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SMOK Stick V8 Baby Review-where Can I Buy the Best Vape Pen?

SMOK Stick V8 Baby is easily one of the best vape pen settings on the planet – especially if you’re not familiar with vaping.

I must admit that I had reservations about Smok Stick V8 Baby before the test.

I love box/heavy impact tanks (whether RTA or high-power Asia and Europe, such as TFV8 and TFV12), and in my experience vape pen kits like the SMOK Stick V8 Baby tend to be a good alternative when you’re out. However, I am more wrong about this device.

For it, it’s a phenomenon – you’ll find the reason below.

Unlike your grinder pen kit, the SMOK Stick Baby V8 is more like a mechanical model (no hassle of building coils), a market-leading Asia-Europe tank by SMOK, with SMOK TFV supporting 8 baby. As I said: SMOK Stick V8 Baby really surprised me. For this review, I spent two weeks testing this mod, and now, about a week later, I’m still using it.

Find out what makes this awesome kit:

SMOK Stick V8 Baby Review: Packaging and Box Content

SMOK Stick V8 Baby

As you would expect, smok’s box is very well designed;

The black and orange sleeves contain a nice black storage box with all sorts of things in it. Inside you will find the following:

  • Stick V8 2000 Battery x 1
  • TFV8 Baby Tank (3ml if you’re in a non-TPD country, 2ml if you’re in the EU) x 1
  • V8 Baby-M2 0.15Ω Dual Coil (Pre-Installed) x 1
  • V8 Baby-M2 0.25Ω Dual Coil x 1
  • Smok Vape Band x 2
  • Replacement Sealing Pad x 1
  • Spare O-Rings x 4
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1

Like all SMOK products, the SMOK stick V8 Baby is visually pleasing and has a wide variety of colors.

SMOK Stick V8 Baby colors

The pen itself is well-designed and flawless.

I have a silver version that seems to me to be the best – I really don’t like fancy bright colors. Judging by my expectations for a pen kit, this is much higher than that of my competitors.

You’ll get a fancy sparkling self-style battery model and a baby beast, which is beautifully flush on 22mm deck equipment.

You can also remove the tank and place anything you want, which is a huge improvement on many vape pens on the market – many of them, including past SMOK, do not have this option. As expected, because this is a simple pen mode, no screen, no replaceable battery, no gimmick, just a direct vape pen, exactly according to its design and more!

SMOK Stick V8 Baby features

It provides an uncontrolled current, just like a mechanical module, except that it is not risky because it comes with the correct coil tailored to you and has built-in safety features. Unlike some other devices, charging is done via a USB port and is very convenient on the side of the device.

In my experience, those who have it at the bottom are really annoying because they may tend to leak the wrong way and at the top of the MOD. Power on with five clicks on the fire button. The button itself is beautiful, sturdy, it’s decorated in orange, and I think it’s a very nice touch.

There is no problem with the button during the test.

The pen itself comes with a TFV8 baby vest, which is one of three variants of the SMOK TFV8 series – the others are TFV8 and TFV8 Baby Beasts. The tank is perfectly paired with a pen. Just as the size of the TFV8 has dropped slightly, the TFV8 Baby comes with a variety of prefabricated coils and even a rebuilding hobbyist’s RBA (not included in this kit!).

SMOK Stick V8 Baby parameter

The coil specifically designed for this vape pen is the M2 series coil of SMOK.

Like the larger version, the airflow is at the bottom, with one exception – the opening doesn’t stop around 360′ it stops and rotates backward – which is something I like because those along the way tend to be quite difficult to get off your mod.

One of the drawbacks I found in the tank itself was that the swinging top mechanism was not as hard as the TFV8 – it was a bigger brother – and that it could open in your pocket and spill juice throughout the show. This happened to me a few times while I was testing. But that’s really my only complaint.

SMOK Stick V8 Baby Review: Performance

As the device was fully charged and baby beasts filled, I began to inhale, making me say I was really surprised by the power of the device.

For a simple 2000mAh battery module, this really provides great vaping performance. Even with a .15 coil installed, it can provide flawless lush clouds. So you often forget that you’re using a pen device. I was so impressed with the device that I even added it to the vape device rotation that I often use – believe me, I’m very picky!

SMOK Stick V8 Baby tank

Of course, with this cloud product and flavor, you will inevitably get a lot of juice!

Although you’re familiar with SMOK and other products, this will be what you expect, but you need to think about it before you buy. However, once I started using 0.25-ohm coils, the performance did degrade – 0.15-ohm coils were very superior to this device, so always choose them if I could.

SMOK Stick V8 Baby Review: Battery

Stick V8 Baby battery

One area where smok Stick V8 Baby surprised me was battery life.

I said, surprised because in terms of battery performance, I really didn’t expect this setting. During the test, smok Stick V8 Baby became my preferred device for about two weeks.

I took it anywhere I could – bars, jobs, road trips – and, to my surprise, it consistently provided about 1.5 to 2 days of battery life, moderate to severe steam. Obviously, battery life will be different when you use different coils – it goes without saying.

Due to the unregulated smok Stick V8 Baby, the 0.25-ohm coil lasts more than 0.15 ohms due to its high resistance. Battery charging takes a long time; you must want to leave it overnight to fully charge it.

By doing so, you don’t have a smok Stick V8 Baby problem. I just want to charge quickly, just like we did on Android phones, and make a fool and come to vape mods. I want to be able to fully charge my mod in 90 minutes.

SMOK Stick V8 Baby Review: The Last Thoughts

As I mentioned, this is not my device. It is designed for those unfamiliar with the vaping scene.

It’s basically those simple things.

However, this is a great little device and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, whether new or experienced.

Don’t be procrastinated by the stigma attached to the vape pen, which is different from everyone else – it works well, with a unique taste and clouds. I really like the design and look of this setting; it allows me to appreciate how useful the smaller mods are.

Coupled with the awesome TFV8 Baby sub-ohm tank, you have a hellish setup.

Perhaps the best beginner vape setting on the market right now.

In addition, you can use the SMOK TFV8 Baby for other, more powerful modules, plus SMOK’s coil array and the fact that it doubles as an RBA, making smok Stick V8 Baby a good investment regardless of the way you use it. If you are looking to buy your first vape suite, then smok Stick V8 Baby is easily one of them – if not THE – the best vape pen setting.

Where can I get?

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