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Review:Joyetech Batpack / Joye ECO D16 Kit

The output of Batpack kit of Joyetech could mark a major step in the evolution of vape supplies, with power by two standard AA batteries. No luck, this kit is a disappointment.

The kit is compact and well done

As soon as the box is open, it is the compactness of the Batpack kit that stands out first. The clearomizer is very small and the box barely larger than the two AA batteries that make it work, we will talk about it later.

The ergonomics are excellent and the grip very pleasant. The set is fine, which allows to slip comfortably into jeans without being embarrassed, even Travolta could turn Grease with in his pocket.

Another advantage of this kit, the realization is excellent. The box in particular is really qualitative. Made of metal, the adjustments are irreproachable, the trigger button has no play in its housing, the door of the battery compartment either. The clearomizer is in tune, making it a truly qualitative set.

A good point too, the box and the clearomizer have a connection 510 to connect them, which allows to replace either by any model of the market, provided that the diameter does not change too much. An atomizer 24 mm in diameter is obviously ridiculous on the box …

Technical Review

Essential features of the Joyetech Batpack / Joye ECO D16 Kit

Type of material beginner’s kit
Dimensions mod 70, 5 mm out of 37 out of 18
Drums 2 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries (Optional) or 2 AA Batteries
Temperature control no
Max. of the atomizer 24.5 mm
Screen no
Box materials zinc alloy body and brass pin
Clearomizer materials steel body, Pyrex tank and steel pin
Dimensions of the clearomizer 16.5 mm out of 43
Capacity 2 ml
Filling from above, by unscrewing the top cap
Air intake from above, adjustable
Clearomizer materials steel body, Pyrex tank and steel pin
Resistors BFHN in 0.5 ohm
Drip tip owner
Weight of the kit 88 g
Available colors golden, green / purple, green, red / gold, black / blue, dark blue / pink

The box includes

Batpack / Joye ECO D16 Kit (x1), clearomizer (x1), battery (x2), resistors (x2), operating instructions (x1)

The Batpack is easy

The use of the box is as simple as you can do. 5 quick clicks on the trigger button to turn it on or off, and press to vaper. At least you do not risk a cramp neurons to use this kit and it is an excellent point for the public that this kit is intended: the new vapers.

An LED next to the clearomizer indicates the operation of the box, as well as the battery level by its blinking more or less fast. And it’s actually weird to talk about “batteries” rather than batteries!

Focus On For More Vape Kits.   

Two AA batteries

The great feature of this kit is of course to work with two AA batteries, conventional batteries that can be found easily even in the smallest grocery store deep in the world.

At least, the kit can work with conventional alkaline batteries, because it still has a much better autonomy with AA rechargeable batteries. The classic batteries option is to be kept in trouble, which is no less a valuable asset.

The kit comes with two AA batteries of 2100 mAh, which can hold the day without problems. It must instead have an external charger, the box does not but we find everywhere for a few euros.

To get the resistance to work with such a low energy source, the box regulates the average voltage at 2 V, which combined with a resistance of 0.5 ohm can deliver about 8 W sufficient for an indirect inhalation vape .

The clearomizer is impractical

The ECO D16 clearomiser in the Batpack kit is relatively standard in its overall design. The installation of the resistors is easy, just screw them on the base. It must also remove the Pyrex tank to do so, which requires that it is empty. The functional aspect loses a point.

The air supply is from the top, by two small openings just at the base of the drip tip. This one being quite short, one quickly made the lips on the arrivals of air, which mouths of course. It is therefore necessary to vap either by putting just the tip of the drip tip on the lips, or by turning the kit so that the air inlets are parallel to the lips so that the openings remain free. And another point of lost for the functional.

Finally, the airflow is a little too aerial for a pleasant indirect inhalation, and is not adjustable. A more restrictive flow of air would also perhaps have made it possible to compensate for certain shortcomings of the resistances.

Resistances are … null

The big, weak point of this kit is the resistors. And it’s annoying, considering that it is they who produce the steam, and the steam is a little what we seek when we vape.

Their first fault is to miss a hit . The production of steam is correct, the rendering of the flavors also, but the feeling in the throat is weak. Joyetech actually specifies that it is necessary to use this kit preferably with high nicotine levels or nicotine salts, which I confirm. I usually vape in 2 mg / ml of nicotine, and with this kit the 6 mg / ml gives me a feeling equivalent to my habit.

So, for those who need the feeling of a 18 mg / ml … it is impossible to have it. And here is a nerd for a kit that is intended for new vapers.

These resistances are ultimately catastrophic with liquids too low in vegetable glycerin . With 75% PG / 25% VG, it’s just ridiculous. The resistance barely drowns the filled tank. This does not leak, since the air supply is from the top, but it’s a pool inside. The resistance can no longer evaporate anything, and we get nothing more than glouglous suction. Grotesque.

It’s better with liquids in … 20% PG / 80% VG. This generally corresponds to liquids provided for advanced kits, with direct inhalation and consequent potency. So liquids are most often unavailable beyond 6 mg / ml of nicotine, which give with these resistances the impression of vapping in 2 mg / ml.

In short, for a beginner’s kit, we are completely next to the plate. We can certainly replace the clearomizer with another model, such as a GS basal for example. Except that the resistors of all other models are provided for a voltage of 3.7 V, and will come out almost nothing on the Batpack box.

In summary

 WE love

  • The quality of realization
  • ergonomics
  • The AA accus!

 We do not like

  • The air supply of the clearomizer
  • The resistances!
  • The lack of hit


The Batpack / ECO D16 kit is remarkably well made, very compact and easy to use. Its power supply by two AA batteries or batteries is a real asset, even if it requires recharging the batteries separately. By cons, the vape with this kit lacks really feeling in the throat, and can not satisfy those who need the hit of a 18 mg / ml of nicotine. The ridiculous trend of resistance to fleeing with all liquids less than 80% of VG completes the picture, and I do not really see who to recommend the Batpack.

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Joyetech Batpack with Joye ECO D16 Kit

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