ASVAPE Michael Box Mod Review–The Fashion Product in the Vape World!

Intro: Featured with its fashion tags “independence, originality, swankiness, taste and attitude ”, I prefer to call Asvape Michael the “the fashion product in the Vape world” with both appearance and usability.

“Fashoin Brands” normally refer to those original brands who have their own designs that represent the designers’ unique thought quality, style and living attitude. The overall products are considered fashionable.” interpreted by the Encyclopedia.

There are lots of fashionable brands around us, mostly the garments industry. “Independence, originality, swankiness, taste and attitude” are all important tags to fashionable brands. When I first saw this Michael Box, I thought the illustration style is the tag of this “fashion brand”.

On the surface of the illustration of Michael Box, the touch feel of the paint is pretty good. During the time when I was using this mod, I didn’t give it any protection on purpose and didn’t ask the manufacturer what is the workmanship. After 10 days, there isn’t any scratch on it. Though it cannot prove how wear-resisting the paint of the illustration is,  it does prove that it’s not so weak to be easily scratched.

There is not very many difference between it and the Strider box mod. The point is the instruction book in it is written with detailed operation guide and parameters.

Through the visual impact of illustration on the mod, together with the gold sand-blasting metal frame, you can find Michael Box is really in the retro style of OLD SCHOOL. If you cannot search out any impression in your mind, you can google the retro tide of some European luxury brand to find related shadow.

As a dual 18650 battery box mod, Asvape Michael is not heavy even after it has the batteries in it. It measures 34mm wide, 51mm long and 91mm high. Compared with most of the mods in the market, its size is much bigger.

In fact, if you have ever hold the arc of the mod and the skin-like paint, you might say the touch feel and hold-feel of Michael box is very comfortable. “swanky”  is another outstanding feature of “fashion brand”. As a product designed with pretty good ergonomics, not only its full grip can satisfy your hand, the swanky style of its color matching makes you just want to show it around. The product is oriented to the vapers who like high-end products.

Since you can see from the picture above, I will just not give too much description to the heat emission holes at the bottom and the exquisite fire button.

There are lots of grooves and a mark of ASVAPE surrounding the 510 connector. From the connection gap near the connector, you can see the craft trail of connection between the illustration and the shell. I’m not clear how such craft works, you need observe carefully to find the trail near the connection. As for me, I can accept such craft, but whether some obsession-compulsive vapers might mind it, it will be their choice.

Another important tag of this fashion brand is “attitude”. The reason why I am over-blowing the “fashion brand”concept of this Michael Box, it’s because it has many features of fashion brand.

With the human-machine arc of the mod, when the vaper’s finger presses on the fire button, it can well feel the fullness of the button, and the ringing feedback of the fire button also makes the vaper feel comfortable. After actual test, atomizers of 24mm diameter can perfectly match this mod. With its 200w high output, it can match most of the atomizers of this atomizer.

The battery compartment cover is designed as push-open. It is attached with strong magnet and groove positioning. When installing the battery cover, you first need to aim the battery cover at the groove. When disassembling the battery compartment cover, you just need to press the cover slightly with your thumb and then push it outward. The inside of the battery compartment has insulation layer and gold-plated spring-loaded electrodes with perfect workmanship and quality!

Generally, some products are defined as only-good-in-appearance because of pretty appearance. Limited by techniques, it is unavoidable to see homogenization among the mods in the markets. The overall visual appearance, human-machine grip design, the fineness of details are all satisfying. Adding to the completeness of the “shell”, ASVAPE company equips this mod with the VO2OO chip of high maturity.

The adjustment button of VO200 is an integrated one with “+” on the left end and “-” on the right end, which is different from that of regulated mod chips. As a chip of high maturity and recognition degree, its explosiveness and maximum output are just beyond doubt.

The operation of this mod is instructed in details in the instruction book, thus I’m not going to show it here. Here I want to mention the Bypass mode of VO200 which is often misunderstood as “burnt after taking one vape”. The bypass mode is actually a function stimulating the mechanical device with dual batteries in series. If you want to experience the effect of this mode, you need to consider if the ventilation of the atomizers at your hand can satisfy its extremely high heating voltage, if the resistance and coil parameters in the atomizer can support the mod. This mode is completely designed for the experienced vapers who has very good knowledge on resistance and coil. New vapers should pay attention to this mode.

