Tesla Punk 86w Mod
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Tesla Punk 86w Mod Review

A huge shout-out to Urvaping.com for sending me out the latest in the Tesla Punk line up. The Punk 86w is a tube mod, takes me back to when I first started vaping, box mods weren’t even a thing back then!

So my last Tesla, the Punk 85w, I absolutely loved, it was a box mod, was…. When I love a mod I tend to use it all the time, and after using the Punk 85w for around 3 months solid, the fire button stopped being quite so clicky and ended up misfiring more than firing, so unfortunately that mod got shelved!

Anyhow… lets take a look at the Tesla Punk 86w cylinder mod.

Tesla Punk 86w Specs:

Dimension: Φ28x104mm
Material: Brass+SS
Cell Type: One hi-rate 18650 cell(discharge current should be above 40A)
Output Mode: P(Power) / B(By Pass) mode
Output Wattage: 7-86W(in 0.5W increments)
Max Output Voltage: 8.5V
Max Output Current: 30A
USB: 5V/1.0A
OLED Screen: 0.49″
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm
Protections: Long Vaping Protections/Low-Voltage Protection/Atomizer Short Protection/Reverse Connection Protection/Hi Resistance Protection

In The Box:

1 x Teslacigs Punk 86W Mod (Battery not included)
1 x User Manual

Initial Thoughts On The Tesla Punk 86w

I love Steampunk… It’s just a design that intrigues me, I can look at Steampunk art all day long and just never get bored. So of course the Punk 86w design calls out to my artistic nature. On opening the box and having a good close look at the 86w, it hasn’t got the same kind of ‘working steampunk’ vibe that 85w had 

Tesla Punk 86w Mod

The 85w cogs and gears all looked linked, and as if it was part of a working design, this 86w… well Tesla have just stuck gears and cogs on here and there, very few of them actually touch, they don’t look like a working steampunk design, which is kind of disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, it looks decent, but I think it has lost it’s artistic edge.

So, the Tesla Punk 86w is a single 18650 battery mod. The design is ok, it feels a little bit strange to hold with the raised cogs on the side (the 85w box mod had perspex over the cogs) but they’re pretty smooth, nothing sharp on them, and I think you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

It will comfortably take a tank or RDA up to 26mm, although anything smaller does look a bit on the weird side. I have a berserker tank on there, and I find myself wishing it was 26mm just so that it would look uniform and spot on.

Tesla Punk 86w Mod
Tesla Punk 86w Mod

Punk 86w Run Down

The battery inserts from the bottom of the mod, and the threading on the battery cap feels a little clunky, like there might be some slivers of metal that haven’t been smoothed down quite enough. Pop your battery in positive end first.

Tesla Punk 86w Mod
Tesla Punk 86w Mod

The screen is small and discreet placed at the bottom of the mod, it displays basic info, watts, ohms volts and the battery icon. The digits display the watts fairly large, but the volts and ohms are tiny. Definitely need my specs to see those numbers.

The menu is basic as well, you get power mode, and bypass mode and that’s it. Keeping it very simple indeed! 3 clicks on the fire button will switch between the two modes, and 5 clicks will power the punk 86w on and off.  On the plus side, you can lock the adjustment buttons by pressing them both together. Those adjustment buttons are a little on the small side, so some of you may find them a tad fiddly!

There is a USB port on one side of the mod, but as always I prefer to charge my batteries in a dedicated battery charger.

You do of course get all of the built in safety features that you get with most variable wattage mods these days. So you could use this mod like a mech mod by placing it in bypass mode, but with the benefit of knowing that you are fully protected against shorts, low battery voltage and all of the other things that could go wrong when using a mech mod.

Tesla Punk 86w Mod
Tesla Punk 86w Mod

The fire button, now this is a bit of a pain in the *ss… the fire button is placed in the centre of one of the cogs, and its only slightly raised above the design detail. I can’t find that blummin’ button without looking. You know how with some mods, you just feel around until you find the button, I can’t do that with this, I end up pressing the one of the cogs by accident, then the mod doesn’t fire, then I realize I’m not even pressing the button…. 


So How Does The Tesla Punk 86w Vape?

It’s fab! It just does what it should. It works well in both power and Bypass mode, the only downside is that the 18650 battery doesn’t last long. You could get more run time from it by using a higher ohm coil, but for those of you using a super low ohm coil, expect to be changing out the battery quite a lot.

Tesla Punk 86w Mod

Final thoughts on the Tesla Punk 86w Mod

The Punk 86w is actually a great little mod, comfy to hold, and looks pretty decent. I think a main selling point is that it looks and feels like a mech mod, but it has safety features built in to the chip. So if you’re a newer vaper and not quite sure whether to take the plunge into the world of mechs… don’t! Get one of these instead, so much safer (of course anyone wanting to get ino the mech vape world should learn ohms law and battery safety way before even contemplating it!)

Will the Tesla Punk 86w be retired to the shelf? – I actually think this will get used a fair amount. It’s easy to sling in your pocket, not as bulky as a box mod, and will certainly be used on a few trips this summer (with a couple of spare batteries of course!) 


Ceekay’s Shack Score

The one thing I have to minus half a point for is the button, I just can’t find it unless I’m looking at the mod, which makes it awkward while driving or lights out and watching TV, if the button was raised slightly more it would be so much better! I’ve also seen some reviewers minus points for the Punk 86w only taking an 18650 battery, but a bigger battery would mean a larger mod, so nope… I don’t agree. So the Tesla Punk 86w gets a rockin’ 4.5/5


If you fancy getting your hands on one of these fab tube mods, head on over to our sponsor Urvapin.com and pick one up! Tesla Punk 86w Mod for $49.99

What do you think about the Tesla Punk Mod line up? Leave a comment below.

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