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Sense Orbit TF Pod System Review

Last year, people at Lost Vape released the Orion DNA GO Pod Mod, the world’s first pod system with adjustable power settings and refillable tank setups, making it almost like a scaled-down version of the advanced mod.

Of course, if nothing else, our products are a parody industry, and now other manufacturers are busy releasing their own similar devices. The latest brand to challenge Orion is Sense. Their Orbit TF Pod system is a basic Orbit companion, behaves more like a traditional pod and shares some key components. For this review, we will focus on the Orbit TF because it adds additional functionality that we think will make it an excellent new product. Let’s dive in!

Sense Orbit TF Vape Pod System Kit

Sense Orbit TF Design

Again, as various types of Orion clones, the design is similar to a rectangle, with a single (solidly attached, non-rattle) button processing trigger, on/off, and power adjustment settings.

At 79.3mm by 45.5mm by 18.6mm, its internal contours are smaller, but a little thicker than Orion and suitable for your palms, making it easier to stealth vapes.

Although most of the fuselage is plastic, the Orbit TF feels sturdy, well-made, and has been initially tested for a variety of jagged marble finishes that look durable enough. The pod is firmly stuck on top of the battery, rather than relying on magnets or latchsystems like the sometimes fussy Orion. Airflow comes from the bottom of the container at the opening in front of the battery body and is unadjustable, and the metal cover slides to one side for the top refill capacity.

Sense Orbit TF Vape Pod System Kit

Sense cites a 3 ml capacity, which we think may be slightly exaggerated but still find large quantities of liquid storage to limit top-up to once a day. The biggest news is a replaceable coil system that can reuse the Orbit TF pod for a long time – although you can throw away your pod after a small amount of refueling, simply replacing the coil will be more economical (environmentally friendly) in the long run. There are currently two coils, the traditional stainless steel wire, 1.1 ohm resistance and mesh design, the resistance is 0.6 ohm.

These coils are pressed to the bottom of the pod and secured with rubber washers instead of screwing in as traditional mod/clearomizer systems. The body has an integrated micro-USB port for charging the 1100 mAh internal battery with an indicator on it that shows power settings and battery power.

Sense Orbit TF Performance

Like advanced modules, the Orbit TF has a five-key on/off function and a three-click adjustment function that can be cycled between power levels. The indicators above the USB port are available in three settings: soft (blue), normal (green), and strong (white), but Sense does not specify the appropriate power or voltage for any.

We find ourselves preferring the normal and powerful setting slot of 0.6 ohm mesh coils, while users of 1.1 ohm conventional coils may tend to be soft or normal. For the MTL vapers that like the restrictive draw, the 1.1 ohm coil will be your best choice. The 0.6 ohm version is fairly airy and is a better limited lung hit we experience from the pod device (smoother than MTL, not DL).

Sense Orbit spec

For this compact device, steam production is well above average and certainly beyond our expectations.

It’s actually very powerful, and we recommend sticking to traditional nicotine in the 0-6 mg / ml range and keeping nic salt vape juice for weaker devices – even in low power settings, Sense TF can be a strong hit. If a little quiet, the taste is clean and crisp. The absence of a fashionable taste indicates a lack of quality control in the bean pod or coil construction, but given the impressive steam production, we just look forward to more in the taste department and find ourselves just satisfied rather than being blown away.


Despite its many advantages, the Orbit TF has some drawbacks, especially in terms of lack of functionality. The most obvious of these is the lack of airflow control.

If it is not placed in front of the steam chamber, most other similar devices will have at least a flow ring on the drip head, and we wonder if this effect will affect a little. In addition, while it’s not uncommon to find pod mod devices with fixed drip tip, we think it’s time to start converting to the standard 510 replaceable tip as this corner of the industry progresses. While this is a bit about style, fixed cues also affect functionality: we’ve interrupted our fair tips, and mods are jingling in our wallets or pockets, and the tip with adjustable airflow can partially solve the problem.

Sense Orbit TF Vape Pod System Kit

Final thoughts

Overall, the Orbit TF is an affordable, rugged device. It has good battery performance, good performance and taste, as well as excellent top fill. While we can find some room for improvement in future generations, Sense’s first product offers plenty of power and cloud products, some excellent coils (the replaceable factor is huge!

As well as compact and beautiful design, making it worth the equivalent of admission. Who’s this device? This is ideal for vapers who work on a budget and want to upgrade from a regular pod system to something that has more functionality but is hesitant to pull triggers on larger, more advanced devices.

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