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Teslacig Punk Pod Mod Kit Preview

First look at Teslacig Punk Pod Mod

At first sight, I thought Teslacig Punk POD is the updated version of Tesla Nano which is a steampunk style, delicate appearance, and high performance. The same as PUNK POD, who is from the Punk family.

It looks like Voopoo drag nano or Smoant Battlestar baby. Teslacig Punk Pod is very similar in terms of battery capacity and pod cartridge. It is more inclined to decorate vape products, and you can find it can be used necklace in the hole in the upper left corner. Now you don’t know if the necklace is attached or need to buy separately. If you like this punk style, you can also try to buy it, I think it should behave like the Drag Nano or Battlestar baby.

Teslacig Punk Pod Mod
Teslacig Punk Pod Mod

Teslacig Punk Pod mod features

  • AIO Pod Kit
  • Refillable Pod Cartridge
  • Portable & Convenient
  • Material: Zinc Alloy (die-cast)
Teslacig Punk Pod Mod

Package Included

  • Punk POD device*1
  • Punk POD open pod *2
  • User Manual *1
  • Metalic lanyard *1
  • Charging cable B *1
  • Punk POD Kit package *1
Teslacig Punk Pod Mod

My thoughts about Teslacig Punk Pod mod

The pod cartridge experience that comes with VOOPOO Drag nano is very general, even lower than the average score, so VOOPOO immediately launched Drag nano p1 pod to improve the vapor taste experience.

We don’t know if the pod cartridge of Teslacig Punk Pod behaves like the Drag Nano P1 pod. If so, then buying Teslacig Punk Pod directly would be a good choice. Because of their similar price, Teslacig fans can think to bring Teslacig Punk Pod into their PUNK family.

Teslacig Punk Pod Mod colors

But I don’t know why Teslacig calls it a pod mod? Because of the larger size? Leave your thoughts below!

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