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Vladdin Rio Review -Disposable Pod Game Changer?

Vladdin is famous for its JUUL like pod system- Vladdin Re which is an innovative refillable pod system. But our main character today is the new disposable pod- Vladdin rio that Vladdin launched in December.

Let’s review about them, Currently there are four hottest disposable pod systems on the market: Vgod Stig (first and popular), HQD cuvie pod, Puff bar disposable pod, Pop disposable pod.

Vladdin Rio is about to be the next hot disposable vape pod product! Why do I say that? See my test experience about Vladdin Rio below.

Vladdin Rio 4 flavor
Vladdin Rio 4 flavor

Vladdin Rio Well protection

I got the ICE TOBACCO.

When I first opened the package, there was a thin strip of silicone stuck on the mouthpiece. What’s the function of the silicone? I guess the silicone stopper separate liquid and wick before pulling out, can prevent leakage.

Vladdin Rio

Slim little design

It’s quite slim and easy to carry. I used to wonder if it would leak oil, but I put it in my pocket and I couldn’t feel its presence. When I took it out, it didn’t leak in the slightest eliquid.

Vladdin Rio

Switch bottom in a disposable pod?

Well, that is a most interesting part!

You may have a question here. Why do they have a button on the bottom?

The answer is: They designed a button to lengthen the storage time for disposable. / Let me give you an example, did you notice for your cell phone, with full power, even if you don’t use it, you leave it for a few days, the battery will be dead. But if you turn off your cell phone leave it with full power and turn on it after a few month, it still has power. It’s similar with disposable. Before the button turned on by consumer, situation of RIO is like a turned-off cell phone, with battery power secured.

Vladdin Rio  on/off switch

Some thought after I used Vladdin Rio mouthpiece

For the mouthpiece, I very much hope that the vaping or e-cigarette company can provide a disposable protective cover. You know that we can’t smoke hundreds of PUFF at one time. The only disadvantage of Vladdin Rio is its mouthpiece, which is easy to get dirty.

Vladdin Rio mouthpiece

Vladdin Rio flavor

They are using different eliquid supplier for different flavor, but they all come from big brands like Ripe Vapes. and all flavors are 50mg, which is most sold. But They can accept OEM with your e-liquid in RIO.

My suggestion

Now there are big demands for disposable, you buy it you can sell it, there won’t be dead stock. With the button and silicone design, you don’t need to worry about storage. Our price is much lower than the vgod stig and puff bar.

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