Wotofo Flow Tank Review

The compatibility of finished coil heads is always a pain to many vapers. Wotofo flow tank recently released by the brand Wotofo is a tank that can be compatible with TFV8 baby coil heads. Let’s get to the point to see how this innovative tank performs.

Wotofo Flow tank is packed in a green square box with street art style paint on it. Inside of it, the packing content includes an atomizer, a coil head and a spare glass tube, a bag of o-rings, a Wotofo giveaway card and a user manual in various languages including English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Russian, Sweden.

My first impression on this tank is what is the big silicon ring inside of the tank for. You might also have the doubt as I did. Well, after communicating with some vapers, we came to a conclusion, the silicon is only for possessing some space of the tank and reducing the 4ml capacity to 2ml capacity. You can just take it out. Leave it alone anyway!

When it comes to tanks, the airflow system and refill system are always the top concerns. This flow tank adopts a top refill system and a bottom airflow system, which are my favorite. To refill the tank, you just unscrew the top cap and refill the liquid into the tank through the liquid hole. To adjust the airflow, you only spin the airflow ring at the bottom. Quite common and easy!

Supposedly, Wotofo Flow tank can be disassembled into seven parts, the drip tip, the top cap, the glass tube, the big silicon ring, the coil head and the base.

The 510 drip tip adopts heat insulation material which can effectively preventing the heat burning mouth. The dome design inside of it can also prevent the condensation being sucked into mouth. Regarding the problem of condensation, you just need to wipe it with towels. Not big deal!

The pre-installed coil head is screwed tightly to the top part. Because of improper processing, the coil head is damaged in use. Lessons drawn from my mistake is that when you unscrew the coil head off the top part, you can instead screw it firstly to the base and then install the glass tube and the top part.

The two coil head are clearly marked with the best wattage range, which is for the convenience of the new vapers to ensure the output setting. That it can compatible with the TFV8 Baby coil head gives this tank more choices on the resistance. Such compatibility will bring a great benefit to the vapers and it’s worth leaning by other manufacturers.

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PUFF AVATAR RS 75W Box Mod Review–Fashionable LED Light with Changeable Colors!

From the picture above you can see, the package is very special. It comes in a square box. When you pull open the upper layer that covers the box, you will find the packing box is pretty innovative. The first layer is hollowed-out with the shape of the LED of the box mod. On the box, it is printed with the LED light. You will find it’s pretty interesting. When you take of the top cap, there you will see the Puff Avatar RS DNA 75w and a manual. Personally, I really like the box.

As you can see in the picture, the shape of Puff Avatar RS DNA 75w mod is just a rectangular. The first thing you see on the mod is the LED light. The LED light goes through three sides of the mod. On the fourth side, there is the screen and the buttons. The fire button is on the upper part of the screen. Below the screen, you can see the two adjustment buttons, the USB port and the color changing button.

On the top of its bottom, there is the 510 thread. Since the mod is 28mm wide, the largest diameter of atomizer to be used on this mod without overhang can be 27mm after trying.

At the bottom, there is the battery compartment. To open it, you can simply use a key or even the handle of a spoon unscrew the thread. Then you will see the column-shaped battery compartment. It can hold only one 18650 battery. The thread is spring-loaded. On the inside part, there are four grooves and on the outside part, there are several venting holes.

After you installing the battery into the battery compartment, the screen will be on and shows the information of wattage, voltage, resistance, ampere and the battery remnant capacity. To vape on, you need to press the knurled fire button on the screen. By pressing the two “left”and ”right” adjustment buttons, you can quickly increase or decrease the wattage. Below the adjustment buttons, there is the USB port, with which you can use a USB cable to charge the mod.

Below the USB port, there is the color changing button. By pressing this button, you can change the color of the LED light. The light can be changed in seven colors, white, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple and red. You can adjust the corresponding color to match the clothes you’re wearing, and it is surely a pretty good choice to vape this mod in a nightclub.

For more operation instruction, the manual gives detailed instruction. I will not show it here.

This mod adopts a DNA75 chip. The mod can reach a maximum wattage output of 75w. Though its explosiveness is not so strong, it can still produce big vapor, even powered by only one battery. Pictures above show the vapor produced at 75w and 30w. Personally, when it’s under 75w, the vapor is much bigger; when it’s under 30w, the the flavor is much bigger.

In summary, Puff Avatar RS 75W Box Mod is absolutely a fusion of fashion and simplicity. For those chic vapors, this Italian-designed box mod will be a fabulous choice.

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First Look at Snowwolf Vfeng 230w

When I first looked at Snowwolf Vfeng230w, the thing came to me is the transformers. It is officially said that Snowwolf Vfeng 230w TC Box Mod has a Robbot design and is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. Powered by dual high drain 18650 batteries, the maximum output of Snowwolf Vfeng 230w TC Box Mod is 230W. Let’s check its elegance out!



Features & Specs.

Measurements: 46mm x  34mm x 87mm

Weight: 460g

Materials: stainless steel and zinc alloy

Colors: black, stainless steel, yellow

Robot shaped form factor

Snowwolf logo with changeable LED

LED colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, green

Over-sized hexagon fire button

1.3″ TFT display with color changeable font

Utilizes dual 18650 cells

Micro USB charging

Power output range: 10W to 230W

Full temperature control suite

Resistance range: 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω

SnowWolf Vfeng 230w is available for preorder at Urvapin, both the mod– SnowWolf Vfeng 230W TC Box Mod and the kit–SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit

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