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The Vaporesso Veco Solo looks to be the perfect starter kit to serve as an introduction to vaping. It’s small, lightweight, simple to use, and last but not the least delivers a satisfying and well rounded vaping experience. Let’s delve into the details down below and find out if the Veco Solo really is the device perfect for you.

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Product Pros

  • Simple & Stylish Tube Design
  • Compact
  • Lightweight

Product Cons

  • Battery is rather short

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Vaporesso Veco Solo Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Depending on the color option you end up getting for the Veco Solo, you’ll end up with a slightly different aesthetic approach to the design. The black and stainless steel version highlight a splash of red plastered around the fire button which may or may not be up your alley. The rainbow and blue versions feature a relatively cleaner look. All color variants have minimal branding with the exception of the Vaporesso lego etched towards the bottom of the mod.

The Veco Solo is a tiny little device measuring at 22 * 100mm and at just around 85 grams. It’s undoubtedly one of the lightest and most compact mods in its form factor. its tubular shaft like design is smooth and streamlined without any sharp edges that might snag on to clothing ensuring that inserting and removing it from your pocket is quick and easy. Despite its minimal weight, the Veco Solo feels pretty sturdy thanks to its solid zinc alloy and stainless steel construction that permeates throughout the entire chassis.

The mod is as simple as it comes. Aside from the singular firing button, there really isn’t much to be said about the device itself. The button lights up and flashes to indicate whether it’s switched off or on which is induced by the standard 5 clicks. The included proprietary tank utilizes a Delrin drip tip that keeps heat away from your lips which is especially handy during extended vaping sessions.

Everything about the Veco Solo screams “easy to use” thanks to the lack of clutter that populates the body of the device. Turning the mod on is easy with a simple 5 clicks with the same 5 clicks to turn it off. The tank is also remarkably spartan without any discerning marks or features setting it apart from the competition which further leans toward the concept of simplicity when using this device.

Vapor Quality

Despite the lack of adjustable airflow on the included tank, the Veco Solo performs admirably well. The included EUC coils do a good job of creating a smooth and balanced airflow that maximizes vapor and flavor production with little compromise to either. The included tank holds up to a maximum of 2ml of eliquid and utilizes an easy top fill mechanism which involves screwing off the top cap and dripping eliquid down the glass chamber. Thanks to the smooth threads, doing so is effortless though it would’ve been nice to see Vaporesso take a page out of Joyetech or Smok’s book with their even more convenient swivel top cap which doesn’t require any threads at all.

Replacing the coil heads is far from complicated as well. Just screw off the tank from the base then proceed to unscrew the coilhead and replace it with a fresh one. The kit comes packaged with an EUC Ceramic coil rated at 0.3ohms and a standard EUC coil head rated at 0.2 ohms. Both coils perform favorably in terms of durability easily lasting a week although this is also dependent on the quality of the eliquid that you use.

Another great feature of the Veco Solo tank is it promises to be 100% leak free, and although I haven’t used it enough to completely verify this, it hasn’t leaked in the entire 4-5 days I’ve been testing it which is a good indicator so far.

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The Veco Solo being starter kit designed for beginners doesn’t offer anything at all besides the standard vaping mode which activates when pressing the fire button. So if you’re looking for features such as temperature control, preheat, or customisable TCR and feel that these features are important to you, it’s probably a good idea to looks elsewhere. Personally, I have no qualms with the performance of the device.

Having said all of the above it should be noted that the Veco Solo is not a variable wattage device and vapes at a predetermined power output which is also dependent on the remaining battery levels. Output at the beginning is pretty strong but you’re going to experience diminishing clouds and flavor as the day goes on as the battery levels drop.


I would love to give the Veco Solo a perfect 10/10 in this regard. The form factor is just perfect, it slips into pockets easily and has no problems fitting into bags or purses no matter how small the compartment.

Unfortunately where it falls flat is the rather average battery life rated at a mere 1500mAh. Given the low resistance of the included coils and the default power output of this mod, the battery life on this device drops pretty quickly with regular use throughout the day. If you’re set to use this device as a daily driver for all day use it might be a good idea to carry a power bank around for easy USB charging on the go.


The Veco Solo is an ideal device for beginners to start on their vaping journey. It vapes great and looks stylish while also being remarkably portable and easy to hold.  Just be wary of the low longevity of the internal battery as its likely to die on you before the days end.

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Now It’s Available :Vaporesso Veco Solo 2ml 1500mAh Starter Kit

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