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Top 5 best mod pod 2019 round up- Is there anything you like in it?

This article is about the best mod pod 2019 review article. In 2019 we reviewed many vaping mod pods or they are called pod mods.

Among them, VOOPOO and SMOK produced the most mod pods in 2019. Immediately after, many other manufacturers or brands launched their mod pod systems.

what is a mod pod system?

Some people may have a question: what is a mod pod system?

Here I want to say AIO POD first

Maybe some people know the AIO pod system, its full name is an all-in-one pod system, which means that it can be used as a pod system and also as a mini mod kit. How does it do it?

  1. AIO can realize the characteristics of traditional RDA by installing replaceable coil pod cartridges: replaceable coil.
  2. Low ohms can achieve a lot of vapor

Mod pod is an upgrade product of the AIO pod system, It strengthens the characteristics of the AIO pod, the transformed pod cartridge, and can even be installed with a mesh coil, RBA coil, larger air inlets, lower resistance, and greater battery power.

Top 5 best mod pod ranking

#5 Wismec R80 mod pod

 Wismec R80 mod pod
Wismec R80 mod pod

Wismec R80 mod pod is an advanced MOD POD product released after many popular MOD POD released by voopoo and smok and geekvape.

Its first version had an external 18650 battery and type-c charging, which minimized the impact of power outages.

What impressed me most was its stainless steel appearance, stable triangular cylindrical shape, and it looked very soiled. It also contained a cap to keep the mouthpiece clean. These advantages are very prominent.

The Wismec R80 mod pod uses a mesh coil with a large e juice capacity of 4ML, and is similar to the smok RPM40 which requires the rotation of the coil to adjust the airflow.

#4 Vaporsso target rm80

Vaporsso target rm80 mod pod
Vaporsso target rm80

Vaporesso products are famous for their quality and appearance.

Ergonomic & compact design & Extremely portable was the main reason I picked the Target rm80.

Vaporesso Target rm80 is a MOD POD with a single 18650 battery. It has the perfect DTL experience in MOD POD!

#3 Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod Kit 70W

Voopoo Vinci X Mod Pod Kit 70W
Voopoo Vinci X

Voopoo Vinci X is an external 18650 single battery mod pod device following Voopoo Vinci. What attracts me most is the unparalleled fine look.

And it is the first revolutionary to bring the concept of external batteries into MOD POD devices.

The bright and beautiful display is also a plus.

Probably the most popular mod pod neck to neck with Geekvape aegis boost.

#2 Voopoo Navi kit

Voopoo Navi
Voopoo Navi kit

Voopoo Navi kit is the last MOD POD SYSTEM launched by VOOPOO in 2019. It is a MOD POD with a built-in battery. I think it will launch an external battery version in 2020, which may be called VOOPOO NAVI PRO, or NAVI X?

The same, it has an unparalleled exquisite shape, although small, the overall weight is moderate, it is smaller than VOOPOO VINCI, making it more solid little beast on your hands.

Maybe in the near future, NAVI will be called VOOPOO. There is a hot symbol after VOOPOO DRAG.

Its airflow is tighter than Voopoo Vinci.

VOOPOO Navi Mod Pod Kit review – Smok Fetch Competitor?

#1 Geekvape Aegis boost Pod Mod 

Geekvape Aegis boost
Geekvape Aegis boost

Now we come to the last Geekvape aegis boost.

Its crazy sales and fanaticism on social media made aegis boost unbeatable!

Aegis boost mod pod is the first 3-proof device, which is the biggest difference from other MOD PODs. However, its display does not have the vivid like VOOPOO VINCI, but it reflects from the side that it is suitable for those who are more pursuit of product practicality because of its durability.

My favorite part is Aegis boost RBA, the deck is very large, which makes me feel familiar. When I wick Aegis boost RBA, I feel like the traditional RDA of the wick. When I draw a deep puff, it gives me It feels like Aegis solo!

The above is my round-up review article of the best MOD POD SYSTEM in 2019, If you help it is helpful, please share. Thank you for reading!

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