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SMOK RPM80 PRO And RPM80 Preview – A next-gen to the mod pod?

SMOK released 2 latest MOD POD – SMOK RPM80 and SMOK RPM80 PRO on December 15th. They call it “Really game-changer”. Is it a true changer or is it just similar to the popular VOOPOO Vinci Mod Pod? Let’s find out the answer.

RPM80/ RPM80 PRO comes with two pod and two coils: one is the RPM80 RPM Pod, which is compatible with all RPM40 coils, and the other one is the RPM80 RGC Pod, which is airflow adjustable and uses the new RGC Conical Mesh 0.17ohm coil that supports the power as high as 80watts!

SMOK RPM80 Two Version

As for the price, Now you can search it on

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Colors of Smok RPM80 PRO AND RPM80

The new Smok RPM80 PRO or Smok RPM80 has 7 colors. The RPM80 PRO has the same color pattern as the Smok RPM80.

The material of the panel is the same as SMOK NORD. So when you first see it, you will feel familiar with it.

Smok RPM80 PRO colors
Smok Rpm80 Pro
Smok RPM80 colors
Smok Rpm80

Battery capacity

The biggest difference between Smok RPM80 PRO and RPM80 is their battery. The Smok RPM80 PRO uses an extra 18650 single battery, while the RPM80 uses a built-in 3000mHa battery.

Smok RPM80 PRO kit components
Smok RPM80 PRO kit components

Here we find the first Changer! The built-in 3000 mAh battery has a larger capacity than a 18650 single battery. Would you sacrifice the portability of the 18650 battery to buy a larger 3000mAh built-in battery?

External 18650 battery
External 18650 battery

From the appearance outline, the two are also different. SMOK RPM80 PRO is higher than SMOK RPM80, while SMOK RPM80 is wider than RPM80 PRO.


Smok RPM80 – Max Output Up To 80W

The SMOK RPM80 also uses a color display, and the adjustment is simple and easy.

Max Output Up To 80W

Another change is that Smok tech increases the maximum output of the mod pod to 80W, and VOOPOO VINCI X is 70W. But now it has another rival in the market, that is Vaporesso’s new product-Vaporesso Target PM80.

Vaporesso Target PM80

A review of Vaporesso Target PM80 will be mentioned in another article shortly.

SMOK RPM80 Max Output Up To 80W

Since they both use a low-ohm resistance coil and Smok rpm80 supports RBA coil, Smok rpm80 will be the first truly sub ohm pod system or you can say it is a first sub ohm mod pod system.

Smok RPM80 Pod and coils

RPM80 RGC pod is SMOK’S first pod with adjustable airflow. Just like an atomizer, the adjustable airflow ring at the bottom can be rotated to adjust the air input.

RPM80 RGC pod

This is the first innovation of SMOK pod, but there are already similar PODs on the market, such as RBA or RDTA of Geekvape aegis boost.

Geekvape aegis boost RBA or RDTA
Geekvape aegis boost RBA or RDTA

RPM80 RPM POD is compatible with all RPM40 Coils.

RPM80 RPM POD is compatible with all RPM40 Coils.

Note: The best wattage for mesh 0.17ohm is 40W-80W, the best wattage for mesh 0.4ohm rpm is 25W.


The pod is transparent, so you know exactly how much is left and when to refill the pod.


The unique conical structure can maxizize the bottom of the airflow inlet and condense the vapor as it flows through the coil to the drip tip.


SPECIAL RBA COIL. RPM RBA Coil and RGC RBA Coil are specially designed by SMOK engineers to help you and your individual vaping style. In addition, the RBA package contains a screwdriver that makes it easy and convenient to rebuild the coil.



  1. The top fill design allows the RPM80 to effectively avoid oil leakage
  2. Pod cartridge features with Adjustable airflow
  3. Compatible with all coils of SMOK RPM40
  4. Maximum output power: 80W
  5. Battery capacity up to 3000 mAh and Pro version can use 18650 external single battery
  6. Sub ohm mod pod
  7. Unique conical structure coil produce tasty flavor


  1. No innovation in the material of the panel
  2. Charging with USB, not type-C

Package List

smok RPM80 PRO Package List
smok RPM80 Package List

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