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Stentorian AT-7 100W MOD Review– A water-cooling Case in Hand!

Water-cooling case has always been the ideal choice for those PC (personal computer) players. Water-cooling function is mainly for balancing the heat on the chipset, and secondly for lowering the noise when the PC is on operation.

Then why this newly released Stentorian AT-7 100W mod is special?

Why it’s called water-cooling case in hand? Let’s check it out!

AT-7 is designed by the team named Stentorian from California, USA.

  1. Water-cooling radiatingtube: The inspiration of design comes from the temperature-lowering circulatory system of the water-cooling tube on the high-end game DIY PC.


  1. Original super-large scale motherboard, enlarged heat dissipating area, stable performance, longer life span.


  1. Special pressure-boosting chipset board to stabilize the voltage and maintain the constant wattage output of the mod. Its performance can compare favorably with intel i7 CPU.

  1. Unique color design of the lights

The lights indicate the remnant power of the battery.

When the remnant battery is between 70%-100%, the color is white.

When the remnant battery is between 30-70%, the color is blue.

When the remnant battery is less than 30%, the color is red.

  1. The whole-board button is very durable and conforms to the ergonomics. Vapers can play it with variable gestures at will.

6.Self-adaptable smart wattage output

Output wattage≤ 100w, resistance≥0.1Ω

RDA, RTA and TANK can all be supported.

Auto-match optimum wattage according to the different resistances of the atomizers.

Better experience of both flavor and vapor.

  1. Strong protective function

Over-time vaping protection: if vaping time is longer than 10 seconds.

If the battery indication light is off, when you take a second draw, the light will be on immediately.

Low battery warning: when the battery is lower than 3.3v, the red light will flash 10 times every time when you take a draw.

Output short-circuit protection: When the output end is short-circuited, the red light will flash 5 times for indication.

Name: AT-7

Measurements: 75*30*90mm

Battery: 3500mah imported RC battery

Current: 3500A continuous discharge

Charging: USB fast charge

RC battery is the basis for continuous discharge.

Power bank, the supportive representative of USB fast charge technique, can be used for charging Stentorian AT-7 100w mod.

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