Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit Review

Vapers who have had concerns on the Ecig Exhibition in Russia in the end of last year might know the good performance of Steel Vape at the event site. The  popularity degree of its Tailspin mod kit was so deep due to its high performance price ratio, accordingly, this product was completely sold out at that time, which brought a great deal of fans to the brand of Steel Vape. Recently, Steel Vape brand made its effort again to release a brand new mech mod named Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit.

Featured with appealing appearance, the Steel Vape Sebone Mech Mod Kit is consisted of two parts, RDA and mod. Its integrality is pretty strong that vapers would not like to tear themselves from it.

It is processed with stoving varnish technology and the carved dragon scald pattern on it is extremely lifelike.  It comes in multiple colors, silver, black, yellow, red and green. It’s comfortable to handle it and very pleasing to eyes.

In the light of its workmanship, you can hardly find any defects with its carved pattern. Every details of it is exquisite enough. In the light of its design, this mod is aimed at serving the vapers who like huge-vapor mech mods. Next, we will talk about its matched RDA.

The Sebone RDA is composed by a base and two different atomizer tubes. The integrated atomizer tube (tube with the drip tip)can be matched with 810 drip tip, while the open-typed atomizer tube can be matched with much bigger-sized drip tips.

The Steel Vape brand has also released matched drip tips with super big diameter, which can match its atomizer tube of 24mm and can be a good choice for the vapers who like dripping on the top.

There are two super big electrode posts on the RDA base that can lock various coils easily. Its oil tank is pretty deep for you to do the dripping. Together with the space inside of the tube, this atomizer is very suitable for fancy coils with low resistance and traditional coils with big wire diameters (0.6mm or above).

Next we will talk about the mech mod of this Sebone Kit.

The pretty pattern on the mod body gives it a force of friction in some degree, so that the mod is not slippery in hand. The color of the paints shows that the working procedures are kind of complicated and the effect of the color gradient is pretty good.

It is featured with a straight-through structure. By screwing the fire switch at the bottom, you can adapt the distance between the positive electrode and the positive pole of the battery. Take a careful look at the Sebone Mod that has been used for several days, electrical carbon content of the switch at the bottom is very little. When vape on it with a low resistance, the heat of the switch is well controlled.

To sum up, this Sebone Mech mod Kit released by Steelvape is pretty excellent. It’s finely shaped and the usage experience is also excellent as well. Its market price is very affordable. I believe that vapers who cares about the appearance, matching and performance price ratio will like this product pretty much.

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