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Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank – total recycling

Today I will start your day not with good news. No, everything is good – just somehow gray and boring. Although elected such news may please. By elected, I mean not those who were chosen by a special council of planet Earth or appointed by fate to save our galaxy from invasion by foreign invaders. But very different – simple fans of the resin material that has gained popularity.

For you, the company Sigelei tried from the heart. They thought, they thought – where else to push this multicolored plastic, and here at one of the brainstorming, one of the developers exclaimed – idea! So, it was decided to replace the usual glass of the tank with “glass” (I will still call it that way) from Resign.

And they got the following – Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank . “Oil Painting”.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
It turned out just some kind of a fairy tale))) I hope you will take my sarcasm with humor, no offense to the fans of the sigil.
By the way, foty squeezed, so satisfied with the render. Although in the photo live it would not hurt to assess the “scale of the tragedy”, so to speak.

Case Material: stainless steel + resin
atomizer type: Sealed
Evaporators: SM2-H / SM2 / SM4 / SM6
Volume: 2.5ml
Diameter: 24mm
Height: 51mm with Drip type
connector: 510, pin gilded
Weight: unknown
color: black, steel
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
– T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs SM2-H (one is preinstalled)
– spare origings
– spare glass
– user manual

Focus On For More Vape Tank.
Design – well, that design – you can see everything. If you do not take into account the full “recycling” of the device, then our hero is not particularly different even from his fellows on the shelf, not to mention the proposals of competitors. In form, we have a standard case, except that a drip type with a decent exhaust pipe rises above it. Appearance to judge does not make sense, because he is an amateur – here or yes or no. I have a distinct no.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
Refueling tank top. Drip type removable. The capacity is frankly small, despite the impressive height and diameter. Replaceable evaporators that feed our “plastic predator” are the same. We have already seen them, we know them, and some even probably tried.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
The evaporators are blown from below, at the base of the tank there is a turning ring with notches for adjusting the air supply.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
It is gratifying that in the kit is a spare, but rather a replaceable glass. And here it looks like a usual way for us – it is transparent glass.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
Price $ 30 – for it, and even so many dollars … no, thank you.
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -
Advantages / disadvantages
+ design (for lovers)
– price
Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank -

Now It’s Available :Sigelei T4 Resin Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer

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