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Vape product review

Rincoe Neso X pod vape review

Great mouth to lung device with refillable pods

The Rincoe Neso X pod vape is the ideal device for mouth to lung users. It’s very simple to use, consistent and you can fill the pods with whatever e-liquid you fancy. The device comes with a variety of safety features and feels really nice in the hand. In our opinion, it’s a great pod mod for beginners and it’s also very affordable and well built.

What you get with the Rincoe Neso X pod system

When you purchase the Rincoe Neso X pod vape system you will receive it in a standard yellow cardboard presentation box. Inside you will find the small battery, a micro-USB charging cable, one pod and the small instructions manual.

When it comes to available colors, there is not much information we can provide except for the model we got to test. This is because this particular pod vape has not yet been listed on the company’s website. All we know is that one of the colors is Silver, but that’s about it.

rincoe neso x packaging

Design and features of the Rincoe Neso X pod mod

The Rincoe Neso X pod mod has a very elegant and ergonomic design. It measures 110mm x 20.5mm x 12mm and has a very smooth metallic coating. It feels sleek and elegant and it’s very nice to hold. It can get a bit slippery at times since the texture doesn’t have any type of grip.

The device is activated on the draw so it doesn’t come with a button. The only thing noticeable on the front of this tiny vape is the N logo, which also acts as a small indicator light. It will blink white when you slide in the pod and after you take a puff, and will turn to red once the battery reaches less than 30%.

The micro-USB slot is placed on the bottom and it usually takes around 1h to get the 350mAh battery fully charged. In addition, the small pod mod comes with a multitude of safety features. You won’t have to worry about overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits or the temperature of the internal components.

rincoe neso x silver

The Rincoe Neso X pods

You only get one pod with the Rincoe Neso X vape and that’s probably the biggest con with this device. We always encourage manufacturers to provide each device with at least two atomizers, just in case one of them is a dud.

The pod itself has a total capacity of 1.8 ml and it’s refillable. There is a small rubber gasket on the side and this gives you full access to the port. The atomizer resistance is 1.3 Ohms and this pairs perfectly with the 3.3V output of the battery.

The device delivers a very nice mouth to lung style experience, with great vapor production and excellent flavor. We refilled the pod for 6 times and it still worked like brand new, so these seem to have a very long lifespan.

rincoe neso x pod

Performance and conclusions on the Rincoe Neso X

The Rincoe Neso X pod vape is an easy to use, affordable and consistent device. It’s mostly aimed at beginners but you can also use it as a back-up device or as a standalone vape for nicotine salts. The drawing style is mouth to lung and it activates on inhale. The LED notification light is perfect for knowing your battery status and for any errors the device might give. The battery is enough to last you a full day, especially when using nicotine salts.

The only cons we found are the one-pod-kit and the smooth finish which can get a bit slippery if your palms are sweaty.

Product Specifications

Built Material:Metal (general)
Charge duration:Under 1 hour
Charge port:micro-USB
Device Size:Small/Tiny
Device size:110mm x 20.5mm x 12mm
E-Liquid capacity:1.8ml
Production year:2018
Weight:Under 100g


Great mouth to lung vape

Very easy to use

Nice build quality


Only one pod with the kit

Can get slippery in the hand

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