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Rincoe Tix Pod review-A compact and versatile in MTL and DL device

Rincoe Tix Pod let you experience MTL or DL in a very compact format. Rincoe brings us some great things, including the Mechman 228W kit and its beautiful design. Like all brands of vape, Rincoe has also dived into the pod trend. Rincoe Tix Pods use Mechman heavily. I was impressed by the pod style. It is zinc alloy, PC and IML.

They are not low-end plastic, and it’s very good. We found a similar design to the Mechman kit on the Tix Pod. On the facade, you have an American flag, a British sticker, and a skull, a flame, a galaxy, a sky or a simple black carbon sticker. Personally, I have a version of the American flag, and it’s very beautiful.

Rincoe Tix Pod

Rincoe Tix Pod sits MTL and DL vaping styles

Another problem with Pods is that components tend to be loose and therefore no longer suitable. Rincoe Tix Pods do not have this problem because cartridges are encapsulated in cassettes. To remove the cartridge, press the Mode button on the side to remove the panel and pull the panel. It’s like we removed the panel in a classic box.

The panel is magnetic. It’s easy to recover and well bound. For me, the Tix Pod and its coated box are very good. Rincoe believes that the Tix Pod may be suitable for MTL and DL vape. It offers two coils, the first pre-installed 0.8 ohms and the second MTL mounted at 1.0 ohm. At the bottom of the cartridge, you will have an Airflow adjusts to.

Rincoe Tix Pod

Good deal on the Rincoe Tix Pod

Rincoe Tix Vape Pod System Kit 1000mAh $59.99 -32%

There are some hiccups on the cartridge.

If the coil is to be replaced, the filter element must be removed by pushing the drip head down and pulling the filter element to the side. The first few times were a little difficult, and sometimes I had to use a screwdriver. It is best to suggest a way to remove the cartridge. The airflow of the mounted coil must then be unscrewed. You unscrew it and replace it.

I’m a little troubled to fill in. Like an idiot, I try to fill it by pulling a little hole in the rubber band. In fact, you must remove all rubber bands to see a good fill hole.

It will tilt the cartridge to completely fill the cartridge. Rincoe Tix Pods have a capacity of 2 ml. This is not a rebuke to Rincoe, as many brands use a piece of rubber. But it would have been better to use something more powerful. When a fill, it can leak, and frankly, it’s not the most comfortable. But we hope they can improve it in the next release.

7 colors of Rincoe Tix Pod

Where can I get the Rincoe Tix Pod?

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Features of Rincoe Tix Pod

The Tix Pod has a battery capacity of 1000 mAh, which is great because it lasts for a day in MTL. I also like the pod settings. Click the 5-point button to open the pod using the Fire button, which highlights the front of the Rincoe Tix Pod. The power is then adjusted using the “Mode” button on the side. Frankly, I appreciate the attention. Many pods put all the settings on one button.

Because it is a pod, so there is no screen. Everything is done by light. After opening the pane with 5 clicks, click the Mode button once.

Red 2 times for power of 3.3 volts, blue 2 times for power of 3.65 volts, green 2 times for full power. When you atomize, you will have two indicators, the first indicating the voltage indicator and the second indicating the battery level indicator. Red light represents a range of 5 to 15 percent, blue light represents a range of 15 to 50 percent, and light represents a range of 50 to 100 percent.

Rincoe Tix Pod

How Rincoe Tix Pod performed?

I know MTL very well, and I would say rincoe Tix Pod provides above-average results. This is still a container, the plastic box is not suitable for sublimation flavor. But even if the hit is weak, we’ll have nicotine shots. One of the things I noticed about the Rincoe Tix Pod was that adjusting Airflow was a bit of a hassle. When the cartridge is completely turned off, it cannot be completed. It is not enough to open the panel.

It will remove the cartridge to easily turn the airflow. This pod does not provide pure MTL. Even if it only opens Airflow a little, I think the raffle is more sailed than the other pods I’ve used. But again, it’s really great, and the Tix Pod is still a good choice. I don’t know if it’s compatible with other coils, or if it’s going to be content with the coils proposed by the brand. Another benefit is the tip of the drip. This duck-mouthed drip tip makes the tip very comfortable.

Rincoe Tix Pod package

Future releases will require some improvement.

Obviously, the ergonomics of the cartridge must be improved. On the one hand, we need to be able to clear it easily. and avoid rubber band filling. It’s better than we can fill directly from the bottom and rotate the turn.

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