Asvape Strider is equipped with VP75 chipset. Depending on its good reputation, this product has been on sale in the market for a while. As the second mod of the ASVAPE brand, the visual illustration endows it a pretty high-end appearance,  its well-designed human-machine arc gives the vapers a very good hand feel, and the VO200 chipset ensures the mod with excellent usability. After experience, Asvape Michael Box is not only a mod with good appearance. Featured with its fashion tags “independence, originality, swankiness, taste and attitude ”, I prefer to call Asvape Michael the “the fashion product in the Vape world” with both appearance and usability.

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Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod Devils Night Edition Review

Intro: Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod innovates the style of mod appearance!

At present, the industrial design of ecig mods in the market are mostly inclined to paint-sprayed panels or panels with carved patterns. Mods with a large quantity of patterns have never emerged in the mod market so far, thus many vapers choose to purchase mod stickers to greatly personalize the appearances of their mods.

The mod now in my hand has been rightly innovated with its appearance. Most area of the mod has been specially processed thus making the entire appearance more personalized. That is Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod (Devils Night)


When talking about ASVAPE, maybe lots of vapers don’t know this brand well, but I believe many vapers must know the box mod Asvape Strider. Asvape Michael 200w TC Box Mod succeeds the unique style of Asvape Strider box mod with the vertical-lifting paper box cover and the magnet flip top inside.

If you open the flip top, you will see the box mod embedded in the sponge. When you take out the box mod together with the sponge, you will see the product warning card, specification and USB below the mod.


Ergonomically, it conforms to the round mod structure. When it matches with the unique mod sticker of devils night theme, together with the gold panel, endowing this box mod an unparalleled shinning appearance.


The arc at the 510 connector can well match with atomizers with diameter of 22mm, 24mm or 25mm. The pattern surrounding the 510 connector is also full of a sense of science.

The theme color is covered on the mod by the technique of water transfer printing.

The industrial design of the button is very interesting. The fire button of the workmanship is very exquisite. In the middle of it, there is the logo of ASVAPE, surrounding it, there is printed with wheatears and words as “aequitas inasvape we trust”. The screen is in an Oval shape. The button is full of elastic force, and the feedback of clicking is very ringing.

In the light of craftsmanship, the battery compartment cover should be a casting part and is gold-plated on the frosted surface. The two batteries are connected in series, greatly improving the current passing rate. The inner wall of the battery compartment is made of insulation material, greatly avoiding the risk when using broken-sleeve battery.


VW Mode Range: 5-200w

TC Mode Range: 212-572℉/100-300℃

Bypass mode output voltage: total voltage output of dual batteries in series.

Supportable resistance range:

  • Bypass mode: 0.2-3Ω
  • Power mode: 0.08-3Ω
  • TC mode: 0.03-3Ω
  • VPC Mode: 0.08-3Ω

Since the manufacturer has provided the specification in the package, I will just list the basic operations.

On the upper left side of the screen, there displays the wattage/temperature. On the upper right side, there displays the working voltage, resistance, total voltage and battery status. At the bottom, there displays the mode and the system.

By pressing the fire button three times, you can lock the screen. By pressing the fire button five times, you will enter into the options. On the option interface, you choose the system and press “+” button to confirm the present mode, press “-” button to turn off the mod. Choose the mode and press “+” or “-” to switch between different modes.

–Actual Testing–                    

In using, I found the actual output effect is more violent than the displaying wattage on the screen. So, I suggest that vapers choose much lower output than the output they normally vape with in daily use.

The TC effect worths affirmation. It’s steady without very big fluctuation.

Under the mechanical output mode, the output voltage is the total voltage output of the two batteries, that is 8.4v. Since the voltage is too high, vapers should be cautious.

–Actual Experience and Problems Found Out–

The output is pretty violent and the TC mode is very steady. The working effect under curve mode is also satisfying and you can obviously feel the changing of output wattage.

It feels pretty good and the sticker is very comfortable for touching. The arc of the mod body can well fit the palm. The only defect is that the position of the firing button is a little bit low. For the vapers with big palm

In testing, I also found some problems. When the resistance is at 0.1Ω and the wattage is in full output, about 50 seconds later, the mod will be into over-heat protection. The mod burns obviously.

The 510 connector doesn’t have a protruding surface. After long-term use, the paint of the top will surely be abraded by installing and replacing the atomizer.

The firmness of the sticker is pretty good, but if it’s scratched by sharp objects or it falls down, abrasion will be caused. Vapers please be cautious with it.


This Asvape Michael 200W TC Box Mod really find a new path on the innovation of appearance, overthrowing the appearance style of the traditional mod. With its unique appearance and good performance, I believe lots of vapers will love it a lot!

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