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Looking for the best RTA tanks in 2019? Well, you’re in luck, We have put together a handy top 5 list comprising of the top performing RTA tanks available to buy right now. We’re extremely confident you will be able to find the best RTA to suit your vaping style and budget within this detailed article.

Best RTA Tanks List

Included below you can expect to find some great single coil and dual coil RTA tanks. We’ve also added some cloud chasing and flavor focused RTA tanks for good measure.

GeekVape Zeus X RTA

1. GeekVape Zeus X RTA

The GeekVape Zeus X is by far the best RTA for clouds and flavor in 2019. It features fantastic machining and superior build quality. The GeekVape Zeus X RTA boasts an impressive 4.5ml e-liquid capacity with the bubble glass. On top, you have a super stylish Goon style 810 drip tip that feels super comfortable to vape on. The GeekVape Zeus X RTA is a must buy for any serious vaper.

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WOTOFO Profile Unity RTA

2. WOTOFO Profile Unity RTA

The WOTOFO Profile Unity is in my regular rotation because I’ve found its the best RTA for flavor. Made in collaboration with TVC and Mr. JustRight1, the WOTOFO Profile Unity RTA has been designed from the ground up for big tasty hits. As with any WOTOFO product, you know you’re getting a quality build that is going to last the test of time. The tank can hold a massive 5ml of ejuice with the bubble glass.

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3. OFRF Gear RTA

The OFRF Gear is one of the best single coil RTA tanks ever released. Manufactured in collaboration with WOTOFO, the OFRF Gear is very stylish and easy to build on. The unique design and compact shape make for one fantastic little 24mm RTA. It can hold 2.3ml’s of eliquid and the airflow is fully adjustable via the dual bottom slots. The flavor is also really good because of the short air travel time and domed cap.

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Hellvape X Heathen Dead Rabbit RTA

4. Hellvape X Heathen Dead Rabbit RTA

The Hellvape x Heathen Dead Rabbit RTA features the latest rebuildable deck design for ultra ease of use. The iconic four prong posts can accommodate either a single or dual coil setup. You can expect lots of flavor and clouds from the Hellvape x Heathen Dead Rabbit RTA thanks to the top side diagonal airflow. An added bonus of this configuration is that it minimizes leaks, which is a common problem with RTA’s.

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The AUGVAPE Intake is a relatively cheap single coil RTA that performs consistently and will last you a long time. AUGVAPE is well known globally for manufacturing good quality products, and the Intake RTA is no different. It can hold a decent 4.2ml’s of eliquid and has a diameter of 24mm’s. The 8mm wide bore drip tip is designed to allow the user to breathe in the maximum amount of vapor ergo being called the ‘intake’.

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What is an RTA tank

What is an RTA tank?

The acronym RTA stands for ‘Rebuildable Tank Atomizer’. RTA’s are just one of many different types of atomizers that you can use on your vape mod. Most RTA tanks are easily identifiable because they contain the following components,

  • Rebuildable coil
  • Deck
  • Chimney
  • Glass Tube

RTA tanks are unique in the way they function. A standard RTA tank utilizes gravity and pressure, instead of the more modern methods of eliquid delivery like squonking or dripping. Please be aware a well built RTA can be just as good as any RBA or RDA atomizer. It just takes time and practice to get the best out of your RTA.

How does an RTA tank work?

In layman terms, an RTA tank works as follows,

  1. Install your rebuildable coil or coils into the deck. The deck sits in the middle or just under the tank.
  2. On either side of the deck will be wicking holes that you pull your cotton through.
  3. The coils and deck are encapsulated within a vacuum-tight chimney or bell system.
  4. The pressure created by this seal combined with gravity feeds eliquid up your wicks.
  5. During the heating process, the eliquid will turn to vapor and shoot up the chimney.

The most important thing to remember when building an RTA is to get your wicking right. If you don’t do this properly, then your RTA won’t work as intended. In the beginning, you may experience the occasional dry hit. This means your wicks are too thick. Make sure to thin them out and you’ll be fine.

Why you should use an RTA

Why you should use an RTA

If you’ve never used an RTA before we would recommend first trying out an RDA. This is because RDA’s are much more forgiving if wicked poorly. Once you feel comfortable building on an RDA, then trying out an RTA will be less daunting. RTA’s are great if you enjoy flavor and clouds but are constantly on the go. The extra eliquid capacity that an RTA can provide is the biggest reason why you should use one.

What’s the difference between an RTA and RDTA?

The main difference between an RTA and RDTA is the deck design. An RDTA usually has an open deck, with no chimney or bell system. The ejuice reservoir sits beneath the deck and sometimes even allows the user to drip. It essentially bridges the gap between what’s considered an RDA and RTA. Overall RDTA’s provides the best of both worlds and although its old technology, we have seen more brands releasing RDTA’s as of late.

What are the advantages of using an RTA?

What are the advantages of using an RTA?

There are many things that you can take advantage of when using an RDA. For example, RTA’s are much cheaper to run than standard sub-ohm tanks. You can save heaps of money on coils alone. They can also hold a sub-ohm tank worth of eliquid. This is much more than an RDA’s juice well. Finally, RTA’s can produce similar if not better flavor and cloud production than an RDA.

What are the disadvantages of using an RTA?

While RTA’s are great, they do have their disadvantages. For example, some RTA’s can be challenging to build on due to size constraints. Also, if not wicked properly, you can get dry hits. Another issue you may face is when changing flavors or even re-wicking. This requires a little more effort as you have to remove the tank. Finally, RTA’s are structurally much bigger than RDA’s, making some mods feel top heavy.

Comment down below your favorite RTA tanks to vape with.

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