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Review: Herakles Sub-Ohm by Sense

When using sub-ohm devices please be as careful as possible, not all sub-ohm levels are safe with every device. Check to ensure that your device is capable of handling it. This review is of a product bought and paid for by me, not a product received in exchange of a review.


Ok so like most of you i’ve followed the sub-ohm craze and like some of you I tend to favor RDA’s. I had tried a few of the sub-ohm tanks on the market but they just couldn’t keep up with my chain vaping and heavy usage. I also could not find an actual RDA replacement within those products on the market. Sure I could vape on them but the experience and flavor just wasn’t the same, that’s not to say they weren’t good they just didn’t give me a 1:1 ratio of experience that would replace rda’s for me entirely. Part of the problem was with dry hits, reduced flavor, and just going through coil heads at an alarming rate. So when I saw the Herakles being touted so heavily I started to do some research and that research told me buy one and review it.

First things first the device comes in a basic box like other tanks minus and instruction book. I guess Sense is under the impression everyone who buys one already knows how to use one. Aside from that it’s your basic tank, replacement glass and two coils (.2 ohm and .6 ohm). The .2 ohm is capable of handling wattage as high as 50 watts, while the .6 ohm coil can handle up to 75 (There is some debate on this because people have claimed to run them up to 100 watts). The most noticeable things about the Herakles is that it uses coils with huge wicking holes, four of them. By comparison the Kangertech subtank coils only have two holes. By this stretch the coils are significantly better on the Herakles than on the subtank, internally the coils are vertical and the cotton soaks faster. I mean amazingly faster, no sooner do you take a rip than you’ll start seeing bubbles of the juice being sucked into the cotton. I all day vape on an eliquid that’s around 91% vg so it’s thick, most coil heads have issues keeping up with it so it’s one of the particular reasons I like RDA’s. The air flow has a heat sink sort of layer I guess to disperse heat quicker or to draw it away from the tank and coil head itself. The airflow controls can be iffy, if you like a tight draw you won’t really find one if that’s your thing. Personally I enjoy airy draws at high wattage so it works well for me.

The base of the chimney leaves a little to be desired, it is so wide there is very little space between it and the walls of the fill glass. You may struggle at first filling the tank to it’s listed 3ml capacity, I don’t actually think it holds 3ml I think it holds slightly less. You can wedge the tip of your glass dropper at an angle and fill it slowly and cautiously. Another pet peeve is having to hold the glass in place to the cap when filling. Depending on whether there is enough suction near the cap it may hold on it’s own but sometimes it doesn’t. Unscrewing the base is pretty simple but also requires you hold the glass and cap in place.

So now with the tank filled and the .2 ohm coil head installed, primed, and given time to soak more let’s give this thing a go. I started out at 30 watts and increased it by 5 watts every 3rd rip. At 50 watts with 91% vg ejuice this thing handles it heavenly, the flavor is actually better to me than on my RDA. The cloud just as good as in most RDA’s as well, the biggest factor being not a single dry hit. Not one!! One thing I did notice is that I went through 3ml in the fastest time ever, I don’t think i’ve dripped 3ml in under thirty minutes. Could be the fact that I could not put the tank down for long at all. Decided instead of refilling to switch to the .6 ohm coil head and see how more surface area would perform, also left my mod at 50 watts and worked on increasing it from there. Juice consumption was a little less than on .2 ohms at 50 watts but the flavor was absolutely incredible, by comparison it took me getting to 75 watts at .6 ohms to finally get a really warm vape and the same level of cloud production but the flavor only got better as I increased wattage.

Scores: Design 7 (improve the way of filling the tank), Flavor 10 (Easily challenges any RDA), Usage 7 (the juice capacity means you have to carry juice with you, but you trade that off in order to get this level of flavor), Portability 10 (it’s tiny and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb), Re-buy factor: 8 (for $25 it is definitely a good buy but the coils are almost as expensive)

Now It’s Available :

Sense Herakles 3 Sub Ohm Tank 4.5ml

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