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SnowWolf AFeng pod Review, 18650 Battery in a Pod?

Yes, you didn’t miss the title, the latest Snowwolf AFeng Pod device is powered by a removable 18650 battery! Unlike other removable battery box devices, DotMod AIO, you don’t have to pay for the privilege of using the Snowwolf logo.

Built-in IFV smart chip, the device automatically adjusts the power output to provide the best flavor. With its mesh coiland and removable 18650 power supply, the shape of the device becomes special.

But how does Snowwolf AFeng compare with other Pod devices?

The Looks of Afeng pod

From VFeng to the latest Pod devices, I haven’t seen the Snowwolf devices that don’t like its look, all with rugged color schemes and gorgeous designs. If you’re looking for a device that can be found everywhere, Snowwolf is sure to meet your needs. But with AFeng pod, they seem to have dialed back the face design in a nice way!

Afeng pod

In addition to the pop-up logo like the one on the Mfeng kit, Afeng pod also has a subtle wolf logo that protrudes slightly from the surface of the device. When you touch it on your fingertips, it’s good enough to provide a good touch. On the back of the device is a magnetic battery bay panel with a diamond-style pattern. There are a large number of battery vents on both sides and the bottom of the device.

Afeng Colors

Afeng pod sits available in a variety of colors, so there’s sure to be one for you! I really like the golden look of champagne and I think it makes it look like it was designed by Gucci or other high-end designers.

How Afeng pod Works

So what’s interesting about the AFeng pod is that while the 18650 battery is used, there is no adjustable power, all of which is controlled by the Pod IFV chip. Now, for some, this may seem like a downside, but I can assure you that the smart control chip does a great job of regulating power and is perfect for you. Over the past few months, I’ve used more than 50 Pod devices, and very few products can meet my taste. I’m happy to say that AFeng pod is one of them!

Afeng pod

The taste I get from AFeng pods is just as good as the taste of devices like Geek Vape Bident or SMOK Trinity Alpha, which are always amazing. Not to mention, considering that I’m pulling out the sweet e-liquid, the coil lasts longer than I expected. There is even a suitable adjustable air flow control valve at the bottom of the pod section, so you can get the precise type of vape that you want, all the way down to an MTL style draw.

Afeng pod

At the end of the day, I think my favorite AFeng Pod feature is a removable battery. Due to size limitations, the biggest drawback of many pod devices on the market is the short battery life. Snowwolf throws tiny sizes out of windows to support better functionality, and I think it does happen in everyday use. You no longer have to wait for your Pod device to charge, just plug in a new battery and use it!

Afeng pod with 18650 battery

With USB C charging, you can charge your existing battery relatively quickly if you don’t have a backup battery.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for salt mesh equipment and aren’t too worried about size, be sure to check out the Snowwolf AFeng pod. It has the ability to last for many days, and the replaceable 18650 battery means you never have to wait for a charge. Flavor production is comparable to the top equipment on the market today, and ifV chips mean you’ll have all the security features of full-size Mod.

All in all, I think the AFeng pod is a sturdy pod/modification platform that is ideal for all utilitarian vapers.

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