, when the rate reaches a certain percentage within a certain time, it starts to wince. Obviously, we do not know what percentage it is, or how long it is based, and just like Vap’Ed in its test on the Ekee 80W , I doubt the efficiency of the process and of the relevance of this information.
  • The maximum duration of puff. If you need to limit the duration of each puff, this option allows you to choose between 5 and 15 seconds of continuous use. If during a puff you arrive at the preset time, the box will turn off automatically. I admit, however, not to see the value of this possibility, but why not.
  • The power limit. Much more interesting, this option allows to limit the power depending on the resistance in place. Three resistance value ranges can thus be defined: 0.1 ~ 0.45 ohm, 0.46 ~ 0.95 ohm and 0.96 ~ 3.5 ohm. For each range, it is possible to indicate the maximum power that the box should not exceed, thus protecting the resistance of a value too high which could damage it. Really very well this option!

As for all boxes, protections against short circuits and other unfortunate phenomena are present. There is also extra protection during charging to stop recharging if the battery exceeds 50 ° C. Similarly, if at the beginning of the charge the battery temperature is above 45 ° C or below 5 ° C, charging will not occur. This protection can be deactivated (ENU menu).

The Cuboid Lite can be recharged with a maximum intensity of 2 A. When the battery is completely discharged, it takes about 1:15 to be fully charged, which is rather fast.

A last nice little point: when the ignition is 5 clicks, the box is immediately available without it goes through a loading phase to display a logo or other information. It’s pretty good.

In summary

 WE love

  • Its excellent finish
  • Its beautiful color screen
  • Its fire button in the form of a bar
  • Its design and weight for use on the go
  • Its 3000 mAh battery
  • Its recharge in 2 A
  • Its very complete chipset
  • The homogeneity of the kit

 We do not like

  • The display of the power that does not indicate the tenths
  • Resistances that sometimes tend to get a little engorged


Joyetech delivers us here a small kit really extra. The Exceed D22 is probably not the clearomizer of the year, but it remains very good and provides a nice vape and a good rendering of flavors. The Cuboid Lite is for its part a perfect little box with neat finishes, embellished with a beautiful screen and a chipset at the top. Its 3000 mAh battery combined with its compact dimensions and its low weight can accompany you in all your travels. We can only advise you.

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