Smok Stick V8 Kit Review–Simple for the Lazy!

The Stick Series of Smok brand have always had their attraction to many vapers with its simple stick (or you can say pen) style. Today I bring you the Smok Stick V8 Kit. Check it out!

The package of Smok Stick V8 Kit displays the exquisite quality of Smok products. It has a hard paper onside of the inner square box. The inner square black box looks delicate, like a jewelry box.

Inside of the package, there is the TFV8 Big Baby Tank, Stick V8 Kit, a spare coil head of 0.25ohm. Under the interlayer, there is a bag of o-rings, a USB cable, a user manual and a piece of warranty card.

Smok Stick V8 is in a long and round shape, looks very much like a stick or a big pen of XL size. It’s designed into a very simple appearance with a very comfortable hand feel. When you vape on it, it feels very much like you are playing a flute.

The mod is completely a metal tube with a fire button and USB port on it. It’s simple as a mechanical mod, but it has a built-in battery in it. Its battery capacity is 3000mah which can ensure you a long duration.

The tank built on the Stick V8 Kit is a TFV8 Baby Tank with 5ml capacity. It features a top refill system and a bottom airflow system. It can be disassembled into five parts, the drip tip, the top part(top cap together with the atomization space cap), glass tube, the coil head and the base. The holes on the coil head is low enough to fully absorb the liquid in the tank. The coil head connects both the top part and the base.

To refill the tank, you push the drip tip together with the top cap along the direction marked on the top cap and then you see the filling hole.

It’s quite simple for operation. It only has one button, no adjustment buttons. Therefore, you don’t need to adjust the wattage, or the voltage, or the temperature. Everything is settled and you just press and vape. So, it’s really a kit designed for the “lazy” vaper, and the light vaper.

I tried it with the liquid, Strawberry ICE Flavor of MYLK brand. It tastes good with a much heavier flavor than the MYLK Melon.

The vapor produced by Smok Stick V8 has a rich flavor. If the full score is ten, the richness of its flavor can be scored at 8. It’s no exaggeration to say, after vaping, you still have the flavor on the tip of your tongue.

The big 810 drip tip on it helps reduce the suction resistance a lot. Smok Stick V8 can produce large vapor. See picture.

Even after using it for a whole day, the mod doesn’t emit much heat and still feels cool. However, since the tank is made of stainless steel, it feels pretty hot after a long-time vaping.

Smok Stick V8 3000mAh Kit with TFV8 Big Baby Features & Spec:
TFV8 Big Baby
Size: 24.5 x 56mm
Capacity: 5ml
Coil: 0.3ohm V8 Baby M2 dual Core
Thread: 510
Material: Stainless Steel
Stick V8 Battery
Size: 24.5 x 75mm
Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage range: 3.4 – 4.2
Standby Current: <200uA

Smok Stick V8 3000mAh Kit with TFV8 Big Baby Package:
1 x Stick V8 Battery – 3000mAh
1 x TFV8 big baby tank – 5ml
1 x V8 Baby M2 0.3ohm dual core(pre-installed)
1 x V8 Baby M2 0.3ohm dual core
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
Spare parts

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Stylish Vape Pen–Smok Stick V8 3000mAh Baby Starter Kit


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Brief introduction: Smok Stick V8 3000mah baby starter kit is the newest pen style starter kit from Smok.

Sometimes, I chat with vaping friends. Most of them agree that vaping can be a really cool habit in life. It’s healthier than smoking and can be a better cigarette alternative for the smokers. However, after you have deeper understanding on this device, you will realize it’s not only a alternative to replace cigarette. It’s actually a daily habit and a kind of fashion in life.

Recently, I have just had Smok Stick V8 Baby in my collection. After vaping on it for a few days, I have to say I really love it. Unlike other hefty ecig devices, this Smok Stick V8 Starter Kit is really convenient for carrying out. The only one button is pretty easy for operation.

Stick V8 is composed of the TFV8 big baby tank and the Stick V8 Battery. The TFV8  Big Baby tank features a juice capacity of 5ml, a medium level. The most unique design of Smok Stick V8 is its rotary filling system. When refilling the tank, you just need to screw off the drip tip.

The Stick V8 box mod adopts a built-in 3000mAh battery which is powerful and durable and can bring you massive cloud of vapor.  The voltage range is from 3.4v to 4.2v. Its charge time is about 2 hours and vape time turns out to be more  than 3-4 hours.

Last weekend, I was invited to join an outdoor trip. I was worrying about it might be boring there. So I grabbed this Stick V8 Starter Kit with me. It was during this trip that I thought this Smok Stick V8 Starter Kit was really suit for carrying out. When you go out,  you just put it in your pocket and when you need to use it, you just take it out and click the fire button five times to start vaping on. The 5ml juice capacity and 3000mah battery capacity can keep it operating for several hours.

In summary, this Smok Stick V8 is worth trying with the simple operation, especially the new vapers.  Most importantly, it’s a good ecig device to carry out.

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