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Vladdin Boqpod vape pod preview – Fashion outside and Innovation inside

VLADDIN Boqpod Kit Overview

Vladdin boqpod is the first co-branded product of Vladdin Global and boqpod tech. The pod system has a convenient and fully responsive automatic start-up airflow switch. The unique leak-proof box design optimizes the main structure of the equipment for use and protection.

Boqpod Kit

Main Features

  • Stylish look with double-sided magnetic panels
  • 2-in-1 airflow structure, oil and air separate design, unique liquid recirculating atomizing system
  • Leak-proof pod design
  • Leading ceramic pod technology

Vladdin Boqpod Parameters

Vladdin Boqpod Parameters

Battery capcity

The battery capacity is only 400 mAh, but it is enough compared to its lightness. you can fully charge it in 40 mins. If you are not a heavy user, the battery is enough for one day use.

Dimensions    46*10*46mm
Refillable Pod Capacity 1ml
Atomizer Type Microporous Ceramic
Resistance    1.1ohm
Built-In Battery 400mAh
Output Voltage3V
Charging Time 40 minutes

Four colors available

Vladdin boqpod takes multiple camouflage design options with double-sided magnetic panels for you to choose from.

4 colors of Vladdin Boqpod
4 colors of boqpod
vladdin boqpod Camouflage  Gold
Camouflage Gold

Vladdin Boqpod component

Vladdin Boqpod component

How to fill Vladdin Boqpod

How to fill Vladdin Boqpod

Oil and air separate design

Vladdin calls it a “two-in-one” airflow structure that keeps liquids and air separate, along with tanks used to fill the liquid, improves the life cycle of the product. In addition, the unique anti-spit design provides customers with a better user experience.

Vladdin Boqpod Battery indicator

Boqpod Ceramic Technology

The boqpod uses the world’s first mosaic mesh coil. The AX ceramic coil combines the advantages of ceramic and metal mesh technology to ensure a purer and more delicious vape experience.

Ceramic pod better restores the original taste of E-liquid, while also ensuring the amount of vapor. You will be amazed at the small body that generates a lot of vapor that does not match it.

Ceramic coil resistance

I have been impressed after a few inhales. 1.1ohm for a Ceramic coil is just right. perfectly for nic-salt liquid. If you are a nic-salt oil user, I recommend you to start with it. After all, it only costs less than 30USD(Buy boqpod here). and It is a good collection. You can trust the quality of Vladdin, because I bought vladdin RE before, you can see my previous review about vladdin RE .

A small decorative chain was presented in the package.

A small decorative chain was presented in the package.

Package Includes

  • Vladdin boqpod device *1
  • Vladdin boqpod pods *2
  • Lanyard *1
  • Metal tag *1
  • USB charging cable *1
  • Warranty Card *1
Kit Include

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