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Renova Zero Review

Ever since the JUUL changed the vaping industry forever, we’ve seen countless other pod systems, but very little in terms of innovation. Yes, they all have different designs, battery capacity and airflow, but when it comes to technological advancement, it’s almost non-existent for this category of vaping devices. That’s what makes the Renova Zero so special, […]

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Calm Vape Review-Original Vaping

Calm Vape Review Ever heard of the Calm Vape? Probably not. That’s because it’s brand-spanking new, and the first of its kind! The Calm Vape is the first-ever CBD vape pod system. While Calm Vape isn’t the first vape pod system on the market, it is the first to be compatible with CBD oil. Wildly popular in the traditional e-cigarette industry, […]