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Tugboat V4 CASL Disposable pod review – what upgrade to V3??

Tugboat v4 CASL comes with two packages

Tugboat V4 include

Tugboat CASL v4 has two packages, that with 3 pcs CASL V4 devices inside.

The public version keeps the same outer package as V3, but there is a lot of differences from V3 when you look inside:

  • Foil package
  • Rubber ring
  • V4 is a bit longer than v3
  • No leakage

The easiest way to check is to see if it has a rubber ring, it does, then its V4.

Actually when you see this package on the market, its mostly likely V4. As we only produced a very small batch of V3, then we recalled and improved, and then come up with the perfect model V4. Please be no worries to purchase tugboat CASL V4 with this package.

Tugboat V4 package

The exclusive version is exclusive for dubai_vape_king1, It’s his idea to come up with a flat package of v4.

Tugboat V4 new packing

Tugboat CASL(V4) 2PCS PACK!

Its the first time they make a 2PCS PACK and we put the lanyard inside the package.

Flavors are the same as 3PCS Pack, the battery is the same, the liquid is the same, everything is the same except it is a 2PCS PACK.

To make it clear, we now have three packages of CASL(V4):

  • 3PCS Pack (Exclusive Version)
  • 3PCS Pack(Public Version)
  • 2PCS Pack

Main features

  • Ultra-portable size and lightweight design
  • Powered by 330mAh internal battery
  • Supports up to 500 puffs to meet your demands
  • Easy operate & Leakproof design
  • Various kinds of flavors for your options

Tugboat V4 Package included

  • Size: 89mm * 14.8mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery: 330mAh
  • Nicotine: 5%
  • Quantity: 2pcs/pack

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Tugboat V4 CASL Disposable Device New Packing 330mAh 2pcs/pack

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